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Our weekly podcast where we play a video game and then we talk about it! Hoss (one of our hosts) has a weird encyclopedic knowledge of linking six degrees of any video game developer and we like to break down the historical and cultural significance of a classic or modern game and it's impact on the video game industry.

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Our weekly podcast where we play a video game and then we talk about it! Hoss (one of our hosts) has a weird encyclopedic knowledge of linking six degrees of any video game developer and we like to break down the historical and cultural significance of a classic or modern game and it’s impact on the video game industry.
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Episode 127 – VideoDestruct Game of the Year Awards!

  It’s the end of the year and that means Hoss gets to break down his top ten best games of 2018 as well as [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 126 – Whatcha Playin? Smash Bros. and Hitman 2

This week we discuss all the games we played in the past few months to cap off the year. Hitman 2 and Smash Bros Ultimate [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 125 – Megaman 2: What’s the Man Situation?

Today, off heels of Hoss beating Megaman 11, Brandon goes on and on about one of his favorite game franchises of all time and possibly [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 124 – Forza Horizon 4: Not Just Map Barf!

This week Hoss and Brandon discuss what they’ve played in the past month such as: Call of Duty, Yokus Island Express, Steam World Dig 2, [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 123 – Final Fantasy VII: The Golden Saucer

Probably the most iconic RPG in the history of Video Games, Final Fantasy VII has it’s share of supporters, critics and lore all to it’s [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 122 – Dead Cells and More: Jars Full of Stuff

We are back! The VD Podcast has returned and we are talking about all the things we played over our little break and giving special [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 121 – Game Boy Advance: It Had No Backlight!

This week Hoss wanted to talk about his favorite and maybe the greatest hand-held system of all time, the Game Boy Advance! We also talk [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 120 – E3 2018: Thanks Walmart: Canada!

This year’s E3 hit with a bit of a thud thanks to a giant spoiler document leaked by Walmart Canada’s website highlighting a few surprise [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 119 – Streets of Rage 2: The Whole City is Insane

Time for a Beat-Em-Up! One of Brandon’s all time favorite games from his childhood Streets of Rage 2 and arguably the best Beat-Em-Up games of [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 118 – Dead Rising: Before Zombies Were Cool

Hoss and Brandon head back into the Xbox 360 era and talk about the big “kill a bunch of zombies” craze that started with Inafune’s [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 117 – Micro Machines: Another Racing Game?

We cap off an accidental trilogy of Racing Games this week with the Micro Machines series of games. Not the most popular racing game but [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 116 – Wipeout: Not Wave Race

After a technical issue we are BACK with a new episode about the Wipeout series. A fast and furious racing series that has been on [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 115 – Burnout Paradise: It’s So FAST

Burnout Paradise is one of Hoss’ favorite games of all time. An open world racing game? How does that even work. Sure there have been [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 114 – Motocross Maniacs: It Doesn’t Even Save Your Time

Our first Old Game from the Gameboy is covered today on the VD Podcast as we talk about a precursor to the Trials Fusion series. [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 113 – Retron 5: I Think Someone Mailed a Bomb

We talk about Hoss’ giant collection of Super Famicom games can finally be dusted off now that he’s gotten his hands on a Retron 5! [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 112 – Soul Calibur: I Got Soul But I’m Not a Soldier

This week we talk about Soul Calibur, one of the best looking games on the Sega Dreamcast and the real franchise starter for the Soul [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 111 – Rondo of Blood: Pretty Sure There’s a Backflip

This week Hoss and Brandon talk about about Castlevania: Rondo of Blood or Dracula X OR Vampire’s Kiss! That’s a lot of names for a [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 110 – Adventure Island: And Also Wonderboy?

This week we talk about a classic NES Platformer Adventure Island. Or is it Wonder Boy? It’s NOT! But you might confuse it for that. [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 109 – Quake 2: Another ID Game!?

This week on VideoDestruct we talk about the titular online gaming experience Quake 2! This game revolutionized the online gaming community and is the grandfather [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 108 – Best of 2017: A Gaming Time Capsule

We are BACK ladies and gentlemen for season 4 of the VideoDestruct Podcast and we’ll be talking about the BEST GAMES of 2017. That’s right [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 107 – Lord of the Rings: Literally No Campaign

This week Hoss and Brandon talk about the EA Lord of the Rings Games The Two Towers and Return of the King and how they [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 106 – Super Mario Kart: The BEST Mode 7

This week Hoss and Brandon talk about a real classic that is available on the SNES Classic, Super Mario Kart, the BEST cart racing franchise [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 105 – SEGA Game Gear: Many Bad Steps

This week we talk about the SEGA Game Gear, the only portable console that had a shot at de-throwning the Nintendo Game Boy. But it [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 104 – Dante’s Inferno: It’s a SUPERCAST!

It’s a big ol’ crossover podcast today as Animation Destination, The Nerd Brand and VideoDestruct come together to talk about a video game, an anime, [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 103 – Fable: Oh Peter…

Today we discuss the rollercoaster career of Peter Molyneux and all the hype around his Fable series and the company Lionhead. What went right and [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 102 – Rez: Digital Enlightenment

This week we talk about the 2001 game Rez. Do to it’s new release on the Oculus and other VR Platforms we figured it was [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 101 – Super Metroid: Bosses are 5 Screens Tall!

Metriod has got some comeback momentum going on right now with Metroid Prime 4 in the works and Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS getting [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 100 – Binary Domain – We’re on a Network Now…

It’s our ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE and we’re covering the game we said we would cover since the near beginning of our new format, that’s right [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 99 – A Genesis Classic?

Hello! This week we discuss a little trend that might start up given the success and fandom over the NES Classic and the anticipation of [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 98 – The Old Donk City

The new Mario Odyssey game takes us into NEW DONK City and the SNES Classic is bringing back memories so we figured we’d explore Donkey [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 97 – E3 2017 PART 2: Hat’s Off to You!

It’s time for part 2 of our E3 2017 discussion as we cover Bethesda, Sony and Nintendo. What games won out the whole show? What [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 96 – E3 2017 PART 1: Less Talk More Trailers

It’s our E3 discussion episode where we break down our thoughts on all the stuff that came out this year on E3. We have McClain [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 95 – Best Year of the Year Award!

This week Brandon Hoss and McClain break down the best year in gaming from our selected years from our last few episodes. Will it be [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 94 – Best Year in Gaming: 2007?

We’re back with our BEST YEAR IN GAMING episode and this week we’re talking about the year 2007! It’s not just quantity coming out this [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

E3 Predictions Special

Hey guys! It’s a big ol’ Special episode on our E3 predictions for E3 2017! We’ve got Gus back on the show and new comer [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 93 – Best Year in Gaming: 1998?

The next three weeks on Videodestruct Podcast are a special group. We ask the question… what is the best year in gaming history? We boiled [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 92: I Needed More Vespian Gas!

This week Hoss and Brandon talk about the 1998 Blizzard Real Time Strategy classic Starcraft! Turns out this was the first PC game Brandon ever [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 91 – Lunatics Running The Asylum

This week we go way WAY back to the before time of 2009 when Batman ruled the world. Dark Knight had destroyed the box office [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 90 – Codex Conversations

Metal Gear for the NES and MSX2 was the first ever stealth game ever conceived. The idea of limited hardware breaking down what was going [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 89 – I AM the Jackal

Far Cry 2 is an interesting, hard, and serious game that in all intents and purposes started the Far Cry series down the path it’s [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 88 – Your Frog Named Fred

This week Hoss talks about his experience with the original Blaster Master and the new remastered version on the Nintendo Switch Blaster Master Zero. We [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 87 – So Many Allowances on Virtua Racing

This week Hoss and Brandon discuss the importance of the the Sega Naomi arcade system boards and how they were integral to SEGA positioning itself [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 86 – You’re Gonna Need a Sword

This week in the wake of Breath of the Wild we take a look back to the VERY FIRST Legend of Zelda game for the [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 85: Arcade in a Dead Mall

Hoss and Brandon too a trip the soon-to-be-closed Cincinnati Mall to check out the empty hallways but also to check out the awesome Arcade Legacy! [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 84 – You Smell Very Clean

Battlefield Bad Company is a parody take on it’s own franchise. It really takes the piss out of the drama filled World War shooters that [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 83 – There’s a DUDE in There!

It’s a VR special this episode as Brandon and Hoss are joined by long time podcast friend Eric as we talk about the Oculus Rift [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 82 – You Want A Joycon Bro?

This week we talk about games that we played and the Nintendo Switch launch news and just what we are in store for this March [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 81 – 2016 was a BANGER!

We’re back baby! Hoss discusses his top ten games of the year 2016 and gives out some genre awards to boot! We also elude to [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 80 – A Pile of Dead Bodies

This week we talk about the games we’ve played over the long break which is a lot of sequels it seems. Games including Mafia 3, [Read More]
VideoDestruct author

Episode 79 – Best 3D Map in a Video Game

We talk about Samus’ run into the first person shooter genre from Retro Studios and it’s masterfully done. One of the best if not best [Read More]
VideoDestruct author