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Each episode of Stuff You Need For explores the equipment needed for a different activity, providing specific recommendations for achieving the best results at various price points.

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Everything you need to start your next hobby
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Episode 4: Studio Portrait Photography

Audio Only:   Welcome to another episode of Stuff You Need For. This episode we cover the stuff you need for studio portrait photography, focusing on the great, easy to learn, portrait lighting you can get out of the new wave of continuous LED products...
Ben Anderson author

Podcasting: TL;DR Special Edition

Audio Only: Were two 30+ minute episodes on podcasting TMI? Then this special TL;DR episode clocking in at a mere 10 minutes is for you! Be sure to check out Episode 0 for more information on microphones and Episode 1 for a run down of the remaining it...
Ben Anderson author

Episode 3: Writing a Book

Audio Only:   I personally am super excited about this week’s Stuff You Need For because this week we’re covering a topic I’ve always wondered about – writing a book!  Now since I haven’t written one myself, I invited Adam Nathan and Ryan Roemer, autho...
Ben Anderson author

Episode 2: Bike Commuting

Audio Only:   We’re posting this special episode of Stuff You Need For a bit early since this month is Bike To Work Month and we wanted to give you plenty of time to get ready for Bike To Work Day on May 15th! Joining me this episode is Jason Ramsay, a...
Ben Anderson author

Episode 1: Podcasting – The Rest

Audio Only: In Episode 0, we covered podcasting microphones at various price points.  In this episode, we cover everything else you’ll need to get started.  Below you’ll find a collection of all items mentioned in the episode divided into various price...
Ben Anderson author

Episode 0: Podcasting Microphones

Audio Only: Welcome to the very first episode of Stuff You Need For, where you can find information on all the gear you’ll need to achieve professional level results when taking up a new activity, project or hobby, without breaking the bank.  For our f...
Ben Anderson author