Photo Trash Talk with Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater

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Fun Photo Talk with Flair wi Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater

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Two Guys Trashing Photography
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PHOTO TRASH TALK :: December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays from your Elfins, Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater! Just to get your gift giving going these guys won’t get fooled again with 3-D printed faces and facial recognition. One present these elves want is the new Hover2 drone. Hear why meta...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: November 20, 2018

Yo Yo! Dan & Elmo photokina they go! Between the schnitzel and karateffelpuffer hear what was hot or not at photokina 2018 Germany. There were mirrorless cameras; L-mount lenses; cameras from big names; Taylor Swift goes Instax; and lots of gearish...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: September 13, 2018

Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater go Apple Picking! These two “Appleseeds” discuss the latest iPhones from Apple: Xs and Xs Max. They cut to the core and look at just how the bar for photography and image capture has been raised. Peel it all back and ...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: September 4, 2018

Mirrorless, Mirrorless, on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? The mirrorless revolution picks up speed with Nikon’s announcement of the F7 and F6 digital cameras. Dan & Elmo tell you if Nikon’s newest bodies are Hot or Not! Plus, with photoki...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: August 15, 2018

In this August 2018 Episode :: Dan & Elmo Party Down! Micro Four-Thirds Turns 10 Years Old! In this celebrations they cover: Lensbaby’s New Sol Lens; Canon Powershot superzoom; Panasonic ZS70; Light L16; Leica Noctilux; Fujifilm X-Pro2; Selfie Deat...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: July 17, 2018

Freshly baked, tanned and slathered from vacation, Dan & Elmo get back to being irrelevant, irregular and most irrigated. Hear them romp and chomp on topics including: A teeny tiny Projecteo projector for Instagram images; a new daguerreotype resto...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: May 16, 2018

Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater go wild in the May 16th edition of Photo Trash Talk. Dan just returned from Peru and has adventurous tales to tell. Hear the continuing saga of Elmo’s gaffes with teapots and a loaner camera. Next they chatter over th...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: April 10, 2018

In the April 10, 2018 episode Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater get ready for Spring. These guys talk about a lot of gear including Huawei’s highly rated triple-lens P20 Pro smart phone; The Three Stooges cardboard camera that made a difference; BeSaf...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: March 13, 2018

Green Screen and all, Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater get rolling. Fine out why Elmo ended up in Ethiopia; where Giroptic is these days; LensBaby has a Burnside; and how to get flashy with Canon AI. PhotoTangle up and get all of this and more with P...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: February 27, 2018

Photo Trash Talk’s Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater step inside their 6 million dollar studio to discuss such great topics as: QwkPic & ElsiePic On-Demand for Photoshoots; New York Police Department shoot iPhones; Tesla Goes to Outer Space; Super...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: February 6, 2018

With Valentine’s Day coming, Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater speak humor and hearty-shaped gifts. But, that’s not all. Dan opens up about his recent colonoscopy and even recommends a camera for the do-it-yourselfer. Other topics include: Panasonic L...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK Goes VIDEO & AUDIO :: January 21, 2018

#CES2018 was the big Consumer Electronics Show recently held in Las Vegas. Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater talk about some of the companies there. Watch and learn about Kodak; Polaroid; Canon; Nikon; and, even what happens when the electricity goes ...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: Going to the Space Station with the VUZE VR Camera

The Vuze VR Camera recently went into space to film a 3D, 360-degree cinematic VR experience as part of National Geographic’s upcoming series “One Strange Rock”. We caught up with Jim Malcolm, Humaneyes Technologies General Manager of North America to ...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: November 21, 2017

Howdy! In this episode Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater keep giving out those PTT Howdy Doodad Awards! The latest recipients include: Nikon D850; Hasselblad X1D; Tamaggo 360; VUZE 3D 360; LA Police Gear Bail Out Bag; Google Snapseed App; and the Wyze...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: October 25, 2017

Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater get trashy in this episode. No prisoners are taken with the “I’m Back,” digital conversion back for older film cameras; Yashica Y35 analog-style digital camera; and Elsiepic, an on demand location based photography ap...
Burkholder & Sapwater author


Listen as Elmo and Dan distill today’s GIGANTIC Apple Event so you know what photographic benefits the new hardware goodies brings to your image making life! Learn about how the new iPhone 10 should be on your photographic shopping list! *Note: May tak...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: September 12, 2017

Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater just can’t quit eating out. This time they hit Traver’s Diner in Gloversville, NY.  On the Menu in this episode: Ricoh Theta V 360 4K Immersive Cam; Insta360 ONE 4K Cam; Giropotic 2K 360; Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III E...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: August 31, 2017

In this Photo Trash Talk episode Dan & Elmo talk until they’re hungry! Discussions or mentions include :: Nikon D850 DSLR Overview; Apollo 15 and Nikon Photomic FTN SLR; John Glenn and his ANSCO Autoset 35mm; Hasselblad X1D; Russian Zenit; Holga ph...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: August 17, 2017

August 17, 2017 :: More Thoughts on Solar Eclipse, Counterfeit Viewing Filters and Safety Issues; Smartphones Killing Compact Camera Market; Sigma and lens aberrations; Photo Stream VS iCloud; Epson’s Drone Glasses; Google and Apple Want to Make Better...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: August 9, 2017

In the August 9, 2017 Edition coming from Niskayuna, NY, discussions or mentions include: Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse Across America Website; Nikon officially discontinues current mirrorless cameras; Leica TL2 rangefinder ...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: July 27, 2017

In the June 27 2017 Edition coming from Niskayuna, NY, discussions or mentions include: Nikon has a 100th Anniversary and is said to be working on another mirrorless; Leica TL2 rangefinder; Wacom has new big Cintiq Pro tablets; iPad Pro; Kickstarter’s ...
Burkholder & Sapwater author

PHOTO TRASH TALK Videos :: Photo Center Troy w/ Nicholas Argyros

Videos: After the Photo Trash Talk  visit the Photography Center of the Capitol District in Troy, NY, we have created videos to supplement the podcast. The first is a short promo of the Photo Center. The second is Nicholas Argyros showing and describin...
Burkholder & Sapwater author