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RV enthusiasts have adopted the technical outdoor activity known as geocaching in droves. It's an ideal family hobby, and expert Andy Smith shows beginners - and old hands - how to get involved in the fun.

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A weekly show about the technology and techniques of geocaching, with an RV family treasure hunt slant.
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What Not To Hide

What Not to Hide in a Geocache ? That’s the topic that Andy Smith and Dave Debaere address in this edition of Geocaching World / Geosnippits Reboot.
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Types of Geocaches

There are a variety of geocaching types and listing services – and this episode covers eight different findable cache types. Dave and Head Hard Hat spent a weekend searching for different types of geocaches – and this episode details their adventures i...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Geocache Repair Kit

You will most probably find geocaches that are in need of repair. Andy Smith shows how a community friendly geocacher can do their part to keep caches in good shape for the enjoyment of all.
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Understanding GPSr

Andy Head Hard Hat Smith and co-host Dave Debaeremaeker and the Hangout talk about  the GPS Receiver – moving up the tech food chain in the Geocaching hobby.
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Learning About Muggles

Andy Head Hard Hat Smith and co-host Dave Debaeremaeker and the Hangout talk about Muggles – the non-geocachers that can have impact on the hobby, positive and negative.
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Intro To Geo-Snippits Reboot

Andy Head Hard Hat Smith is in the process of re-vamping his entire back catalog of Geocaching tutorials. In this episode, Andy starts at the beginning and shows what’s to be found inside a sample geocache, and why the hobby has appeal to all sorts of ...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

GeoSnippits Reboot

Andy Head Hard Hat initiates a new version of the program, built around a Google hangout with fellow Geocachers.   After two years of production with RVNN.TV from our studios, it now makes more sense to have Andy act as host for the show directly from ...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Winter Geocaching Habits

HeadHardHat shows us how to winterize your geocache: the cold weather is upon us!                 Winter Geocaching Habits Question: When going out into cold and humid weather. The best way to protect yourself best is to do something called layering. W...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Wish List Geocacher Style

HeadHardHat asked the question, and you have answered: 2012’s Geocaching Holiday Wish List!             2012 Holiday Wish List Contest Question What date is the December Solstice in 2012? Answer at the bottom of show notes. Holiday Wish List Poll on Bl...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

How Not To Hide

In the past we’ve discussed how to hide a geocache. In this episode, we discuss how NOT to hide a geocache.                 How NOT to Hide a Cache Contest Question In a geocaching hint or description what does GRC mean? Answer at the bottom of show no...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

What’s In Your Pack ?

Geocachers and Campers need the right tools. Geocachers just need more. . .                 What’s In Your Geocaching Pack I’ll never forget going to my first event and while mingling around I ran into just one of the nicest geocaching couples you ever...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author

Guest Cacher: Dave DeBaere

Guest cacher, Dave “DeBaere” DeBaeremaeker Guest Cacher “DeBaere”               Contest Question When was the first geocache placed in Canada? Answer Guest Cacher, Dave “DeBaere” DeBaeremaeker Name and where do you live? Dave DeBaeremaeker, from Canada...
Andy 'HeadHardHat' Smith author