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This weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything. It airs weekly on our site Friday @ 9pm ET, 02:00 GMT. Tune in live on

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This weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything. It airs weekly on our site Friday @ 9pm ET, 02:00 GMT. Tune in live on
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Insidious #49.5 - Unprepared & Lazy - 02.18.13

On this show, we decide to forge on ahead dispute our unpreparedness and laziness. Because of this we defaulted to our original "anything goes" format, enjoy!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #49 - TV's Slowly Returning - 01.07.13

We talk about movies we watched during the holidays, the upcoming movies of 2013 and whatever TV is actually on at the moment.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #48 - No TV - 12.10.12

Christmas is approaching fast and you know what that means, it's time for TV to take a break! So that means not alot to discuss, we did touch upon Frequency though, plus TMNT, Person of Interest and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #47 - Frequency - 12.03.12

We catch up on two week's worth of Revolution and The Walking Dead and due to American Thankgiving we only had 1 episode of TMNT and Person of Interest to go through. We also had a bunch of off-topic discussions about Arrested Development, Frequency an...
Megascorcher author

Insidious #46 - Talk Worthy - 11.19.12

On this episode Wildmatt tried to improve his synopsis skills while talking about Walking Dead, Person of Interest, TMNT & alot of Revolution.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #45 - 2 Weeks Worth - 11.12.12

We talk about 2 weeks worth of TV, from The Walking Dead, to Person of Interest and Revolution. Also maybe some older stuff and TMNT.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #44 - Restless Dog - 10.29.12

We talk about Arnold's return to Conan, Iron Man 3, TMNT, The Walking Dead and even more TV.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #43 - Too Much, Too Fast, StockPod - 10.22.12

This week we discuss 2 episodes of TMNT and The Walking Dead respectively, then go on to Person of Interest and more TV.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #42 - American Shenanigans - 10.15.12

This week's TV got interrupted by the MLB playoffs and the vice-presidential debate. That did not stop us from talking about Pat Sajack, old game shows, Revolution, South & the most American thing of all Ice Hockey.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #41 - Stupidity For Plots - 10.08.12

This week Techcore joins in to talk about Revolution's stupidity to cause plot lines, Person of Interest's dog Bear, South Park's Fatty Poo Poo, TMNT's Raph rage & more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #40 - New Beginning - 10.01.12

Insidious hops into video podcast mode and has a pretty great start at a new season. The focus is now TV and buy is there alot of it to discuss! Person of Interest, South Park, Animation Domination, Survivor, Revolution and way more shows get talked ab...
Megascorcher author