Totally Legit Outdoor Podcast

Three regular dudes wanted a podcast about the outdoor lifestyle they aspired to live, but also one that didn't take itself too serious. So they made it. And every now and then they bring their friends on to talk about stuff they're into. Totally Legit.

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Three regular dudes wanted a podcast about the outdoor lifestyle they aspired to, but didn't take itself too serious. So they made it. And every now and then they bring their friends on to talk about stuff. Totally Legit.
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071 w/ Ken and Josh

Apologies right off the bat here. The audio skips in this ep, but we're putting it out anyway just to keep our streak alive. Disregard the intro, this is a one-parter, due to said recording issues. In other news, soberish October is over! Enjoy.

070 w/ Ken and Josh

Back again with the final episode of Sober(ish) October. Ken and Jeremy talk about mostly totally legit non-outdoor activities. Then Josh calls in and tries to get the show wrapped up. A few times. Enjoy.

069 w/ Ken and Josh

We do some time-travelling to this unreleased ep recorded the day before the beginning of sober(ish) October.The boys get together to recap Jeremy's Eagle Rock Loop Trail redemption, but he went out drinking with Bree first, so he rambles, and Josh and...

068 w/ Ken and Josh

The boys come at you this week with a sober(ish) October update and try to squeeze in some TLO talk. Enjoy.

067 w/ Ken and Josh

We're doing some totally legit time travelling to get caught up with the goings on of Soberish October. The boys do a gear list recap of Jeremy's Eagle Rock Loop Trail redemption, and we do some teasing of conversations yet to be aired from the past in...

066 w/ Ken and Josh

The boys were feeling themselves so hard they recorded some back to back eps. They talk grocery pickups of choice, and Jeremy tries to talk about barriers to totally legit outdoor activities until Josh will have no more. Enjoy.

065 w/ Ken and Josh

The OG 3 are back this week!! Schedules lined up and we get to talk about some natural disasters, and some totally legit outdoor plans that may just be disasters in the making. Friday night recordings are special. Speaking of special, special appearanc...

064 w/ Ken and Josh

An explanation for this episode is in the intro. The boys get a chance to record only semi-remotely, and it appears that Josh and Jeremy get over-served.

063 w/ Josh

No Ken this week means that Josh and Jeremy talk about totally legit non-outdoor activities. I thought about splitting this one for Kevin, but decided not to, so there's that. Enjoy.

062 w/ Josh

Ken was doing some acutal Totally Legit Outdoor activities, but we were feeling the momentum of sweet content, so Josh and Jeremy got together about sport for half the time. They do crank out some travel #geartalk though. Enjoy.

061 w/ Ken and Josh

Back with Part 2 of our convo. We promise no arm pit rash talk. We think. Enjoy.

060 w/ Ken and Josh

We're back again with another two-parter, so don't freak out when the episode ends in the middle of the conversation. You'll get more next week ya filthy animals. Enjoy.

059 w/ Ken and Josh

I told you we'd be back. This week the boys finish catching up with the Arkansas story, associated gear talk, and end it with somebody's battery dies. You'll have to listen to the end to see who the guilty party is. Enjoy.

058 w/ Ken and Josh

Coming at ya with another 2 parter! (Give us a break, we're on summer schedule) The boys catch up on the goings on of the past month. Don't get pissed at the end, it's supposed to stop there, and you'll get the next story next week. Enjoy.

057 w/ Ken and Josh

Back again! This one is a slow burn at the beginning, but if this isn't your first episode to listen to you'll get it. Food, trips, gear, swimming pools!! Enjoy!

056 w/ Ken and Josh

We're back after a 2 week hiatus, and we bring the fire with some totally legit outdoor trip recaps, and some #geartalk to boot. Enjoy

055 w/ Ken and Josh

Always a sweet bonus when all three OGs are in attendance. Enjoy this ep, warts and all.

054 w/ Ken

Aaaaaand we're back again with Part 2 of our Sunday morning coffee cast and this one is exclusively #geartalk, so if you're into that....y'welcome. Enjoy.

053 w/ Ken

Part 1 of ANOTHER 2-parter! Hope yall like the 'ol splitcast. Ken and Jeremy talk about their recent Totally Legit Outdoor activities, and then get into some deep #geartalk. Enjoy.

052 w/ Ken

Part 2 of the return of the podcast. Enjoy.

051 w/ Ken

Happy Earth Day errrrrrybody! We're back after a hiatus because the people demanded it! Ken and Jeremy catch up in this one. Enjoy.

050 w/ Ken and Josh

The OG 3 are back for the big 5-0. It's a little clunky, and the audio is not great, but we're trying damnit. Enjoy.

BONUS!!! Throwback to Ken's Roadtrip

Some podcasts wait till they've been at it for 5 or so years before they start re-releasing episodes. Not us!!! Here's a bonus re-release in anticipation of our official episode 50 podcast extravaganza!

049 w/ Josh

Josh makes a triumphant return to the podcast this week! Also Jeremy drinks and talks too much. Bonus: 2 dog appearances. Enjoy.

048 w/ Ken

The conference champ is back! Jeremy gets drunk in this one, so he probably talked over Ken way too much. Just a guess. Enjoy.

047 w/ Ken

Back again with a coffee cast! The boys talk some gear! Short sentences! Camping! Enjoy!

046 w/ Ken

Jeremy kicked a cord this week, so you, dear listener, get to hang on the precipice of mystery and try to figure out just exactly what was said about firepits and blankets before the problem was corrected and the rest of the podcast was recorded. Enjoy...

045 w/ Ken and LEROY

Back again! And this week we're joined by none other than that tall creature from parts unknow LeRoy! He gives us a recap of his recent NOLS course and the boys make Totally Legit Outdoor Plans. Enjoy.

044 w/ Ken

The boys are back! Suck it 2018. Also stop using a dumb voice when reading these out loud Leighton!

043 w/ Ken

Welcome to 2018! The boys catch up after a month off and try to piece together plans for the New Year.

042 w/ Ken

The boys catch up after a 10 day break and talk about the benefits of the #cruiselife.

041 w/ Ken

Ken and Jeremy talk about life changes, gear, and Jeremy goes down a rabbit hole talking most likely outside of his level of expertise about exercise physiology. Enjoy

040 w/ Ken

Getting another one in the books! This week a very special Monday edition to start your weekend right. All I'll say about it is get ready for No Chicken Leg November. Enjoy.

039 w/ Ken

I told you we'd be back on schedule this week. Boom! Ken and Jeremy recap the previous week and somehow manage to NOT end up sounding like cranky old men. Enjoy.

038 w/ Ken

On a very special Wednesday of the Totally Legit Outdoor Aspirational Lifestyle Digital Radio Program and Podcast, Ken and Jeremy catch up on the past two Totally Legit Outdoor weekends, talk about the weather, and somehow start sounding like cranky ol...

037 w/ Ken

Ken and Jeremy start off sounding like whiny millenials, then hopefully get past and talk about outside stuff.

036 w/ Ken

Happy Monday Holiday! Hopefully you get to take the day off or at least slack off. Here's Ken and Jeremy talking about some totally legit outdoor and non-outdoor aspirational lifestyle subjects.

035 w/ Ken

Ken and Jeremy come back at you this week with some diet talk, some stolen outdoor valor, and some suggestions of other podcasts to listen to.

034 w/ Ken

Weeeeeee're Back! Sorry for the missed weeks folks. This week Ken and Jeremy talk about lots of things that are totally legit, but not necessarily outdoor activities.

033 w/ Ken and Josh

Happy Labor day! We're late but we got one in.

032 w/ Ken

Ken and Jeremy come at you with some stories of their recent cosmically inspired travels. They both seem to have come back with more than they bargained for.

031 w/ Marc

The boys couldn't get it together to record this week (Jeremy's fault), so number 1 fan Marc and Jeremy squeezed one in after being over served.

BONUS EP w/ Sam again

BONUS EP!!!! Sam joins us from all the way over in Ayngland to have some Totally Legit Outdoor talk. There are some skips in the audio for unknown reasons, but hey, it's a bonus ep.

030 w/ Ken and Josh

Finally we get all 3 of these clowns back together to piece together some Totally Legit Outdoor conversation.

029 w/ Ken

A day late and a host short, but we've got a podcast for you! Jeremy is tired, but luckily Ken saves the day with more Big Ol American Roadtrip recap.


BONUS EP!!! That tall critter from Parts Unknown LeRoy returns to the show to talk about a Colorado road trip and his upcoming Totally Legit Outdoor life journey.

028 w/ Josh and KEN

You read that right, KEN finally returns to give an update on his Big Ol American Roadtrip, and not a moment too soon. Even I was getting tired of listening to Jeremy and Josh struggle to keep the fastest growing outdoor podcast on the internet afloat....

027 w/ Josh

Josh and Jeremy get another one in just in time. This time they come at you ON LOCATION in Austin. Who knows what they talk about. Guest apperances though.....

026 w/ Josh

Josh and Jeremy just get this one in under the wire, so don't get your hopes up. You get a couple of trip reviews, and then they complain about young kids like old men do.

BONUS EP! w/ Dustin and Stetson

This BONUS EP is coming at you from on location in the Ouachita National Forest. The kickboxing boys talk with Jeremy while on their camping trip, and appear to have been overserved. Enjoy!