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Learn the basics of Hungarian with us! Steve + Györgyi, a native Hungarian speaker, present fun and enjoyable lessons for all learners of Hungarian. Get transcripts at our website, www.letslearnhungarian.net

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Fun audio podcast to learn Hungarian with Steve and Györgyi
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Lesson 18– I have a surprise!

In Lesson 18, Noémi has a big surprise for Bernard after a trip to the doctor’s! What could it be?? This lesson gives you lots of great new vocabulary, especially some common and useful family-related words. We also have an introduction to how possessi...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 17– A monthly pass, please

Would you be able to use your Hungarian to buy a monthly transportation pass? In Lesson 17, we can listen to an authentic recording made “in the field,” in which Steven purchases a monthly pass from a cashier. This lesson will show you how to buy a mon...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 16– Are we going to the theater today?

Check out our new lesson! In Lesson 16, Bernard and Noémi plan on going on a date to the theater. There’s only one problem: they don’t know when it’ll be! This lesson gives you some basic time expressions, two different ways to say you are sure about s...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Survival Lesson 2 (updated)

Survival Lesson 2 is here – again! Our survival lessons are designed for short-term visitors to Hungary to help them get around with basic phrases while in the country. This audio lesson was originally done several years ago with only Steven. Now it’s ...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 15– What lovely weather!

At long last we have a new lesson, and one celebrating lovely summer weather. Lesson 15 has Bernard and Noémi enjoying a picnic outside at Normafa, but something goes wrong… We had a lot of fun putting this lesson together, as you can hear! Download th...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 14– BÚÉK!

We’ve finally got a new lesson for you! In Lesson 14, two friends meet up in the new year and talk about New Year’s Eve. You’ll also learn how to wish someone a happy new year in Hungarian, and we talk about traditions in Hungary relating to New Year’s...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 13– Christmas atmosphere

In Lesson 13, we have a slew of new words and phrases for you. We also continue our story with Yuki and Attila, and talk about the amazing Christmas markets in Budapest at this time of year, as well as answer a few listeners’ questions.   BONUS: we als...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Advanced Lesson 1– Magyarország és a magyarok

With this installment of the podcast, we bring you our first Advanced Lesson! In this lesson, Györgyi talks about Hungary, and tells you a little about the people who live there, all in Hungarian. Don’t worry, we also have the English translation in ou...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 12– the 4-6 tram

Have you ever taken the 4-6 tram in Budapest? It’s actually two different tram lines that both start at Széll Kálmán tér in the Buda part of the city, and circle around Pest before returning to Buda, where the no. 6 line ends at Móricz Zsigmond körtér,...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 11– I’ve finally made it to Hungary

WE’RE BACK!! Thanks to so many people who have written us over the years, we’ve finally come out with a new podcast. A huge thank you to all of you who took the time to write an email or leave a comment on our website. I hope you all find the new lesso...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 10– There’s a problem!

Lesson 10 is finally here! Thanks for the long wait, everyone. This lesson’s dialogue relates an actual situation that happened to us recently, so there’s a lot of authenticity to it (unfortunately). Also, we have a review of the previous lesson’s mate...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Survival Lesson 1

We introduce a new format to our podcast this time – the Survival Lesson! It’s designed for short-term visitors to Hungary to help them manage while in the country. We hope you like this format, which will be offered occasionally throughout the summer....
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 9– Where’s Szentendre?

Lesson 9 introduces a new native speaker to our podcast – Milán! Milán has a great voice for podcasting and we’re really pleased to have his assistance for this lesson. Hopefully we’ll have him on the podcast again and get the chance to know him a bit ...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 8– Happy Mother’s Day!

Lesson 8 is between a mother and her son on Mother’s Day, and the son’s embarrassing admission about his gift to her. We answer several listener questions on this lesson, and also discuss the tradition of Hungarian name days and other odd tidbits of Hu...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 7– I don’t drink coffee anymore

Lesson 7 brings us a dialogue between two old friends, Csaba and Katalin, who unexpectedly run into each other in a restaurant after not having met for a long time. Katalin wants to have a drink with Csaba, but he has a surprise for her! See below for ...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 6– What time is it?

Lesson 6 presents some very useful phrases for the traveler to Hungary! Have a listen and try to memorize as much as possible. This lesson’s dialogue isn’t as long as in previous lessons, so it shouldn’t be that hard to memorize it all. We also discuss...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 5– I’d like a mineral water

Lesson 5 shows us a conversation between Ági, a customer, and a waiter. Ági just wants a drink, but has a hard time getting one! Please see below for the dialogue and vocabulary for Lesson 5 below. Try your best to learn all of the new expressions, and...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 4– Everything hurts!

Lesson 4 introduces you to Zoltán and his Aunt Erzsi, who insists she is fine even though everything seems to hurt! This is another informal language dialogue with a number of useful, everyday expressions. We enjoy reading your comments and finding out...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 3– Shall we go to the movies?

Lesson 3 is packed with lots of useful, everyday expressions, so make sure you learn them well! See below for the new dialogue, vocabulary, and some simple grammar forms. It’s a lot of new material, but try to learn it all if you can, and see if you ca...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 2– Buying a ticket

Lesson 2 is available here! It is a bit longer than the first lesson with A LOT of new vocabulary and grammar, so make sure you listen several times, follow along with the script below, and try to memorize as much as you can. Thanks for all your commen...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author

Lesson 1– On the train

Lesson 1 is available for download or listening below! Note that you can also subscribe to our podcast for free through the iTunes link on the left, or through a podcatcher like Juice. We hope you enjoy the lesson and we’d love to get your feedback, so...
LetsLearnHungarian.net author