This weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything. It airs weekly on our site Friday @ 9pm ET, 02:00 GMT. Tune in live on

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This weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything. It airs weekly on our site Friday @ 9pm ET, 02:00 GMT. Tune in live on
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Insidious #49.5 - Unprepared & Lazy - 02.18.13

On this show, we decide to forge on ahead dispute our unpreparedness and laziness. Because of this we defaulted to our original "anything goes" format, enjoy!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #49 - TV's Slowly Returning - 01.07.13

We talk about movies we watched during the holidays, the upcoming movies of 2013 and whatever TV is actually on at the moment.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #48 - No TV - 12.10.12

Christmas is approaching fast and you know what that means, it's time for TV to take a break! So that means not alot to discuss, we did touch upon Frequency though, plus TMNT, Person of Interest and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #47 - Frequency - 12.03.12

We catch up on two week's worth of Revolution and The Walking Dead and due to American Thankgiving we only had 1 episode of TMNT and Person of Interest to go through. We also had a bunch of off-topic discussions about Arrested Development, Frequency an...
Megascorcher author

Insidious #46 - Talk Worthy - 11.19.12

On this episode Wildmatt tried to improve his synopsis skills while talking about Walking Dead, Person of Interest, TMNT & alot of Revolution.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #45 - 2 Weeks Worth - 11.12.12

We talk about 2 weeks worth of TV, from The Walking Dead, to Person of Interest and Revolution. Also maybe some older stuff and TMNT.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #44 - Restless Dog - 10.29.12

We talk about Arnold's return to Conan, Iron Man 3, TMNT, The Walking Dead and even more TV.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #43 - Too Much, Too Fast, StockPod - 10.22.12

This week we discuss 2 episodes of TMNT and The Walking Dead respectively, then go on to Person of Interest and more TV.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #42 - American Shenanigans - 10.15.12

This week's TV got interrupted by the MLB playoffs and the vice-presidential debate. That did not stop us from talking about Pat Sajack, old game shows, Revolution, South & the most American thing of all Ice Hockey.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #41 - Stupidity For Plots - 10.08.12

This week Techcore joins in to talk about Revolution's stupidity to cause plot lines, Person of Interest's dog Bear, South Park's Fatty Poo Poo, TMNT's Raph rage & more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #40 - New Beginning - 10.01.12

Insidious hops into video podcast mode and has a pretty great start at a new season. The focus is now TV and buy is there alot of it to discuss! Person of Interest, South Park, Animation Domination, Survivor, Revolution and way more shows get talked ab...
Megascorcher author

Insidious #39 - End of an Era - 09.17.12

This is the last time you'll hear the show in it's current format. Tune in for those details, but also discuss the upcoming UFC 152 PPV, more Apple drama and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #38 - Rounded Corners - 09.10.12

We talk about upcoming MMA events, Armored Kill, the upcoming TV season and the whole Apple vs. Samsung debacle.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #36 - GSP and JCVD - 08.20.12

On this week's show we talked about Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman, The Expendables 2 and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #37 - Blaming Bones - 08.27.12

We talk about of bunch of TV shows like Breaking Bad and Big Brother. We also gave our thoughts on the UFC 151 cancellation.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #35 - Nerd Marriage

Today we talk about Fan Expo Canada, David Hayter, Breaking Bad, Big Brother, tech news and we argue about which cartoon is the best ever.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #34 - Naughty Korea

We discuss the Olympics and some controversy, Breaking Bad, Big Brother, fake Facebook accounts, one of the best UFC events ever and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #33 - Not So Fast

Wildmatt and Stiner discuss Chef Ramsey's busy schedule, predict UFC on Fox 4, Big Brother is okay and Breaking Bad is awesome and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #32 - Plenty of Movies

Not only does the usual cast of characters make it in today, but Kurbzz joins in this week as well. We discussed many things on this week's show, such as, The Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Ted, Breaking Bad, Big Brother, UFC 149 and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #31 - Unscripted

Wildmatt, Techcore and Adem Stiner forge on without any written references and manage to discuss Big Brother, MMA action and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #30 - Sonnen Sorrow

Wildmatt was depressed about the UFC 148 results, Techcore wants quad-core phones in North America and Stiner enjoys it when chef Ramsey says cow.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #29 - 2 Men a Lady and a Half Show

We talk about cloud gaming, Vivendi selling off Blizzard Activision, Baseball, UFC and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #28 - Surprise Conferences

Wildmatt and Stiner returned this week to discuss the 3DS XL, iPad games, 2 UFC events, the Microsoft Surface and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #27 - Diablo 3, J-Pop And The Rock

On this week's show we had a PAX Jax giveaway, talked about TV season finale week, MMA galore and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #26 - We Love Mondays

This week's show featured plenty of fail on our part, although we worked through it to discuss alot of things. We touched upon UFC, Google maps, exoskeletons, plenty of TV and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #25 - We Hate Mondays

This week's episode of Insidious is it's last... Well, it's last time to be on Fridays, since we're moving to Mondays next week. We talked about Wildmatt's crazy plans to make a game, Techcore loves Casket and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #24 - Lost Again

Wildmatt, Techcore and Adem Stiner discuss whatever the hell they feel like, such as The Ultimate Fighter, UFC on Fox, music, The Pirate Bay, Lost and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #23 - Trolling Lost

On this week's edition of Insidious, Kurbzz attempts to talk about Game of Thrones, Tenacious D's leak, Nexon buying EA and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #22 - Slow Poke

We celebrate everyone's birthdays, talk about Game of Thrones and Legend of Korra. We also took some calls and gave away stuff!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #21 - BrokeStation

We giveaway beta and game keys, talk about Game of Thrones and Kurbzz's PS3 is broken.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #20 - Cancelled

We talk about TV cancellations, Game of Thrones' 2nd season, nanotechnology and more. We also revealed the winner of the March Steam give-away contest.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #19 - TMNA

Wildmatt, Kurbzz and Techcore gabbed about The Walking Dead season 2 finale, Micheal Bay's TMNT movie, TUF:Live and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #18 - 39 Jump Street

Wildmatt, Kurbzz and Techcore had plenty of entertaining news to discuss. We gave our thoughts on the newly released 21 Jump Street, talked about the shocking death in The Walking Dead and got all opinionated about the CBS Interactive acquisition of Gi...
Megascorcher author

Insidious #17 - No This Isn't TUF

Wildmatt and Techcore were without Kurbzz this week and discussed the usual bunch of random stuff. A bunch of people came to the livestream looking for The Ultimate Fighter which we, of course, did not have.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #16 - Sexual Harassment

Wildmatt, Kurbzz and Techcore discuss the news of the week such as, Cross Assault sexual harassment, PS Vita trophies, UFC results and predictions, Walking Dead and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #15 - Changing Numbers

Wildmatt and Kurbzz are joined by Techcore who are taking calls, discussing racisms, sexism and anything with an ism at the end. We talked about UFC 144, The Walking Dead, Killzone 3 and other stuff, so tune it!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #14 - Race Wars

Wildmatt and Techcore take calls, talk TV, UFC, race wars and more; all this in the first episode of 2012.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #13 - Finales

We touched upon the TV finales of the week such as Terra Nova and Survivor, then we went into a whole SOPA thing and talked about Floyd Mayweather Jr. jailed.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #12 - Relevance

Wildmatt and Techcore discuss the Spike Video Game Awards, Person of Interest and much more. We also have a heated argument over the relevance of music vs. video games.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #11 - Canadian Bands

Wildmatt and Techcore talk about UFC, a great Battlefield 3 moment, Person of Interest and Canadian Bands better than Nickleback.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #10 - Moving On

The first week of December is usually where TV drops off the radar; however, with the few new episodes, came great television. We talked about Walking Dead's mid-season finale, classic cartoons, Bethesda and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #9 - Offline

We had a good show with less content this week because of American Thanksgiving. That means there's less TV to talk about, but we still managed to pull one off, despite all this and live streaming difficulties.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #8 - Basically

Wildmatt and Techcore discuss TV, Video Games, UFC and Technology. We had no calls this week, due to a dumbass mistake by Matt, who also says "basically" alot.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #7 - Interrupted

Wildmatt, Kurbzz and Techcore are back for another week of randomness. We touched upon the new Xbox rumours, UFC on FOX, Television and more. So take a listen, we are live every Friday night at 9pm ET.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #6 - Overrated

Wildmatt, Kurbzz and Techcore return for another week of crazy random topics. We talking about Batman Arkham City, which Wildmatt thinks is overrated, we then discussed TV such as The Walking Dead and moved on the UFC and took some calls.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #5 - Broken Language

Wildmatt and Techcore are back taking your calls and talking randomness! We discussed Uncharted 3, Walking Dead, UFC 137 predictions and we had a heated argument over broken languages. All this stuff, plus many more, so tune in every Friday night to li...
Megascorcher author

Insidious #4 - Cold Shots

The call-in show about anything is back on it's Friday timeslot. We discussed the promotional subway tie-in Uncharted 3 multiplayer demo, technology enthusiasts who like to bitch, Person of Interest, Breaking Bad season finale and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #3 - Bitchin'

The call-in show about anything is back on it's Friday timeslot. We discussed the promotional subway tie-in Uncharted 3 multiplayer demo, technology enthusiasts who like to bitch, Person of Interest, Breaking Bad season finale and more.
Megascorcher author

Insidious #2 - Game of Thrones

The call-in show about anything returns for a special Thursday show, right before Thanksgiving in Canada! We discussed Battlefield 3, Game of Thrones, Terra Nova and more!
Megascorcher author

Insidious #1 - Resurrection

The debut show featured the resurrection of Kurbzz! We talked about a lot of things, because that's how this show rolls. What else did you expect a show about anything to be about? We talked about Battlefield 3, Lion King 3D, Gears of War 3 and more.
Megascorcher author