American Sign Language is used by as many as 500,000 people in the United States. ASL is a separate language from English with its own vocabulary and grammatical structure. Join me as I teach you some of the basics of this fascinating language. With more than 20 years experience as a sign language instructor, I am eager to share these short video lessons with you.

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A Video Podcast to Help You Learn to Sign
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LearnSigns 35: Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite pronouns are words you use every day even if you didn't know they had such a fancy name. These are words such as all, each, every, and none. There are a bunch of them, but this lesson covers most of the ones you need to know.The postLearnSig...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 34: Vehicles

Sitting at a roundabout in Mexico teaching sign language. How fun!Vocabulary learned in this lesson: Car Truck Bus Train Plane Boat Ship TaxiIf you like the outdoor locations, let me know. I have a few more weeks in the big city of Merida, Mexic...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 33: Farm Animals

When I was thinking through a list of animals I came up with a huge list. I will probably have to do 3 different lessons on animals. This one is a list of farm animals. There could have been a few more, but I will save those and find another list they ...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 32: Books

To celebrate the release of my new ebook, Learning to Sign, I have put together a list of vocabulary that has to do with books.Learning to Sign is currently available at Amazon. I hope to have the Nook version available within the next couple of days.V...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 31: House Keeping

While this episode is about cleaning your house, it is also about taking care of some information I need to tell you about an upcoming book. First the vocabulary.New words learned in this lesson: Clean /Nice / Wash Wash Plate Cup Wash Clothes / Was...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 30: Colors

These are common colors in American Sign Language. Not all the colors known to man are included because not all the colors have a sign. But the basic ones do and you will learn them in this video.Colors learned in this lesson: Color Blue Green Yello...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 29: Fruits

Fruits, as well as food in general, can be one of those groups of signs which vary widely across the US. In this lesson I give you the signs for common fruits that seem to be somewhat consistent in the way they are signed. However, there are a few frui...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 28: Superlatives

After I did the whole video calling these superlatives, I did my homework and found out they are called degrees of comparison. Superlatives and comparatives are the two degrees.The comparative compares one item to another, or a group of items. It tells...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 27: Giving Directions

This lesson is about how to give directions. The concept of how to give directions seems to be difficult for many people. Don't let it discourage you.Remember that the key to giving directions is to give them from your perspective. It is called the sig...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 26: Preposition Usage

In the last lesson we talked about how to sign various prepositions. In this lesson we talk about how to use those signs properly. You can get the list of vocabulary from the other lesson.The main focus of this lesson is the word OF. It is used as an e...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 25: Prepositions

This is a list of common prepositions. There is a big difference in just knowing the signs for the words and using the right sign for the meaning when it comes to prepositions. This lesson focuses on the signs while the next one is focused on the usage...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 24: Doctor’s Office

In the last lesson we talked about different professions. In that we covered doctors and nurses. This follow-up lesson talks about the different things you need to know when visiting the doctor's office. Obviously this doesn't cover everything, but the...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 23: Professions

A short list of jobs or professions. Many can be done with the sign for the verb a person does and then add the person ending to the sign.Vocabulary taught in this lesson: Job, Work Doctor Nurse President Boss / Coach Judge Police Lawyer Soldie...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 22: Ethiopia Photos

I recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia. I was visiting deaf churches and deaf schools. I spent almost 3 weeks in the country visiting some old friends and making new ones.These photos are just a small selection of the people I met and the places I...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 21: Adjectives

This is a list of adjectives.Vocabulary in this lesson: Silly Foolish Wise Smart Sharp (as in a knife) Hard Soft Slow Fast, Quick Ugly Pretty Beautiful Young Old Awake, Surprise, Amaze, Astonish AsleepOther words talked about: Play Run ...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 20: More Feelings

This is another list of feelings. You can see lesson 10 for the first list.Words taught in this lesson: Emotion Expression Upset Eager Jealous Lazy Tired Lonely Guilty Embarrassed ConfusedOther words discussed: King Lord AloneIf you would l...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 19: Holidays

This is a list of major holidays and their signs. As with non-everyday words, there is not a standard way to do most of these signs. Your deaf friends will know this version of these signs even if this is not the way they do them. Have them teach you t...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 18: Verb Tenses

Handling verbs in past, present and future is much easier in sign language than in most spoken languages.Most of the time, context will dictate the tense of a verb. If the person is talking about his vacation to the mountains last week then all his ver...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 17: Thanksgiving Foods

Here is a list of foods you might need for your big Thanksgiving meal this week! Of course, one of the most effective ways to get the food you want is to point. But since your mother taught you not to point and she will also be at the meal with you, it...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 16: Basic Verbs

Along with the scattered verbs you have learned in previous lessons, here is a lesson with some of the more common verbs. As you will learn, many verbs can be guessed at by doing the action that accompanies the verb. This won't work in all cases, but m...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 15: House

A simple lesson dealing with vocabulary from the home. Home House Door Window Chair Table Bed Shower Bathe Bathroom LightThe chart to write out the 5 elements is downloadable as a PDF.The video above is captioned for those needing captioning....
David Peach author

LearnSigns 14: Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns are the ones that talk about me, you and them. They are handled in a systematic and simple way in sign language. You can still express as much with just a few gestures as you can in English, but you don't have to worry about the case ...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 013: Nature

Join me in my back yard this time to learn some nature signs. My current office/video studio is a corner of my unfinished basement. Last week I started doing some work to build walls so that I don't freeze to death this winter while trying to make vide...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 012: Church Signs

These are words that deal with basic church signs. These are not signs talking about different religious groups. I plan to do a separate lesson on that later. These are just basic signs that most churches would use in their services that may not be cov...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 011: Notating Signs

There are 5 elements to most signs. They are: shape, location, movement, orientation and non-manual elements. When you are learning new signs, especially when you don't have a book or video to refer to, you need to write down these 5 aspects for the si...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 010: Feelings

These are signs dealing with feelings or emotions. Feelings Feel Happy Sad Mad Angry Like Don’t like Hate Awful Want Don’t want Love I love you Cry Touch Excited Afraid, Scared Sorry Good BadThe video above is captioned for those ne...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 009: School

These are words related to learning and education; therefore, I entitled the lesson School. However, it isn't as much about the place as it is about the activities done in school while learning.Here is the main vocabulary covered in this lesson: School...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 008: Time

Learning about time. Time What time is it? Day Week Month Year Morning Noon Afternoon Night All day All night Now Today Tomorrow Yesterday Future Past/BeforePlease click the Closed Captioned [CC] button in the video player if you need ...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 007: Spelling Practice

This is a list of words which have common letter combinations. I pulled some words from a longer list of words you can use to practice your spelling with. Try to notice common letter combinations and use them to your advantage for both spelling and rea...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 006: Question Words

Common questions words and phrases used in ASL. Ask/Pray Ask a question Who What Why What for When Where How How much How many Which Because AnswerYou can view the closed captions by clicking the Closed Caption [CC] logo on the video playe...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 005: Family

In this lesson we learn about people in a family. Remember that the masculine signs are at the top of the head and the feminine signs are at the bottom.Vocabulary learned in this lesson: Family Mother Father Boy Girl Brother Sister Baby Son Da...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 004: Greetings

Vocabulary Taught in This Lesson: Hello My name is... My sign name is... What’s your name? How are you? Fine Nice to meet you Where are you from? Please Thank you Excuse me/Pardon me Sorry Yes No ByeYou can view the closed captions if nee...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 003: Numbers

Numbers seem innocent enough, but be careful that you do them properly or you might end up saying 6 when you meant to say 3.Sign language numbers are fun in that you can count all the way up to 999 on one hand. Watch this simple lesson so you can see h...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 002: Fingerspelling

Fingerspelling is an important part of Sign Language. Not only is it important, but it is something that many people struggle with doing well. This lesson contains some tips for fingerspelling properly which will also help you read fingerspelling bette...
David Peach author

LearnSigns 001: The Alphabet

Learning the ASL alphabet is the beginning of learning to sign.Printable alphabet pages and other fingerspelling resources are available.You can view the closed captions if needed by clicking on the Closed Caption [CC] logo on the video player above.[s...
David Peach author