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JC Worldwide follows a wide range of topics including sailboat racing, current events, technology, fitness, sports psychology and life in general. We're curious about everything in the world and beyond. Honestly, we can't take ourselves too seriously, so let's have fun with it!

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JC Worldwide is a show about life, technology, fitness and sailboat racing. We're all people who live in amazing times that are so good we have to discuss it!
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JC Worldwide #18 Lucas Calabrese

Lucas Calabrese won a Bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics and earned his way to the 2016 Summer Olympics sailing the 470 sailboat for Argentina. His career started at a very early age when he won his first World Championship at the age of 12 years...

JC Worldwide #17 Petey Crawford

Back again is the original sailing podcast sidekick, Petey Crawford. After living in South Florida for a couple years, JC is is becoming a confrontational anti-litterer and has had enough of people who drive like Petey. What's the average person's duty...

JC Worldwide #16 Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall has led a volatile life with more ups and downs than Beethoven's best, which he actually wrote a thesis on. Do you think you know who you are and where your place is in the universe? Probably not. Are you smart enough to figure it out? Nobod...

JC Worldwide #15 Grant 'Fuzz' Spanhake

Grant 'Fuzz' Spanhake is a highly technical and successful New Zealand born sailor who has competed in four round-the-world races spanning all the way back to 1985. He's been involved in six America's Cups, winning the Cup in 1992 as a coach for Americ...

JC Worldwide #14 Ben Hall

Ben Hall is a master spar builder who's company, Hall Spars, has worked with many America's Cup teams and is a worldwide leader in carbon composites. He's also a complete A-Class catamaran aficionado and enjoys plenty of personal projects. JC makes his...

JC Worldwide #13 Waterlust

JC heads to the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) on Key Biscayne to discuss all things marine and more with Dr. Patrick Rynne, who earned his PhD from RSMAS in applied marine physics. He and a team of s...

JC Worldwide #12 Groovederci

JC heads to Bermuda to race Marstrom 32s with Andrew Macpherson, Philip Wahrheim and Dan Morris. Andrew "Macca" Macpherson is a second-time JCWW guest who is an Australian mostly known as a leading multihull production manager, Flipper Wehrheim is a pr...

JC Worldwide #11 Colin Page

Colin Page races with JC on the Formula 18 and Nacra 20FCS. They've hit high speeds and have plenty of stories about getting there. Colin is also a full-fledged pro tournament fishing captain and hunter. This episode goes from record beach cat speeds t...

JC Worldwide #10 Mitch Booth

Mitch Booth has earned the title "Legend" over the years, capturing two Olympic Medals, 13 World Championships, 50 Australian Championships and various distance racing records since he started racing multihulls in the '70s. He's been part of controvers...

JC Worldwide #9 Randy Smyth

Randy Smyth needs no introduction. He's won two Olympic Silver Medals in the Tornado Class, has earned at least 50 World and National Championships, The America's Cup, helmed the trimaran in the movie Waterworld, the cat that flipped over in The Thomas...

JC Worldwide #8 Alan Block

Alan "Mr. Clean" Block has been an entertainment lawyer, land development executive, sail training skipper on a classic schooner, adventurer, fisherman, and is now the public face of the worlds most popular sailing website, Sailing Anarchy. This extrem...

JC Worldwide #7 Quique Figueroa

Enrique "Quique" Figueroa is a multiple-time catamaran world champion, Olympian and Puerto Rican sports hero. JC and Quique discuss how Olympic sailing has changed, how to have a 'Hobie Day,' how Quique saved Puerto Rico from erectile dysfunction, dome...

JC Worldwide #6 Andrew Macpherson

Andrew 'Macca' Macpherson is an innovator in the sport of multihull sailing, leading designs such as the Nacra 20 Carbon with curved foils and the fully foiling Great Cup (GC) 32, which is one of the most talked about sailboats of the current foiling e...

JC Worldwide #5 Brad Funk

JC heads to Miami to sit down with U.S. Sailing Team Sperry member, Brad Funk, who's in the midst of a 49er Olympic Campaign with super crew Trevor Burd. They start with sailing and head into everything from spiritualism to their take on ancient aliens...

JC Worldwide #4 Dr. Julio Pardave Jr.

This episode JC welcomes a top Florida PT doctor, Dr. Julio Pardave, who is a chiropractor, acupuncturist and athletic trainer for the U.S. Sailing Team, as well as other professional athletes. JC and Dr. P discuss new and old sports therapy, how chiro...

JC Worldwide #3 Danny Evans

JC welcomes Danny Evans on the show who's a disabled sailor who tells him how disabled people really think, how busted ass Brazilian heavy equipment can change someone’s life forever and how to get kicked off private islands. At some point JC lets out ...

JC Worldwide #2 Petey Crawford

Petey is a top-level videographer and producer in the sailing industry who does multiple duties in the sailing world. He's won a World Championship and has an interesting view on the media world. Petey's been JC's friend for years since they met in Val...

JC Worldwide #1 Bret Moss

JC and Bret sit down to discuss topics from the future of carbon fiber printing/composites (John's future is a little more outlandish than Bret's), foiling sailboats, scary politics and life experiences in auto racing. Although they are both sailors, t...