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Hosted by: Kevin Harvell & Brad Whiteside Light hearted, yet informative tech show hosted by two guys shooting the breeze about current tech news and gadgets Visit us at
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Favorite things from the previous 199 episodes - Episode 200

It is hard to believe, but if you stay at something long enough you will reach certain milestones. In this instance, we here at the Tech Informist have finally reached our 200th episode! This week Kevin and Brad celebrate our 200th episode by walking d...

Snapdragon 845 and a helium hard drive

Qualcomm has shown off their Snapdragon 845 mobile CPU which you will see in pretty much every good Android smartphone that will be coming out in 2018 and Toshiba unveils their 14TB helium filled hard drive designed primarily for data centers. Sony has...

Net Neutrality and Bitcoin talk

Net Neutrality is under attack again with a vote to potentially repeal the 2015 decision the FCC put in place scheduled for December 14. We talk about this along with the Bitcoin value explosion and General Motors putting more focus on electric and aut...

Tesla Semi event - Episode 197

Tesla is at it again with their recent event in which they showed off their upcoming Tesla Semi as well as the surprising unveiling of their upcoming updated Tesla Roadster sports car. As Tesla continues to change the automotive industry from nearly ev...

Xbox One X launch - Episode 196

As pretty much every gamer on the planet knows, Microsoft launched the most powerful gaming console in the world this past week with the Xbox One X. Brad shares his experience with the launch of the Xbox One X at the Microsoft Store in St. Louis along ...

Blacklisted Phones - Episode 195

It is impossible to know many things unless you personally experience something. On this episode Brad and Kevin discuss what can happen when you try to sell a phone that has been reported lost or stolen with AT&T. We also discuss the latest speed b...

Amazon holds the Key - Episode 194

Would you want Amazon to be able to unlock your front door so their own delivery team can place your packages right inside your front door? Well Amazon is launching a new service they call Amazon Key that will do that and more which we talk about on th...

Patch the Krack - Episode 193

Another day, another security vulnerability in the tech industry. This time the problem lies inside of the security that was designed to protect your wireless network yet affects much more than just being able to get on your Wi-Fi connection and downlo...

Is this thing on? - Episode 192

With more and more virtual personal assistants entering our homes via smartphones and other "smart" devices, obvious privacy concerns are sure to rise. This week a prime example of why the concern is still real after Google picked up a Google Home Mini...

Google Pixel 2017 Event - Episode 191

This week Brad and Kevin discuss what Google showed off at their 2017 Pixel event including their new Pixel smartphones, Google Home speaker lineup additions and even their new Pixel Book Chromebook along with a few extra surprises. Also AOL Instant Me...

Elon Musk wants to speed up worldwide travel - Episode 190

How would you like to travel from Los Angeles to Toronto in less than 30 minutes? Or how would you like to travel to nearly anywhere in the world in under an hour? Elon Musk is at it again looking to launch a SpaceX service that would help us do just t...

Apple iPhone X discussion - Episode 189

Back with another episode discussing whether or not the iPhone X is right for you or is the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus the better choice for your needs/wants. We also discuss Google's recent decision to bring on a team of smartphone experts from HTC for...

Amazon & Microsoft assistants living in perfect harmony

In the ultra competitive world of technology and business, who saw Amazon and Microsoft coming together to allow each of their respective virtual assistants, Cortana and Alexa working together? Well that is exactly what is getting ready to happen. On t...

Adobe gives Flash two years to live - Episode 187

It was a week filled with the pending end of many products and services we have all used at some point in our lives, whether we realized it at the time or not. But Adobe has announced they have given Adobe Flash two years to live along with Apple trimm...

Retro consoles are all the rage - Episode 189

After the success of last years NES Classic from Nintendo, it is no surprise that more companies are either jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon or just simply stepping up their game compared to past retro offerings of theirs. This week we talk about the...

Verizon Wireless has self inflicted data breach

Sometimes things in the world work out in ways that leaves you scratching your head. What we mean by this is that Verizon requested a lower price during their negotiations with Yahoo after confirming Yahoo's own security issues, and now we find that so...

Tesla Model 3 production has begun

With the past week being a holiday shortened week for the United States where we are based, it was a bit of a light news cycle this time around. Tesla kicked off production of its "affordable" Model 3 cars, Splatoon 2 details are out including when the...

Beta software gripes - Episode 183

This week we discuss some of the frustrating things that come with testing beta software. From iPhone to Xbox, things can get harry in a hurry. What do you think of testing beta software? Do you love it or just stay away from it entirely? Also this wee...

What's old is new again with Google Glass and Sega Forever

It seems that what is old is new again what with Google updating their Google Glass devices for the first time in roughly three years and Sega unveiling their Sega Forever program which looks to make every (their wording is a bit unclear here) Sega gam...

E3 2017 discussion and Netflix news

It's Christmas in June for those of us who are gamers. With all of the new games and some new hardware, there is a lot to discuss in the gaming world. What are some of your favorite moments from E3 2017? Any games that you will be picking up this year?...

WWDC and the OnePlus 7 Plus - Episode 180

This week while Brad is enjoying his well deserved break down in Orlando, follow him on Instagram at @holy_shadows to see what he has been up to, Sam Ventimiglia joins Kevin to talk about the recent WWDC event from Apple along with the upcoming One Plu...

Is the Essential Phone really essential? - Episode 179

This week a new Android smartphone challenger entered the ring. Sam Ventimiglia joins us to talk about the Essential Phone and is it really "essential" for the market. We also discuss a recent photo that was unveiled of what is presumed to have been th...

Thoughts on VR roller coasters at Six Flags - Episode 178

This week, Kevin and Brad discuss Kevin's recent experience at Six Flags trying out the new VR roller coaster experience. They also talk about the unveiling of the new Surface Pro computer and much more including: Google Pixel smartphones getting blac...

Google I/O Day 1 and HTC U11 thoughts - Episode 177

This week we share our thoughts about Google I/O's day 1 along with the recent unveiling of the HTC U11 smartphone. We also discuss: Huge Xbox Live Gold member game sale Legend of Zelda coming to a mobile device near you? Samsung having Galaxy S8 sale...

Microsoft Build 2017 thoughts - Episode 176

If you are a fan of Microsoft, there is no shortage of news coming from our friends at Redmond. Did you happen to catch Build this year? Are there any new features that excite you? Let us know. We also talk a little Cortana news, more Echo devices from...

Microsoft EDU event - Episode 175

Another exciting event brings more software and devices. Microsoft shows off what they have been up to and we discuss our thoughts. What do you think of the new Surface Laptops? Will you be picking one up? We also discuss losing weight in VR, the 2017 ...

LG G6 vs Samsung S8 - Episode 174

This week we compare the LG G6 and Samsung S8 to each other. We weigh the pros and cons of each to help give you a better perspective of which of the latest Android flagships are right for you. Do you plan on picking up either phone? If not, why not? W...

Is Facebook cool again? - Episode 173

This week we discuss Facebook's F8 Event, where they they are looking to innovate and lead in AR and messaging. Do you think Facebook has enough credibility to excite users again? Do any of the new announcements excite you? After just having killed off...

RIP NES Classic - Episode 172

For those who follow video games, it is no secret that the NES Classic has been a hard item to get a hold of. Now, Nintendo is killing it off for reasons unknown. Sure there are some possible reasons we think may have led to Nintendo's decision and we ...

LG G6 Hands On (Splitting Hairs) - Episode 171

The LG G6 is finally out and we manage to both get our hands on one. On this episode we discuss our first impressions of the latest and possibly greatest release from LG. What are your thoughts about the LG G6? Are you looking forward to getting one or...

Samsung Galaxy S8 reactions - Episode 170

It's no secret that Samsung is king when it comes to Android. This week, the Samsung made the upcoming Galaxy S8 & S8+ official at their event in New York. Are you someone who loves their Samsung devices? Will you be picking up one of these, and if...

Apples to Apples - Episode 169

Spring has sprung and along with it, new devices from Apple. We discuss what all is in the Spring 2017 refresh. What do you think of the new red iPhone? Do you think it is worth getting or are you not a fan? Let us know! We also talk about Samsung's ne...

Nintendo Switch thoughts - Episode 168

The Nintendo Switch is finally out and we finally got our hands on it. We discuss our first impressions of Nintendo's latest console. Did you happen to pick up a Nintendo Switch? What are your thoughts behind this portable console? We also discuss the ...

Mobile World Congress thoughts - Episode 167

MWC has come and gone. Along with it, new and exciting devices to discuss and debate over. Which device was your favorite out of the bunch? Did we leave any device out? Let us know. Also, YouTube announces a TV option, just what the heck is Ingress Pro...

The Goldilocks Zone - Episode 166

This week we discuss a huge discovery made by NASA. We really like science along with technology and thought it would be a good fit. Do you like when we talk about things in the scientific community? What do you think of their giant discovery? Shoot us...

Device Overload - Episode 165

We are so reliant and addicted to our smart devices that we sometimes forget it is healthy to walk away for a few days. Kevin And Brad discus what they do to reset device fatigue. Have you ever taken a vacation without using your device? Do you think i...

Tesla Zero to Sixty - Episode 164

With Electric cars becoming more and more popular, Tesla proves it is still king when it comes to acceleration. Do you plan on getting an electric car anytime soon or are you waiting for them to become more mainstream? Let us know your thoughts. We als...

Nintendo is on a roll - Episode 163

All kinds of things are happening around the beloved game company Nintendo. We share all the interesting things that surround it currently. Do you have a Switch preordered? Did you finally get your hands on an NES Classic? If you did, will you be hacki...

Samsung Releases Note 7 Autopsy - Episode 162

After many months, Samsung is finally releasing it's findings on the Note 7 debacle. They are also taking drastic measures to ensure this does not occur again. Where you one of the few million people affected by the Samsung Note 7 recall? Are you still...

Almost time to Switch - Episode 161

Last week we mentioned that Nintendo was having their Switch presentation the night after we recorded. During that event, Nintendo revealed more details on the Switch including price point of the console and accessories along with release date and laun...

Kevin's experience with Apple Watch - Episode 160

We are anticipating a heavy ice storm here in St. Louis but ready to talk about more tech. Oh this episode Kevin talks about his 2 week experience with the Apple Watch and past wearables such as the Microsoft Band 2. Do you still like or use wearables?...

CES 2017 thoughts

2017 is here and so are the new gadgets! We take a look at CES 2017 and the wonders it has to offer. The whole show's main topic is CES but that's pretty broad. We covered everything from new gaming rigs and phones to crazy new TV's. What devices stood...

Standby for real life Titanfall - Episode 158

As our last episode of 2016, we decided to look forward to 2017 and beyond in what tech may offer. What technologies have you excited about the future? Do you think we are spot on or out of control this episode? We also discuss giant robots, Tesla Auto...

Best Tech of 2016 - Episode 157

We put together a list of what we believe is the best tech of 2016. We talk about what works over-all and what works for us personally. Also, in this episode we discuss what may happen with Twitter, more Xbox news, and savings you should know about.   ...

Security Online and Talking Cars - Episode 156

Christmas is just a week and some change away. If history has anything to say about that, online security should be of top priority. We are a huge proponent of 2-factor authentication and randomly generated passwords. They may be a pain occasionally bu...

Donuts and podcasting - Episode 155

Since we just hosted our Podcasting meet-up here at the Tech Artista, we thought it appropriate to talk on some major points we took away from the experience. One of the reoccurring themes that we want to convey is: What is Podcasting? The short answer...

Mobile content consumption - Episode 154

As the world recovers from Black Friday and the Thanksgiving holidays, we thought it was a good time to discuss some of the ways that we use mobile devices such as tablets. Do we use them as primary devices for content consumption and/or production or ...

Black Friday & Thanksgiving 2016 - Episode 153

As the calendar reaches Thanksgiving as it continues its march toward New Years Eve we thought it would be a great time to share some things we are thankful for along with what we think of Black Friday 2016. What are some things that are on your Black ...

Happy 15th Xbox and Halo - Episode 152

It seems each week there is a "milestone" anniversary of some sort for a gaming system or game franchise. This week was the 15th anniversary of the release of the original Microsoft Xbox along with the "system seller" Halo franchise. We spend the first...

Pixel XL and Disney tech thoughts - Episode 151

Brad is back and it is time to talk about the Google Pixel XL he used while on vacation along with some of the other interesting technology he seen and experienced while at Disney World and other places in the Orlando Florida area. All this along with ...