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Listen to podcasts of native English speakers to improve your understanding of spoken English in the business environment. Transcripts of each podcast are available for download.

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Listen to podcasts of native English speakers to improve your understanding of spoken English in the business environment. Transcripts of each podcast are available for download.
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Motivating Your Team

Podcast episode 21 is about motivating your team. A common term for this topic in the business world today is employee engagement. Money is an important factor for job satisfaction, but it isn’t the only motivator for employees. In this session we talk...
My English Office author

Managing Change Podcast

In podcast episode 20 we look at different situations in the workplace that can cause stress or anxiety for people and the ways that companies can help to manage these transitions. There are different types of change that can affect organizations: indi...
My English Office author

Getting Ahead Podcast

In podcast episode 19 we talk about getting ahead in business. This includes some tips to help you get noticed by your boss. We discuss five main areas to focus on: 1) training and development; 2) professionalism and courtesy; 3) prioritising and de...
My English Office author

Business Travel Podcast

In this podcast we talk about some of the ups and downs of business travel; from the benefits of being a frequent flyer to the disruptions and issues that have caused problems for business travellers recently. We also focus on the ways that business tr...
My English Office author

Workplace Politics Podcast

This podcast focuses on office politics you may encounter in your work environment. We talk about some of the different workplace situations and how to diffuse potential conflicts. We also look at the different personality types (such as the bully, whi...
My English Office author

Job Search Abroad Podcast

In this podcast we talk about job search advice for people immigratring to Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The advice and information in this podcast is based on our experiences living and working in these countries. A detailed list of helpful We...
My English Office author

Job Search Techniques Podcast

This podcast focuses on new and traditional job search techniques. We discuss social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, TweetMyJOBS, TwitJobSearch as well as our own experiences searching for jobs through professional associations. Watch for the n...
My English Office author

Top Resume Tips Podcast

The August podcast includes top tips for developing your resume for North America, UK and other English speaking countries. Whether you are a recent graduate or a professional looking for a new opportunity, your resume has to grab the attention of recr...
My English Office author

Marketing a Start-up Podcast

There are several creative and branding aspects to consider when you start a business, such as your company name, corporate identity, web site, marketing plan and more. In this podcast you can learn about budgeting for marketing expenses, developing th...
My English Office author

Starting a Business Podcast

If you decide to start a new business, there are some important legal and financial topics to consider. In this podcast you can listen to our discussion about the choices for registering a company and the many different funding options that are availab...
My English Office author

Corporate Events Podcast

Companies typically plan a range of corporate events,such as seminars, training courses, product launches, trade shows, press conferences and AGMs (Annual General Meetings). In this podcast you will hear advice for planning different types of corporate...
My English Office author

Social Networking Podcast

More and more companies are starting to use blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to interact with their customers, keep track of their reputation and quickly react to issues. In this podcast you will hear about some of the social media tools that indiv...
My English Office author

Business Presentations Podcast

If you don't have the opportunity to present in English on a regular basis the thought of speaking in front of an audience may seem overwhelming. In this podcast you will hear some presentation tips and ideas that may help you to improve your public s...
My English Office author

Policies and Procedures Podcast

Every company has rules that help their business run smoothly. Some companies create formal workplace policy documents and others have informal guidelines for employees. In this podcast, Claire and Andy discuss common workplace policies and the ways th...
My English Office author

Proposals and Quotes Podcast

When companies want to buy a product or service they may request quotes, proposals or tenders from a group of suppliers. In this podcast, Claire and Andy discuss the differences between these processes as well as the interesting idioms that English spe...
My English Office author

Business Culture Podcast

Do you travel regularly to English-speaking countries for business meetings? Or maybe you want to move to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the US? In this podcast, Claire and Andy talk about the business culture norms in English-speaking count...
My English Office author

Project Management Podcast

In business, a lot of our time is spent managing or contributing to projects. The success or failure of a project is usually based on several factors including time, money, people, planning and communication. In this podcast Claire and Andy discuss com...
My English Office author

Email Etiquette Podcast

Email is probably the most common communication tool in the workplace today. There are many important differences between the way people speak in person and the way they communicate in emails. In this podcast, Claire and Andy look at at a few tips for ...
My English Office author

Interview Questions Podcast

When you apply for jobs with English-speaking companies, you may want to practice answering some difficult interview questions that employers could ask. In this podcast, Claire and Andy discuss tough interview questions and give you suggestions for ans...
My English Office author

Politely Interrupting Podcast

Business meetings and staff meetings are useful for sharing ideas, making decisions and updating team members. But what can you do if one or two people are doing all the talking? In this podcast, Claire and Andy give their advice for politely interrupt...
My English Office author