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missing image was a site created for all the parkflyers in NZ as there was a hole in the market. This podcast aims to keep things as local as possible and explore the ins and outs of our hobby at our local parks.

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Description was a site created for all the parkflyers in NZ as there was a hole in the market. This podcast aims to keep things as local as possible and explore the ins and outs of our hobby at our local parks.
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EP-34 - Hypetrain

Tonight we had Ian (Magnazan) to talk to us about the Hype Train. More info here Ian also have his new podcast have a look at that one as well. Sarge also gave us an update on the Lake Forsyth event held recently. F...
NZ Parkflyers author

PF-EP33 - Putting a leash on things

This week we well are about a week late to upload this from when it was recorded. Paying the bills etc.... While we were recording this the Drone Nationals (Weiner Nationals) were being run, ...
NZ Parkflyers author

PF-EP32 - Were back, bumbling around the studio

Well were back. Finally managed to get the team back into a room and dust off the podcast voices. Quick chat about what we all have been up to for the last few years. How the hobby has changed or stayed the same. Remember if you want to listen live tha...
NZ Parkflyers author

EP 31 - Just a quick update

Just a quick update and testing a recording from a remote moving location. Just trying to tee up a suitable time for all the hosts. Remember if you want to leave us any feedback please feel free to leave us a voicemail on 02825561397.
NZ Parkflyers author

Episode 30 - Dang that was a long lunch break

After taking a short break we have decided to rise again.. Find out more here... Also if you want to call in and leave a message give us a call on 02825561397
NZ Parkflyers author

Podcast 29 - We are back, a bit rough for now

After a long break we finally made it back. This episode we have grabbed Kevin from the MFNZ to talk about the upcoming nationals.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 28

This weeks we talk about the goings on of Slopefest that we attended. Basically getting our heads around doing this podcast thing again seeing it is the new year. ;-)
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 27

In this episode we talked about the trip to Tok, DLG\'s and DS\'ing. As well as having SargeNZ from the forum on as our guest. Please note we will be having a bit of off time while I move over the next few weeks, we will return early Dec.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 26

Today we touch on FPV and the question that was asked in the forum, perhaps a topic for future show. Then discuss our upcoming trip to Tok.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 25

Today we featured SargeNZ from the parkflyers forum. Just had a bit of chatting around various things from the weather, thrust vectoring EDF\'s and out planned trip to Tok.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 24

For this podcast winter hit us and we were frozen... At least the Soaring around NZ was announced. Fact we were frozen meant it was launched in the forums before the podcast. ;-) But come hear our teeth chattering.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 23

Today we had Rambler (Ming the merciless) on the podcast telling us about his visit in AU and what they guys across the ditch are up to.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 22

Today we had Mat from KiwiRC visiting us and providing an update on what he is up to. Then onto tails of combat and redbull style racing with your little planes.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 21

Todays guest was Heather from Wattsup RC. Busy explaining to us all about the float flyin that she and Ian attended.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 20

Today we had SargeNZ on as our guest. We talked about a whole bunch of things including stripped nuts and sticky cats.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 19

Today we announce the winner of the Ritewing, suffer through technical glitch hell and managed to come up with a decent podcast.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 18

The name of the new Ritewing is announced in this episode. And someone will have to do some groveling to win it.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 17

This episode goes into connectors, the swine flu, how to bash a heli and a few other interesting things.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 16

Today we talk about broken Jazz\'s combat and people that just don\'t use there common sense. Also up there are some Indoor events just have a listen to when they are up.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 15

This week we have the return of the man with a tan. That and we had some good weather for a change with some up\'s and downs. Lovely scale planes and just a good weekend overall.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 14

Today we go a rabbit hunting...
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 13

Today we talk about fishing for hilltop flying fish. They are a rear find and if you do catch one we would recommend a delicate release back off the hill. Alternatively I hear they taste very good with a bit of lemon.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 12

Today we talked about flying toolboxes. Yes they do fly? Plus we got our old friend Matwelli from KiwiRC online again. Why well he just gave away two planes to two of our lucky parkflying members. For more info head on to
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 11

Tonight we talk about the lack of flying, and more importantly we announce the winners of our plane give away competition. So a big thanks to KiwiRC for donating 2 planes to the cause. I am sure the new owners will appreciate them.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 10

Today we got to episode number 10. So we decided to have a podorgy and get as many people on as possible. We managed to get on 8 but had to cut it down to 3 at the end. However it was interesting.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 9

Today we talked about the phlatprinter that is live, nitros sliming up the place, as well as to balance or not balance that is the question. ;-) More info go to
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 8

Today our guests where Heather and Ian from Watts up. We had a good chat about everything electric as well as what they are up to and what exciting new stock they are getting in.
NZ Parkflyers author

PF Episode 7

Today we talk about formation flying, cold fingers, landing in tool boxes and of course the plane giveaway. Yes we have two planes to give away to find out more listen to this podcast or visit
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 6

This is just a short one with a very special guest host filling the big shoes of jacko while he is on holiday. Basically it proves you are never two young to enjoy flying.
NZ Parkflyers author

NZ Parkflyers - Episode 5

Tonight we sat alone and discussed some chargers batteries and had a quick visit from one of the parkflying members. That and we announced the up and coming parkflyers shop due to launch soon.
NZ Parkflyers author

Parkflyers Episode 4

Today we talk about cruise missiles and various other interesting things we will have black cars or heli\'s following us for the next few days after this podcast. author

Episode 3 Return of the Sith

Today we talk about the weekend and the great turn out at Lloyd Elsmore. Also we cover the topic of radios, why all the fuss about 2.4G. Plus fellow parkflyer Gareth joins us for a chat.
NZ Parkflyers author

Episode 2

This episode was meant to be structured, however it still worked somehow. ;-) The big announcement is in this one, along with a quick visit from our previous guest. Even in this bad weather we flew find out how. Visit us at
NZ Parkflyers author

Parkflyers episode 1.

This is our first podcast so wish us well. We had our first guest on the podcast so take a listen and see who it is. If it is all mumbled and jumbled we had great fun but we would love to hear from you all. or pay a visit to ...
Parkflyers author