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Tweak and Geek is an Internet Audio Talk Show where hosts Pat and Craig discuss gadgets, technology, and life as software developers.

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Tweak and Geek is an Internet Audio Talk Show where hosts Pat and Craig discuss gadgets, technology, and life as software developers.
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TG #42: The Cloud

In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of Blockchain and try to figure out how to use it.
Pat and Craig author

TG #41: The Cloud

In this episode, we talk a bit about The Cloud where computing happens these days… There is no cloud!
Pat and Craig author

TG #40.1: Relevance

In our first attempt at using a short “eplet” format, Craig and I briefly discuss a couple of techniques for technology workers to use in staying relevant in a fast-moving field.
Pat and Craig author

TG #40: Abstraction

This week’s episode has us discussing the use of abstraction in engineering and in pet management. Lamest News of the Week The serious story: Hobby Lobby reaches settlement on importing Biblical artifacts.
Pat and Craig author

TG #39: Machine Learning

This time on Tweak and Geek, we discuss the emerging computing trend of Machine Learning, what it is and means, and whether Skynet is sending a Terminator back in time to murder your parents. Lamest News of the Week
Pat and Craig author

TG #38: We’re Back

Craig and Pat have returned from a seven-year hiatus to assault your ears with geekery again! In this episode, we talk a bit about what Software Engineering is like as a field, and address questions from Quora like “Can anyone do this?” and “Do we get ...
Pat and Craig author

TG #37: 2009 Predictions Reviewed

In this episode of Tweak and Geek, we recap our 2009 predictions… at great length! We’ll also try to convince you to eat maggots. Sure, we might have said it was Episode 36 in the intro, but you trust us on the maggots anyway, right? 2009’s Predictions...
Pat and Craig author

TG #36: Blue-collar vs White-collar

On this Tweak and Geek, we debate the relative merits of coming to the software profession in different ways. Are You a Blue-Collar or White-Collar Developer? Craig – I have met some people with a classical CS background, and they have no sense of real...
Pat and Craig author

TG #35: Quantum Gravity

This week’s Tweak and Geek has Craig, Pat, and Mike exploring new evidence about the intricacies of quantum gravity. Whoa, that’s heavy! HA HA HA! Oh, and we cover lame news, too. Gravity? A theory of quantum gravity may have been disproved by a recent...
Pat and Craig author

TG #34.5: Thanksgiving Special

In this holiday episode, Mike, Craig, and Pat talk about a few things we’re thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!
Pat and Craig author

TG #34: Windows 7 is Here

Time for the latest in Microsoft’s offerings to Operating Systems everywhere. Windows 7 Craig- * Likes: Shake to minimize, swoosh up on the taskbar, speed, compatibility, upgrade process, New Windows Media Player, Window Snap, New Paint, calc and wordp...
Pat and Craig author

TG #33: Halloween Spooktacular

On this very special episode of Tweak and Geek, Craig tries his level best to SCARE you! We started by making up stories about what we’d give away, but here’s a hint. If we’re at home giving stuff out, it’ll be whatever candy was closest to the checkou...
Pat and Craig author

TG #32: Stargates and Wave

In this Very Special episode of Tweak and Geek, Very Special guest host Rudi joins us to discuss Stargate, Google Wave… oh, and we probably fanboi out about Apple again. Stargate Universe Impressions, predictions… Reminds us of tons of shows and movies...
Pat and Craig author

TG #31: Religion and Sci-fi

In this episode of Tweak and Geek, we pitch sci-fi shows for the new season and take a listen to Tweak and Geek presents: The best SciFi series pilots that you’ll never actually see Craig – “2012” On a mining ship in the near futur...
Pat and Craig author

TG #30: Nuptials and Apple Predictions

Since the last Tweak and Geek, Laurie and Pat got married. To each other, even. Craig didn’t, so ladies, don’t you worry! We talk about lots of stuff, but mostly wonder what Apple was going to tell us on Wednesday. Listen to find out why Craig needs to...
Pat and Craig author

TG #29: Nerds and More Nerds

We’ve been quieter than we promised. Oops! What’s been going on in our hiatus? Mike had a baby, Craig bought a house, Laurie and Pat set a date. Now on to the nerdism. Comic-Con Review with Pat and Laurie Nerds! Game Reboots Article on the Guardian, “W...
Pat and Craig author

TG #28: Time Travel and YAI (Yat Another iPhone)

This week, our growing array of hosts discuss the iPhone 3GS, some rules for time travellers, and Lame News! iPhone 3GS Announced on Monday! Faster Processor, Video, 3MP Camera, Voice Control(!), Compass, Landscape in other apps like mail, Copy/Paste (...
Pat and Craig author

TG #27: Star Trek, T-Shirts, and Lameness

We’re baaaaack, and we’ve expanded our regular voices, adding Laurie and Mike as permanent hosts. We’ll talk Star Trek, Kindle, lame news, and more! Star Trek Windows 7 Kindle DX Laurie’s research lab was on CBS. (
Pat and Craig author

TG #26: Guest Hosts Strike Back

This time on Tweak and Geek, Laure and Mike step up to the plate while Pat and Craig are on hiatus. Lost Spoiler alert! Laurie and Mike talk Lost. Time travel, Ben’s new role as Locke’s whipping boy, and a potential third faction are discussed. Blackbe...
Pat and Craig author

TG #25 – Replacement Tech

This time on Tweak and Geek, we’ll take you from the Whopper Bar to the new Shuffle to pursuing Chimp-Man through the wilderness of Texas. Whopper Bar This looks insidious. Google Calendar Needs Notification Why can’t it send accept/deny emails? Google...
Pat and Craig author

TG#24 – Listener Extravaganza

For our 24th episode, we present a show entirely of suggestions from our listeners. OK, we might say something about orphans, too. D – Let’s talk about Windows 7 and the Starter Edition Windows 7 SKU List Good news: Most consumers only have to worry ab...
Pat and Craig author

TG #23: Antipatterns

This Tweak and Geek episode has us discussing antipatterns — that is, things you shouldn’t do, like programming poorly or NOT listening to Tweak and Geek. We also bring our Lame News feature out again. Anti Patterns Recently, Craig has become intereste...
Pat and Craig author

TG #22.5 You Can Never Get Too Much Bacon!

This week, we talk about a recipe straight from heaven’s doorstep! Bacon Explosion Although this is not technically a technology related post, I learned about the most innovative thing man has ever created, the bacon sausage roll! This is the ultimate ...
Pat and Craig author

TG #22: Tech in the Big Blue Room

This time on Tweak and Geek, we’ll talk about technology in the scariest of places. Not the Dungeons of Dread or the Torture Chamber; the REAL scary place — outdoors! Listener Driven (NOT!) — you see, Pat can’t count, and… we’ll have that episode soon,...
Pat and Craig author

TG #21.5: Rock Scissors Paper

WARNING: AUDIO PROBLEMS! On this short episode of Tweak and Geek, we’ll talk about embracing-and-extending the rules of everyone’s favorite fallback for decision-making; Rock-Scissors-Paper! Unfortunately, this recording was damaged — you’ll hear some ...
Pat and Craig author

TG #21: Dangerous Programming Errors

The Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors have been released. Not in a horrifically violent prison break-out or anything, though; a news release did the trick. We’ll review these, and review some Lame News, on this Tweak and Geek. Programming Errors...
Pat and Craig author

TG #20.5: LOST Special

We interrupt our usual Geekiness with a special episode celebrating the return of the TV Weird-Action-Suspense-Drama LOST! Please treat this entire podcast as a spoiler alert. If you do not want to know anything that has happened or might happened in t...
Pat and Craig author

TG #20: Powerpoint and Scifi

This time on Tweak and Geek, we talk about Powerpoint and presentations, and discuss the state of sci-fi TV in the new season. The Bacon Explosion Presentations! Businessweek presentation about presentations. Pat wrote about this topic a couple of mont...
Pat and Craig author

TG#19.5: Capricious Capers

This short episode has us reviewing Threat Level’s Seven Best Capers of 2008.
Pat and Craig author

TG #19: The Penultimate Star Tech

Did Star Wars or Star Trek influence culture and technology more? We’ll be the judge of that! It’s also time for Lame News. Star Tech Scott Johnson’s blog poses the question which is more influential on technology: Star Wars or Star Trek? In his opinio...
Pat and Craig author

TG#18.5: Voicemail Virus

In this short episode, we react to a provocative voicemail.
Pat and Craig author

TG #18: 2008 Review and 2009 Predictions

This special year-end edition of Tweak and Geek has us talking about some highlights from 2008 geek news, and making some predictions about 2009. Highlights of 2008 Bill Gates Steps down as chairman of Microsoft (Steve Ballmer throws a chair:  http://n...
Pat and Craig author

TG#17.5: Programmers vs Hardware

On this short, we discuss an article from CodingHorror and weigh the merits of throwing programmers or hardware at tough problems.
Pat and Craig author

TG#17: What (geeky) Women Really Want

It’s a special Christmas Tweak and Geek! We’re excited  to have Laurie here to tell us what a true geek girl wants under the tree. We learn what Lomography is, and Craig and Pat give their own wish lists. Gifts for the girl geek! Laurie? PINK Guitar co...
Pat and Craig author

TG#16.5: Mona Lisa Evolution

In this point-five, we discuss a neat blog entry on using a genetic algorithm to draw the Mona Lisa, and how the masses of anonymous internet geeks responded. The original blog entry from the Roger Alsing Weblog.
Pat and Craig author

TG#16 Tales from the Cracker Barrel Restroom

It’s been quite a while, but we’re back. It’s a shorter format, we have a guest, and of course, we talk about something having to do with the iPod touch (and iPhone!!!) iPod Touch Software 2.2 – Kind of late, but here we are New Features: Search and ad...
Pat and Craig author

TG#15.5: Talking Turkey

In our first shiny new “point-five” episode, we talk turkey with an avid listener.
Pat and Craig author

TG#15: Politics, MMO Tech, Cube Farms, and Dress Codes

We’re back, and we’re at least as controversial as gay marriage! We take the frightening move of going OFF SCRIPT, then come back to Earth to talk about office and cube culture. We didn’t plan this part… If you think Prop 8 in California was controvers...
Pat and Craig author

TG #14: Election Parties, Gameboy Fail, and NULL

This episode of Tweak and Geek will keep you riveted to your seats, with exciting stuff like a how-to on throwing an election party, the saga of Pat’s dead Gameboy Advance, and SQL NULL! Election Night, Party Time! Is anyone having an election night pa...
Pat and Craig author

TG #13: Live Review of the New Nano, Destroying the Earth and lots of Ba’als

We continue our guest host string with Laurie, Pat’s fiancee and iPod user. With her help, we apply some Kryptonite to Heroes, talk about the end of the world, and respond to some voicemail. Hands-on with the New Nano Laurie purchased the new model of ...
Pat and Craig author

TG #12: Guest Host Michael Swindler, iPod News, and More

This episode of Tweak and Geek features our first Secret Mystery Guest Host, Michael Swindler. OOPS, that secret is totally out of the bag now. So are the new iPods, Microsoft’s retort to Mac commercials, a replacement for Adobe Acrobat Reader, and mor...
Pat and Craig author

TG #11: Wii, Job Search Roadblocks, and Stargate

Craig got a Wii! No, seriously, he DID get one this time. In this episode, we discuss the Wii and Virtual Console, some roadblocks that can impede the techie job search, the “final” Stargate SG1 movie, and… well, just listen! Craig has crazy adventures...
Pat and Craig author

TG #10: Comic Con and Holy Crap, 10 Episodes!

We’re here again… You can hardly keep us away! We talk about Comic-Con, the Pope’s hat, and recap some of the madness and hilarity from our first 10 episodes. Comic Con 2008 – Chewbacca is big. Pat saw a Stargate Atlantis panel, met some folks includin...
Pat and Craig author

TG #9: iPhone/iPod news and Losing your Talent

T&G strikes again! iPhone 3G, new apps, Guitar Hero DS, podcast bribery, and losing your development talent — they all await your listening pleasure! We’d love to hear your feedback at tg[at]tweakandgeek[dot]com. Or you can call us and leave a voic...
Pat and Craig author

TG #8: Tech Ed 2008 and Pat Moves Somewhere Warm

Well, T&G is back for another go-around. This time, Pat patiently listens while Craig recounts his recent trip to Florida for Tech Ed Dvelopers 2008. Then, Pat discloses that he’s moved to the ultimate Virtual World of California to take a job crea...
Pat and Craig author

TG #7: Gravatars, Laptop Recommendations and more…

This podcast was recorded TWO WEEKS ago! It would have been posted sooner, but I (Craig) am too dumb to use Audacity without corrupting and losing all my data. Pat and I hope you enjoy this show. We’re a little more random and assorted this time around...
Pat and Craig author

TG #6: TG Tech and Filthy Rumors

Pat will admit it — he’s a big fat slacker, and this episode was recorded OVER A WEEK AGO! Please bear with some of our speculations that have turned out differently in the meantime… This week on Tweak and Geek, we take a tour “backstage” at the Tweak ...
Pat and Craig author

TG #5: Listener Feedback and a few Small Gadgets

This week on Tweak and Geek, we respond to reader feedback and discuss some smaller gadgets that could be purchased with one of those random unexpected windfalls. 0) Errata T&G#4 Schroedinger’s Cat 20:12 – I said that the cat and the atom device ar...
Pat and Craig author

TG #4: Gifts, Quantum Mechanics, and More

This week on Tweak and Geek, we delve into some possible gifts for the Tweaks and Geeks in your life. We then felt some strange urge to discuss quantum mechanics for a while, and closed off with some blogs and office stories. 1) Answer listener email L...
Pat and Craig author

TG #3: Trackbacks, Kitchenaid, and Time Management

This week’s Tweak and Geek has us discussing the “Trackback” feature of blog software, the venerable Kitchenaid mixer, and Time Management as it applies to us IT geeks. This podcast was actually recorded on the event horizon of the black hole Cygnus X-...
Pat and Craig author