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A weekly look at all things Microsoft, including Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Xbox, and more, from two of the foremost Windows watchers in the world, Paul Thurrott of and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft. Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific/ 18:00 UTC.

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A weekly look at all things Microsoft, including Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Xbox, and more, from two of the foremost Windows watchers in the world, Paul Thurrott of and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft. Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific/ 18:00 UTC.
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Dark Mode, Shmark Mode

Windows 10 version 1909 arrives Blink and you'll miss it because it's really just a small cumulative update, not a real feature update. 1909 is codenamed Vanadium and it appears to be going out broadly, contrary to Microsoft's description Windows 10 ve...
TWiT author

Sort of Live From Ignite

We're at Ignite in Orlando, Florida this week, and there's a lot going on!Azure goes to the edgeMicrosoft's new hybrid 2.0 strategy includes other cloudsPower Platform Microsoft rebrands Flow to Power Automate, adds no-code virtual agents Related: Micr...
TWiT author

Windows Dos Equis

Microsoft earningsIs bazillion a thing? It should be - for the quarter ending September 30, Microsoft posted a net income of $10.7 billion on revenue of $33.1 billion, and both were well above estimates.MJ: Microsoft 365 is the new number to watchPT: I...
TWiT author

The New and Beautiful Elvis

Alert: Windows 10 version 20H1 is heading to the Slow ring soonThat means your magic window is about to close if you want to stay on 19H2. Also, it means that the Insider Program folks are back to communicating poorly.So what's next? Windows 10X also s...
TWiT author

XAML Islands Blah Blah Blah

xCloud is Finally Here! The xCloud preview has begun! Paul Thurrott has been playing testing it out for the last few days Plus: You can use an Xbox Controller with iOS 13 tooIn Windows this week... What's the deal with 20H1? Is there anything major to ...
TWiT author

Internet on a Disk

Windows 10 1909: Coming to you in NovemberWindows 10 1909 is moving to the Release Preview ring in preparation for a November launchThis feature update will be like a Cumulative Update (small/fast) if you are on 1903; regular otherwiseRevisiting the ne...
TWiT author


Microsoft Fall 2019 EventOur description of the event, setting the stage from inside the 'tent' Paul is pumped!Everything was leaked before the event, okay, not all of it Microsoft rolls out a bunch of Surfii (Surfaces?)New Surface Pro 7 ARM-based Sur...
TWiT author

A Billion Pages

Microsoft announces Project xCloud public beta It's finally happening! But it's Android-only at first and will roll out over time.Windows 10 Goofy ex-Microsoftie turned YouTuber explains why Windows 10 is so unreliable - And he's obviously right, once ...
TWiT author

Cortana on the Down Low

October 2 event preview: we can't stop speculating It's not just hardware, and it's not just Surface: Event will highlight services and experiences too. Also: 15-inch Surface Laptop rumored Also: This time, the event will be streamed Related: Microsoft...
TWiT author

And That's How We Get Ant

Surface Rumors go round and round Surface Go with Core m3 rumored - This is what the processor should have always been. Microsoft patents a portable speaker. It's almost certainly for businesses. October 2 is just 3 weeks awayWindows 10 Microsoft final...
TWiT author

A Portion of Insiders

The Internet-centric Windows that could have been... Heading into 1997, Microsoft planned to replace Windows with an Internet platform that would be open and cross-platform. What happened? And what might the world have been like if it hadn't switched b...
TWiT author


Microsoft Surface event October 2 in NYC Microsoft is holding a hardware event on October 2. Here's what we expect. Note: There might be more than just Surface hardware here, as MS is calling it "Microsoft Event," like they did last year Other guesses:...
TWiT author

Will A.I. for Food

New Microsoft Edge hits Beta channelMicrosoft brings Edge Beta to Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, and MacRelated: Microsoft touts one million Chredge downloads so far. That's ... not very good.Related: Joe B's terrible Collections feature goes live. Why does M...
TWiT author

What's Patch Tuesday?

Windows- Windows Virtual Desktop is now feature-complete- Patch all the Windows things: New wormable Remote Desktop Services flaws found and patched- Microsoft releases two different builds of Windows 10 19H2 for some reason - OK, it's really testing a...
TWiT author

The Oprah of Mixer

Samsung Unpacked- Microsoft rumored---then confirmed---to be at today's Galaxy Note 10 launch. With the marketing materials leaking, we have some clues as to what they will add to this event:- S Pen compatibility for Office - similar to iPad support ea...
TWiT author

It's Not All Feathers & Beer

Four years ago this week, Windows 10 was bornThreshold 1 hit on July 29, 2015We first got official word about it in September 2014 (launch of preview); then more in Jan. 2015. Leaks before that.The bests and worsts about WaaS. What surprised us re: cha...
TWiT author

The AI Kerfuffle

Microsoft earningsMicrosoft delivered another blockbuster FY and FYQ4.Analysis: FY19 - Xbox (bad), Surface (not the highlight people think), Windows (good, with businesses only), Office 365 (great) and Azure is ... slowing?. The big news: More Personal...
TWiT author

The Cat Came Back

In honor of Paul 'emoji hater' Thurrott travelling, it's WORLD EMOJI DAY!Inside the Microsoft emoji design studioWindows 10 updates Microsoft is starting to automatically push Windows 10 1903 to Home, Pro users on 1803 or older via Win Update The secon...
TWiT author

If I Still Had My Wigs and Costumes

Microsoft partners are on a rampage Microsoft is cutting internal use rights for its products and services, meaning no more free ride on product licensing for partners Not a good look for Microsoft the week before its annual partner rah-rah fest. And p...
TWiT author

Time for Toast

Windows 10• 19H2 FINALLY - The first 19H2 build heads to the Slow ring. Mary Jo was right: It's an R2/SP type release.• Also: Why does Microsoft keep promising things and not doing them, and then belittling customers when they ask about it?• Windows 10...
TWiT author

Credge My Mandroid!

Get ready for Mandroid? Microsoft is rumored to be considering enabling Android apps on Windows Lite devices like CentaurusThis isn't the first time Microsoft's been rumored to adding Android app supportSpeaking of Android, Bill Gates says losing out t...
TWiT author

Pull the Thread & Ruin the Suit

Why is Microsoft not among this year's antitrust trial targets? It is currently the most valuable company in the world. Lessons Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. can learn about antitrust trials from Microsoft A recap of how the MS vs. USDOJ trial got its ...
TWiT author

You Have Beautiful Eyes

Xbox at E3 Scarlett, next-gen console, won't appear until 2020 Next-gen Elite Controller finally announced Literally NO xCloud news. Whaaaaat? But ... Backwards Compatibility is done for Xbox One, focus on future now And you'll be able to stream Xbox O...
TWiT author

Axe Box

This Week's StoriesMicrosoft loomed large over Apple's WWDCRelated: iTunes is the walking dead on WindowsSemi-related: Looks like the US is going after Big Tech, finallyMicrosoft adds more Your App features to latest Windows 10 20H1 buildQualcomm plots...
TWiT author

Paul Does Math

This Week's StoriesModern OS: It's the future of Windows, vaguely. In a boring blog post about new PCs, Microsoft suddenly---if vaguely---starts discussing something called Modern OS. And it is not Windows 10. Or is it?Related: PCs continue evolving de...
TWiT author

Hello Cleveland!

This Week's StoriesMicrosoft and Sony make a game streaming megadeal. Exactly what the deal will yield is a bit murky, but this could be a big customer win for Azure and xCloud.How about that Minecraft Earth app? Another Azure win (Azure Spatial Anchor...
TWiT author

I Want To Be Your Rhoda

This Week's Stories• Windows 10 is now on 825 million PCs, according to internal Microsoft documentation• What's going on with PWAs in Windows 10 ... and with app distribution and the Store?• And with UWP? Is it dead? (Yes.) Kevin Gallo doesn't want to...
TWiT author

Live From Build

Let's run through some announcements. No picks, tips this weekGuests: Brad Sams and Richard CampbellDemo fail. It was a moonshot gone badWhat's new in Chredge: IE Mode, Collections, new tracking settingsVirtual assistants (including Cortana) to get sma...
TWiT author

One... Trillion Dollars

This Week's Stories Microsoft earnings: Net income of $8.8 Billion on Revenues of $30.6 Billion Related: Microsoft was briefly worth $1 trillion Related: Microsoft documents product releases in the quarter Google just gave Chromium-based Edge a thumbs-...
TWiT author

Even-Numbered Star Trek Movies

This Week's StoriesGoodbye to Sets, hello to less suckingMicrosoft has shelved Sets for the long term (and likely, permanently).Tabbed "experiences" are still coming to the Console and likely Explorer (and Notepad?)To those wondering about claims that ...
TWiT author

It's Pronounced XBox One "Sharday"

This Week's Stories:Microsoft launches Surface Hub 2S: pricing, specs, and availability.An 85-inch version is on the way, and there's a Surface Hub 2 display coming, too.Xbox One S All-Digital Edition debuts will cost $250.Microsoft announces Xbox Game...
TWiT author

It's All About Windows 7

This Week's StoriesMicrosoft releases first public previews of the new Edge to the Canary and Dev channels.Blockbuster: Microsoft is making major changes to WaaS in Windows 10 version 19H1.Windows 10 19H1 moves to the Release Preview Ring after MSFT re...
TWiT author

You Had Me At Alcatraz

News of the WeekAs of late last week, Windows 10 1809 1809 (the October 2018 update) is now ready for broad deployment, MS says.Microsoft drops eBooks from Microsoft Store and Edge Without Warning.Surface Book 2 is 1.5 years old and it just got a new c...
TWiT author

Embrace Your Inner Chredge

News of the WeekChredge leaks and ... it's good. The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has leaked ahead of the formal first Insider release. It's a lot like Chrome and is missing key Edge features, but it's surprisingly solid.Windows 7 end of support promp...
TWiT author

I Hate Funny

Today's special guest: Microsoft engineering GM for mixed reality apps, Lorraine Bardeen.• Let's talk more about what MS is doing with HoloLens, iOS, Android in mixed reality.News of the WeekGoogle• Google announces Stadia, a cloud-based streaming game...
TWiT author

N is for OneNote

Windows Microsoft is ready to start nagging users about Windows 7's end of support deadline. So here come the pop-ups. Luckily, you can turn them off completely. Plus: Microsoft brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7 ... for some reason. Windows 10 19H1 users ...
TWiT author

Band on the Run!

Here's the real reason Microsoft is already testing 20H1 Also: Windows Calculator is open-sourced for some reason. Could Notepad be next??? Microsoft Edgium screenshots leak. Surprise, it looks like Chrome, not Edge. But that could change. Microsoft B...
TWiT author

It Happened in Barcelona

HoloLens 2 at MWC As expected, Microsoft announces HoloLens 2 at MWC 2019. Paul goes hands-on. Mary Jo says it's all about the cloud. Azure Remote Rendering, Azure Spatial Anchors, Dynamics 365 apps and subscription pricing. Paul sees how it fits perfe...
TWiT author

Use the Inner Source

Microsoft is adopting the "Inner Source" methodology from the open source world. Where does the madness end? Microsoft releases a 20H1 build of Windows 10. Yes, you read that right. Microsoft brings Timeline to Chrome. You'll be able to browse your WS...
TWiT author

The Admiral Ackbar Thesis

Latest Windows 10 19H1 build brings underlying gaming improvements, free game to play Paul's top 5 new features in Windows 10 19H1 - inspired by last week's big list, I made a smaller list.Microsoft to modify Office ProPlus by end of April in response...
TWiT author

Software You Love From People You Trust

Happy 5th anniversary, Satya Nadella! Let's talk about highs and lows during his tenure.Windows 7 patches, post end of support, may not be as pricey as you thought. Latest Windows 10 19H1 build adds Win32 apps to Mixed Reality Build 2019: We're going b...
TWiT author

Living on the Edge

• Time to revisit what's likely to make it into Win 10 19H1 - It's actually a bit more than you might think.• Where are we at right now with new feature updates.• 1809 usage doubled, but it's still on relatively few PCs.• 19H1/1903/April 2019 update is...
TWiT author

Paul's Power Apps Onesie

Cortana will soon just be a skill on Alexa and Google Assistant. Microsoft said it would not miss the next wave. Has it? Microsoft announces new software, services, and PC partner hardware for education at BETT Windows 10 enters its final phase of dep...
TWiT author

The Windows Caboose

Windows 7: The one-year support cutoff countdown beginsOne year from January 14, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 for free. (Only for pay). Is there any chance of an XP-like extension?Don't expect a huge upgrade wave. But Microsoft has a way ...
TWiT author

A Low Volume Jig

CES is this week: let's not beat this to death. A lot of computers were announced, including a Surface Studio clone from Lenovo.It looks like Intel is serious about moving to 10nm this year, and Intel is talking up 'Project Athena,' its strategy for go...
TWiT author

Squeeze It Until it Squeaks

Our Predictions for Microsoft in 2019Mary Jo Foley's list Microsoft's obsession with Chromebooks and ChromeOS continues (alongside its Chromium Edge work) More of a push to sell to "first-line workers." This is where MS sees its untapped audience for O...
TWiT author

The Year's Best

We take a look back at the biggest and best Microsoft stories of 2018.Hosts: Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Paul ThurrottDownload or subscribe to this show at out Paul's blog at thurrott.comCheck out Mary Jo's...
TWiT author

Merry ChrisCapmas

Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela is back for his annual holiday appearance. Chris talks Microsoft's biggest successes and failures of 2018, and we have some questions.Windows Sandbox might finally make Paul's container dreams come true.Windows 10 version ...
TWiT author

Inside Clippy

The rumors were true: Microsoft will move Edge to ChromiumRelated: Firefox is screwed, and it knows this. But it's spreading FUD to make its caseWindows 10 19H1... New build brings improvements to Notepad for some reason (FOR SOME REASON??)The Snapdrag...
TWiT author

Giant Hairball of Code

Edge vs ChromiumIs Microsoft about to switch rendering engines in its Windows 10 browser?Is this a good thing or bad thing for 1. the industry; 2. developers; 3. users (Yes, yes, and yes; let's debunk some myths.)Will it still be called Edge?Will it lo...
TWiT author