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Jace and Josh host the show Fresh Geek Context, an hourly bi-weekly podcast where their favorite topics are discussed in detail as well as educational insight so everyone can join in on the fun.

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Hosts Jace & Josh get nerdy on this podcast and give a refreshing look on the things you already know and love.
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Episode 79: Retro Grade

We review Lion King, Aladdin re-release, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Luigi's Mansion!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 78: Weekend Updates

Jace & Josh go through some updates from Marvel Studios, a very long Disney+ trailer, Matrix 4 news and more.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 77: Joker Review

Jace & Josh review the latest DC film Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix and we talk about Spider-Man's return to the MCU.
Jace Rockland author

Special Episode 5: Blink-182 Nine Album Review

In this special episode, we have Mike from and we review Blink-182's latest album Nine. We talk about the tracks we love, what we didn't and music in general.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 76: Catching up

Jace & Josh return with summaries of all the things that end the summer season like our 3 year anniversary, a potential list of Disney+ shows and a Sega Genesis mini review!
Jace Rockland author

Hate Crime Movie Special Interview

Jace and Josh interview director Stephen Esteb and actress Amy Redford from the indie movie Hate Crime.
Jace Rockland author

Special Episode 4: Hate Crime Movie Review

Jace & Josh are excited to review a new indie film titled HATE CRIME.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 75 Part 1: The Disney/Sony Spat

The first part of Episode 75 talks about the latest in the Disney/Sony spat, the Matrix announcement and Gamescon!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 74: A fast and furious discussion

We have a fast and furious discussion over the latest installment of the series (we're not furious over this movie). We also talk Disney+ bundle pricing, Kevin Conroy and Andy Serkis with Venom 2. Enjoy!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 73: Disneys’ Dominion

We talk about Lion King and Marvel's Phase 4 announcement in this episode.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 72: A Spider Story Part 2

Two part podcast episode: part 1 we talk about Toy Story 4 and the next episode, part 2 we talk about Spider-Man Far From Home.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 72: A Spider Story Part 1

Two part podcast episode: part 1 we talk about Toy Story 4 and the next episode, part 2 we talk about Spider-Man Far From Home.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 71: E3 2019

We discuss the highlights of E3 2019 games and platform announcements.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 70: Aladdin & Godzilla Movie Review

This episode has not one but two movie reviews: Aladdin (2109) & Godzilla: King of the Monsters.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 69: Dead Pika

Fresh Geeks! New episode about Detective Pikachu, Spiderman trailer, Batman casting rumors and more!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 68: Sonic Whiplash

We have a new episode talking about the Sonic trailer backlash, Endgame results and Peter Mayhew.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 67: Avengers Endgame Review

The end is here, Fresh Geeks! Avengers Endgame is out and we review it with guests Alex from Geeks + Gamers and Noah!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 66: Pre-Recordation

We're bad at predicting the future. This episode is pre-recorded before live studio audience of two people. We talk about the limitations of the MCU. Dated information about Disney + & we rank the current Marvel movies before Endgame
Jace Rockland author

Episode 65: Catching up

Hey everyone! Small episode of us catching up with some news. We talk about the movie Us by Jordan Peele, Kingdom Hearts 3 and some trailers!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 64: Disney, you son of a Gunn

We talk about Disney's Fox deal, James Gunn returning, and Google's Stadia.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 63: Captain Marvel Movie Review

We have that movie that everyone's talking about: Captain Marvel. We also talk news about Kingdom Hearts 3, Dark Phoenix and some other news.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 62: Cold Nostalgia

Jace and Josh review some of the newest trailers as well as some departures like Ben Affleck and the rest of Netflix's Marvel series Jessica Jones and Punisher.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 61: Super Saiyan Disney feat. 4T

We're back finally! We talk about Dragon Ball Super Broly with returning guest 4T, then we talk news about Disney.
Jace Rockland author

Interview Special 3: Alissa Roca

Prepare yourselves for the third interview special with special guest Alissa Roca, opera singer, cosplayer and video gamer.
jca90 author

Episode 60: Blind Tech

Jace and Josh talk about CES 2019 and the movie Bird Box.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 59: At Year’s End

Jace and Josh discuss Aquaman and wrap up 2018.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 58: Into the Endgame

Fresh Geeks! We talk about Avengers: Endgame trailer. We also review Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Jace Rockland author

Episode 57: Hakuna Ma-Marvel

Jace & Josh talk Lion King, Disney+ and Daredevil!
Jace Rockland author

Episode 56: Thank You, Stan Lee

Jace & Josh talk about the passing of Stan Lee. We also review the sequel to Fantastic Beasts.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 55: A Slasher in the Rough

Jace & Josh talk about old flicks Psycho and Aladdin as well as other news.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 54: Frightful Delights

Jace & Josh review Hocus Pocus and Halloween (2018).
Jace Rockland author

Episode 53: The Spider-Men

Jace and Josh review Spiderman PS4 and Venom.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 52: Pickup

This episode features news on Henry Cavill, Spiderman for PS4, Captain Marvel and more!
Jace Rockland author

Interview Special 2: Ciara Wardlow

Jace interviews Ciara Wardlow on her article written on Film School Rejects about Rey from Star Wars.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 51: SNICK

Jace and Josh take another trip down nostalgia lane with SNICK and discuss news.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 50: The Big 5-oh

We've reached 50 episodes! This episode contains Marvel news and reviews!
Jace Rockland author

Interview Special 1: VegettoEX

In this special interview, Jace & Josh interview Mike aka VegettoEX from Kanzenshuu with questions about him, his work on the DragonBall community and more.
Jace Rockland author

Guest Episode: Reel Fun Part 2

The second part of our guest episode Reel Fun
Jace Rockland author

Guest Episode: Reel Fun Part 1

The first part of our guest episode Reel Fun
Jace Rockland author

Episode 49: The Incredibly Fallen Kingdom Part 2-2

Jace & Josh review not one, but two movies: The Incredibles and Jurassic World. They're both sequels.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 49.1: E3 2018 Recap

Jace & Josh recap the announcements from E3 2018.
Jace Rockland author

Episode 48: Solo opinions

Jace & Josh do two reviews, God of War & Solo.
Jace & Josh author

Episode 47: Ups & Downs and Deadpool too

Jace & Josh review Deadpool 2. They also talk about the pros and cons of tech in the lives we live.
Jace & Josh author

Episode 46: Avengers Infinity War Review featuring Alex Gherzo

Destiny has arrived. Jace and Josh with guest Alex review Infinity War as well as other nerdy things!
Jace & Josh author

Episode 45: Rampage Movie Review

Jace & Josh review Rampage and some interesting news about Grand Theft Auto 5.
Jace & Josh author

Episode 44: Ready Player One

Ready? In this episode, Jace & Josh talk about games from the real ones on consoles to movies on the silver screen.
Jace & Josh author

Episode 43: Tech Monsters Uprising

Jace & Josh review Pacific Rim Uprising, Facebook scandal and current events!
Jace & Josh author

Episode 42: Who has a pet mongoose?

Jace & Josh talk Nintendo, movie trailers and Jessica Jones Season 2!
Jace & Josh author

Episode 41 Part 1: Black Panther Movie Review

This episode got lost in the space time continuum, we had to get Dr. Strange's Time Stone to help. Jace & Josh review Black Panther!
Jace & Josh author

Episode 41 Part 2: The Fresh Geek Paradox

Okay... we have a serious time paradox! One would say a Cloverfield Paradox! A movie review!
Jace & Josh author