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Apple. Tech. Whiskey. And everything in between.

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Apple. Tech. Whiskey. And everything in between.
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Episode 18 | "Keynote Bingo"

Recorded September 11, 2017Show NotesWe apologize for the poor audio quality of this episode. We did the best we could to clean it up in editing. We'll work to fix it for the next episode.Stephen Hackett's Tweet on LeaksApple Beta ProgramWatch the Keyn...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 17 | "Are We Allowed to Say homeOS?"

Recorded on August 15, 2017Show NotesLandon Buys a New WatchLTE Apple WatchHomePod FirmwareSome iPods Died
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 16 | "Alexa, Buy Me an iPad Pro"

Recorded July 11, 2017.Show NotesLandon broke his iPhoneParth bought an iPad ProScanner ProNeboHow the First iPhone Was CreatedGruber & iPhone 8 PricingWill iPhone 8 have an OLED screen? What about Touch ID?iPhone 8 Problems with SensorsThe First T...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 15 | “Stay Intrigued”

Show NotesRecorded June 19, 2017.Follow-UpApple Pencil Sample RateThe Dock & Split-screen in iPadNew StuffOur first impressions on the 10.5" iPad & ProMotionLandon's Apple StoreParth's Apple StoreHow the iPhone BeganThe One Device (book)Brian M...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 14 | "Turn it up to 11"

Show NotesRecorded June 11, 2017We recap WWDC! 
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 13 | "10 AM Best Coast Time"

Our live show from Apple's WWDC 2017 Keynote.
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 12 | "Extensify"

Show NotesGoogle I/O 2017 Keynote - Full Version & 10 Minute SummaryArtificial IntelligenceGoogle Card for "presidential speech writer salary"Siri search for Presidential Speech Writer SalaryEssentail Phone
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 11 | "The Whiskey Bet"

Show NotesRecorded May 22, 2017.Landon FINALLY checked out the S8+The Whiskey BetWWDC is Mon June 5, 10:00 AM PT. Chat with us and listen live!More iPhone & iPad RumorsNew iPhone Switch AdsNew Macs at WWDC?Rumor: Amazon Prime Video coming to Apple ...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 10 | "Find My AirPods"

Show NotesRecorded May 3, 2017.Find My AirpodsLandon's Broken Apple TV RemoteAirPods User Satisfaction Survey ResultsSiri Canister?Apple CarTest FacilityPeer-to-Peer PaymentsGoogle Maps, Amazon, & eBay Dropped from Apple WatchWindows 10 S & Lap...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 9 | "T-Shirts for Design Snobs"

Show NotesRecorded April 24, 2017.Unbox TherapyWWDC 2015: Craig Federighi Shows off Multitouch in Split Screen on iPadApple's Hiring SpreeGoogle Satellite ExecsNASA Augmented Reality HireJames Bell, formerly of Boeing, Joins Apple's Board (2015)Alphabe...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 8 | "A Disney Apple Cruise"

Show NotesRecorded Monday, April 13, 2017.Waterfield BagsMedium Muzetto MessengerBrown Waxed Canvas Duffel BagThe Backpack I want.... Stout Chocolate Leather on Waxed CanvasThe MacJohn Gruber: The mac Pro LivesiPhone Launch Delayed?Apple Teaming Up wit...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 7 | "#PixelChallenge"

Show NotesRecorded Monday, March 27, 2017.Follow UpLandon Turns A Year OlderNew StuffLandon Wants to Investigate the DarksideLandon & Parth's iMessage ExchangeLandon's Tweet for the #PixelChallengeOur Favorite Features from Today’s UpdatesiOS 11 Wi...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 6 | “Alexa: Where’s my Smart Connector?”

Show NotesRecorded March 21, 2017Follow UpLandon's Trip to HawaiiNew Camera: GoPro HERO5 BlackChromeCast in Hyatt Hotel RoomMacRumors Buying GuideHomeKit Compatible Devices3rd Party Keyboards: Enable Full Access If you Trust ThemAlexa Comes to iPhonePa...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 5 | "Smart Situations in a Dollar Fifty Cup"

Show NotesRecorded Wednesday, March 8, 2017Note that links to products contain Amazon affiliate links. We appreciate your support of the show.Landon's Drink - Glenfiddich 15Parth's Drink - BoilermakerDevicesHue StripsBelkin WeMo Switches & WeMo Out...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 4 | "Squatting & Surfing"

Show NotesRecorded Monday, March 6, 2017Follow UpLandon: Correction: Bozeman Saint James JohnUSB-C or Lightning in new iPhoneParth can't stick to a strict-Overcast dietNew StuffParth Can’t Decide - To iPad or not to iPad?Allison Sheridan's NosillacastM...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 3 | "they took away our Jobs"

Show NotesRecorded Thursday, March 2, 2017OscarsAmazon’s One Mississippi with Tig NotaroCasey Affleck Got No Applause from Oscar Presenter Brie Larson OvercastIn the App StoreHuman Interface GuidelinesOvercast Ad BuySubscribe to Our Show in OvercastGoo...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 2 | "Spoiled Brats"

Show NotesRecorded Monday, February 20, 2017Follow UpIt’s called the iPad Smart ConnectorLandon revisits AirPodsMore wireless charging rumors?Apple Releases iPad Isn’t A Computer AdApple Event Rumored for MarchWWDC Announced & what we Hope to seeGr...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author

Episode 1 | "Hello, World!"

Show Notes: Recorded Wednesday, February 15, 2017The Tweet That Started It All: Lighting Cables: Case - Poly Something - Poly-Carbonate!: mention: ATP.fmMacrum...
Parth Patel & Landon Harris author