Notnerd Podcast: Practical tech news and tips for the "not nerd"

Putting a "not nerd" filter on nerdy things. Each week we cover topics related to a better technology experience, including practical tech news, tips and tricks. Nate and David aim to filter through all the tech news to bring you just the stuff you need to know.

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Putting a "not nerd" filter on techy things. Are you tired of tech news stories and tips that aren't practical? Well, we are focused on presenting you with the information that matters to the masses. Slightly Apple focused but looking at all the latest and greatest in technology.
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Dulcet Tones for Baton Twirlers

We hit the full gamut of tech news this week, from archiving baton twirling LPs to an online database of nachos, what a time to be alive! Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're also looking for your ProT...

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Once again we have gone through all of the week's tech news to bring you the good stuff. Add to that a great pro tip (ding) from Dave to make your less annoying, some great picks, and the usual witty banter we've got another great episode for you. Make...

Attack Vector Ratio

Just before we recorded the episode Apple announced their new Airpods Pro, we start off with a brief breakdown of what we know about them. Then we get on to the regular plethora of tech news, tips and picks to help you tech better. Make sure to join th...

New Phone, Who 'Dis?

We start off with some follow up on Google's event last week. Then it's on to the usual discussion of tips, news, and picks to help you tech better. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're also looking fo...

After the Aftermath

We wrap up the episode with a quick recap of what Google announced this week. Before that we cover a wide variety of tech news and some great advice on how you can tech better. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech b...

Picks Upon Picks Upon Picks

Well, we made it to 200 episodes! Buckle up, it's a long, wild ride. We celebrate by covering some of our best, and worst picks over the years. You listeners also came through with some great picks of your own. Stick around to the end to hear our very ...

Is That an Echo in Your Pocket?

Yes, Amazon really announced at least 80 new Echo/Alexa related progress. But don't worry we couldn't bring ourselves to discuss them all, we had plenty of other tech news and tips to cover this week. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and le...

Almost a Milestone

Of course, we're still talking about the new Apple stuff, including iOS 13 which most of your devices can upgrade to. But we don't stop there, we've got plenty of Amazon, Facebook, TiVo, and even some NBC tech news for you. Make sure to join the Notner...

Flummoxed, Look It Up

We start off with some gaming talk thanks to Jared. After that we discuss the new stuff from Apple as we continue to learn more about the Watches and iPhones. Plenty of other tech news to get caught up on as well.  Make sure to join the Notnerd Faceboo...

Apple iPhone Event 2019

Apple held its fall iPhone event. They also covered Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Watch, iPad, and more. We go through everything they talked about and give you our first impressions. Let us know if you have any questions. Make sure to join the Notner...

The French Connection

Apple, Microsoft and Google all have new hardware coming soon, but there's no lull in other technology news to cover. From pets, to shoes and even France, we keep you in the know. We also have some hot spreadsheet talk you won't want to miss! Make sure...

Playing the Apple Card

Shopping at Costco with your Apple Watch? Cleaning your Apple Card? Thinking about weaponizing your drone? Listen up to find out what you need to know about these technology-related topics and so much more this week. Make sure to join the Notnerd Faceb...


We've got a wide variety of tech this week from the new Snapchat 3D glasses and Blippi, to looking back at the early versions of popular websites and software, and so much more. There's never a shortage of tech news and tips for us to break down for yo...

Pull Up Your Breaches

As you wait for your invitation to sign up for Apple's new credit card, listen to this episode to find out what is going on in the technology world and some great tips to make the most of the tech in your life. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Gr...

Seymour Buttsss

These days there are no slow weeks in tech news. This one might be a little slower than some but we found some important stories to cover alongside some great tips, tricks and picks to help you tech better! Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group ...

You're Doing it Wrong Son

What other tech podcast spent time talking about 7-11 this week? None that we listened to. We aim to talk about the tech news you care about and get through the other stuff as quickly as possible. Enjoy! Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and...

Many Moons Ago

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 "moon landing" we use the word moon way too much in this episode. We also cover the important tech news of the week and give some very helpful tips to make your digital life a little easier. Enjoy! Make...

Monolithically Integrated InP Optical Flip-Flop

In addition to discussing some great topics this week, our dad joke game was on fleek. Listen up to find out what's going on in tech and how you can use it better. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're ...

I Am Superhuman

A full episode full of stuff this week. Need more description than that? We've got smart home stories, laptop myths, really expensive Airbnbs, 7-11 Japan issues, birthday gifts, and so much more. All in an attempt to help you tech better, enjoy. Make s...

Bias Confirmed

Based on the first 12 minutes you might think the whole episode is about Amazon and Walmart. Much to your dismay we move on to tons of other news about famed industrial designer Jony Ive leaving Apple, Candy Crush, and Trump. Stick around for a great s...

How Not to Do Dumb Stuff

We continue our discussion from last week about the new world of subscribing to everything and what some of our most valuable subscriptions are. After that we have all kinds of technology news and tips including Walmart, child trackers, and Harry Potte...

Mmmbop Depop

Uber is looking to fly everywhere, Target couldn't take your money, and let your inner child come out with all kinds of games and toys this week. If you're looking to keep things a little more boring, we have a 300+ page internet trends report to read ...

Learn Something Fools

It is hard to follow Apple's WWDC announcements which is probably why there wasn't much big news in the world of tech this week. But don't you worry, we have plenty of followup and other tech news to discuss. Enjoy! Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebo...

Episode 182: Apple’s WWDC 2019, It’s Catch Up Time

This week we have a special early episode to cover everything that Apple announced during the 2019 WWDC Keynote Event. They covered what's coming in watchOS, iOS, the new iPadOS, Mac OS and showed off the new Mac Pro! Hear our thoughts and takeaways. H...

Email's a Drag

As we mentally prepare for Apple's big WWDC keynote next week, there's plenty to talk about in the world of technology in this episode. Whether you're a mayor dealing with ransomware, looking for an expensive new/retro handheld gaming device, or needin...

Pour One Out for Grumpy Cat

New cameras, phones, games and one-day shipping coming from Walmart, what more could you want in a podcast? Maybe some bear spray, Bitcoins or Grumpy Cat... We've got it all this week, plus some great picks of the week.  Make sure to join the Notnerd F...

Amazon's Endgame

Nate's back from So Cal and he had plenty of technology-related adventures. While he was swimming with his iPhone, Google and Microsoft had their developer conferences and we discuss what you need to know. Stick around for some great picks of the week ...

Nerds are Gonna Nerd

Recording from Studio B, Nate and Dave bring you another fun episode full of the latest tech news that matters to you and some great tips to help you make the most of the technology in your everyday life. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group an...

Unnecessarily Complicated

We cover a lot of tech news this week, including a new entry into the Trillion dollar valuation club. Of course, we also found some not news, those frustrating stories that are really stretching to get clicks. Some extra pro tips throughout this one to...

The Awkwardness of AirPods

Been reading the Mueller report all week and have no idea what's going on in the world of tech? No worries, we've got you covered in this week's episode. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're also looki...

Pneumatic Tubes

Nate starts off with a product that definitely doesn't need a smart home version. We cover several stories on cord-cutting, video streaming, and entertainment consumption. There's also plenty of other tech news and tips throughout, enjoy! Make sure to ...

Juggernaut Nerd

Not only do we talk about the week's important tech news, but we also cover some food and diet talk this week. Dave also brings a great Pro Tip on how to make searching easier on your iOS device. Stick around for a few great picks of the week and possi...

An Internet of Fools

Dave is back in the studio and shares how technology made his trip a little better. We also cover what little tech news there was over the week and way too many security stories to get caught up on. We finish up with some great picks of the week and a ...

March Apple Event, is it Showtime?

Apple held its big services event on March 25th. Sadly they did not check with Dave's family before scheduling, so he calls in from parts unknown to give his thoughts on Apple's News+, Card, Arcade, and tv+. This is a special short episode this week, b...

Internet Famous

So much technology, so little time. In this episode Dave does some accents, Nate's internet famous, so basically par for the course. Facebook was down, Apple has new stuff, and Harry Potter fans have something to be excited about. If that's not enough ...

Tim Apple Logo

After starting off with some trending topics and an update on our 30-minute guarantee we agree to disagree on whether or not Facebook is worth it. Stick around to the end for possible our tastiest pick of the week yet. Make sure to join the Notnerd Fac...

Black Baize

Try to say Backblaze three times fast, listen this week to hear Nate butcher it many times while talking about our favorite computer backup service. We discuss plenty of interesting tech news this week, and some not so interesting, and we will tell you...

Don't Be a Tech Hermit

Dave professes that he is going to become a tech hermit, but then we spend a lot of time talking about technology and how we use it in our every day lives. A bit of break from the norm this week, we cover all of the big Android announcements from the w...

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Another week, another plethora of tech news, tips, and picks. We cover Amazon, Apex Legends, more Amazon, and even Internet Explorer in this episode, stick around to the end for even more Amazon in the popular random purchase segment. Make sure to join...

30 Minutes or Free

Nate and Dave start off with a new guarantee for the podcast. After that, we have an action-packed episode with plenty of tech news, helpful tips, and cool picks. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're a...

Enterprise: The Wrath of Apple

We start off the episode with some hot Suber Bowl nutrition talk that you won't want to miss. Then it's on to a lively discussion on all of tech news we found this week that you need to know about. Add to that a listener question and some great picks f...

I'm Hooked on a Phishing

There's plenty of great stories to talk about in the world of technology this week. We have some deals, some tips, and a whole lot of donations made by Apple. As always stick around for our picks of the week and the random Amazon purchase made by one o...

Crashing Windows

After a discussion about Nate's car window getting broken and what went missing, we get right into a bunch of technology tidbits for you this week. We even discuss a few listener questions on watching Netflix, home internet and cell phone plans.  Make ...

Too Many Cars, Not Enough Driveway

Well, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is over and we tried to find anything announced there that you might care about or possibly buy. What we found is lots of really expensive products that don't really solve a problem. Lucky for you there is plen...

Marry 'em Webster

Of course, everyone seems to be talking about how 'Apple is Doomed' once again. We talk a bit about that, but there's plenty of other interesting tech news and tips to cover this week as we move into our third year of the Notnerd podcast. Make sure to ...

Baby Step into the New Year

We kick off 2019 with a fun episode what little news there is in tech this time of year. There's also some helpful tip and picks to help you tech better. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're also looki...

Flossing Through the Holidays

The last episode of 2018 is full of great tips, news, and general good times. We cover some of the best and worst tech of 2018 and so much more. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group and let us know how you tech better. We're also looking for yo...

Sole Searching

While some tech podcasts are wrapping up for the year we continue to bring you great content all the way through. Tech news might be slowing down but we have some great tips and recommendations as always. Make sure to join the Notnerd Facebook Group an...

Flying iPad

Have questions about technology? We might have answered them this week as we cover some topics brought up by our great listeners. Before we get to those we have a crazy story about a flying iPad. We also cover the week's important tech news and more. M...

Bleeps and Bloops

This week's episode covers a little bit of everything. From Nate's ongoing cable vs streaming battle, to nostalgia for the Atari and Transformers. Surprise, surprise there was another breach this week, but we follow it up with a feel-good story to clea...