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Are you addicted to all the free sites (e.g., If this is you, then welcome to the Freebie World. This podcast is designed to inform users of new sites opening up, and old sites closing down, and much more! Tune in today!

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The web's first podcast that contains information on incentive sites.
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2015-09-16 21:44
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2005-10-07 06:07
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Podcast #8 :: Thursday, 10/06/2005

OK, so iTunes keeps messing up the date on my podcast.. I really am posting it on Thursday! In this episode I am in a weird mood, but discuss the news anyway and ask you to donate .. once again.Enjoy!
Rich Gibson author

Podcast #6 :: Wednesday, 9/20/2005

I managed to get this podcast out 1hr before Thursday. In this issue, I cut down the time, and get straight to the point with the news stories. Let me know if you like this new format or not..
Rich Gibson author

Podcast #5 :: Thursday, 9/15/2005

It's now becoming a Thursday podcast! In this issue we have the first ever site-owner interview! This is a special, "you-dont-want-to-miss" episode, so make sure you get this one!
Rich Gibson author

Podcast #2 :: Monday, 8/22/2005

In this podcast I discuss some big changes that happened to Gratis, as well as a site that proves its legitamacy, and a new site opening up. There were alot of background noises in this issue that I plan to eliminate in the next issue.
Rich Gibson author

Podcast #3 :: Tuesday, 08/30/2005

Sorry it's a bit late, my host was down. This is just a message to let you all know there will be a podcast later this week, I am a bit behind schedule.
Rich Gibson author

Podcast 1 :: Tuesday 8/16/2005

In this issue I discuss the changes on Gratis' FreeDesktopPC site as well as the closing of a major network. I also fit in a short bit about the 4free network being either bought over or transferred to a new owner.All this in today's issue.Get it Here!
Rich Gibson author