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FPV LIFE is a Live and Interactive YouTube stream and Podcast. Hosted on the Vek FPV YouTube channel, we discuss all things FPV; freestyle and racing drones, events and the community. We interview all the players in the FPV Scene... The best Pilots, tech Developers and most importantly...you! Interact with the show by engaging in the live youtube chat to ask guests anything you want!

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FPV LIFE is a Live and Interactive YouTube stream and Podcast. Hosted on the Vek FPV YouTube channel, we discuss all things FPV; freestyle and racing drones, events and the community. We interview all the players in the FPV Scene... The best Pilots, tech Developers and most importantly...you! Interact with the show by engaging in the live youtube chat to ask guests anything you want!
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1.09.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/a/4/2/2/a422fd2058fd0437/20677078_10159026398380316_1835075714_o.png

Episode 51 ft. Joshua Bardwell, Zoroe & Botgrinder

FPV Life returns from hiatus with Random FPV at the reigns! Vek chats about the future of the show and Bardwell, Zoroe and Botgrinder join to discuss various FPV topics such as content creation.
9.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/a/4/2/2/a422fd2058fd0437/20677078_10159026398380316_1835075714_o.png

Episode 50 ft. FU-RC

We chat with Chris from FU-RC about the design and manufacturing processes of products old and new such as their moulded carbon fibre frames, single bolt motors, and 4S2P batteries. Tune in to hear about how FU-RC was sabotaged from the inside!
2.12.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/a/4/2/2/a422fd2058fd0437/20677078_10159026398380316_1835075714_o.png

Episode 49 ft. Trappy & Snake - Long Range/Crossfire

All your crossfire questions answered straight from the source! Flight time, antenna mounting, frequency selection, Crossfire troubleshooting, dos and don'ts are all covered Listen to hear why Trappy loves long range, or why Snake can't fly without the...

Episode 48 ft. The Hosts of The FPV Show - GAPiT, Blue, and Dirt

Joined by Le Drib and Chad Kapper, this iconic trio discuss with Vek their approach to podcasting and how the two podcasts complement each other. GAPiT reveals his secrets to smooth flying, as well how many M&Ms will give you the same energy as a L...

Episode 47 - Are clones ruining the hobby? ft. Joshua Bardwell

Featuring a wide range of subjects such as whether clones are detrimental to the hobby, preventative measures against cloning, and the difference between clones and OEM rebrands, this episode ensures you're gonna learn something today! Bruce Dally also...

Episode 46 - Hammering Steele ft. Team BMS & FinalGlideAus

Coming off the high of the MultiGP international open, our guests chat about the event and many of the recent controversial topics in FPV. We hear about how Thomas handles racing nerves, his thoughts on Start stands, and his spec quad choices, as well ...

Episode 45 ft. A_Nub

After a surprise visit from Wild Willy, the two DRL veteran pilots turn this episode into comedy gold, alongside insider info into other DRL pilots, X-Class and gear. Tune in to hear A_Nub's perfect NASA ground control impression!

Episode 44 - Tiny Whoop ft. Jesse Perkins

Tiny Whoop team pilots come to discuss the origin story of the company, how to building dive with a Tiny Whoop, and the best flight controller choice for a micro. Tune in to hear about how many whoops Jesse has lost, as well as about the infamous Tiny ...

Episode 43 ft. Botgrinder, Le Drib & Chad Kapper

FPV Court is in session! What is the Botgrider guide to ruining the hobby? And Where did Charpu go?   Listen to learn about hypetrain hopping!

Episode 42 ft. Onigiri & kViN

What's it like to be a female in FPV? Why move to Australia? How can we make FPV a spectator sport? What is the hardest part about editing? All will be discussed and more. Listen to see if Onigiri thinks kViN 'tiny whoops' ;)

Episode 41 ft. Chad Nowak & Vik Lanning

Full of many different topics, from how to transition from parks to bandos, to how to collect and manage footage for a video, to goals in FPV, this episode is not one to miss! Have a listen to hear the meaning of 'chicken sandwich' as well as what the ...

Episode 40 ft. The FPV Life Audience

You're the star of the show! Listen as the FPV Life community comes together to chat about various topics from how to prevent over regulation, to whether our equipment should be standardised. Listen to hear what we decided will be the next 'game change...

Episode 39 - MultiGP ft. Chris Thomas & Joe Scully

Tune in to hear all about the upcoming International Open by MultiGP, spec racing, and even potential plans for a MultiGP world championship.

Episode 38 ft. Nurk (Bulbufet)

We hear about Paul's experience with DRL, his personal gear, and his pre-race ritual. FPV Capitalism and commercial drone use are among some of the other topics of discussion. Check out this episode to find out why Random is giving his kid steroids...

Episode 37 ft. Project Blue Falcon

We chat about the beginnings of JC's channel, the new 32 Bit ESCs, the Runcam Split, Radio preferences, as well as some of JC's own designs! Check out this episode to hear how the channel got it's name!

Episode 36 - The FPV Life Quiz!

How well do you know FPV Life? Think you've got what it takes? Listen as Vek and Vex guide the audience through an interactive Quiz via Kahoot.it

Episode 35 ft. Chris from Armattan

Hear about upcoming Armattan products, the extent of their lifetime warranty, Aramttan team pilots, and Chris gives away a fully built Chameleon!  Check out this episode to hear about the origin of the Armattan brand!

Episode 34 ft. Trappy

A jam packed episode with many topics such as updates on TBS gear (Such as Racetracker, Crossfire, Unify) as well as the Drone Squad app, and more. Tune in now to hear how Trappy got into FPV!

Episode 33 ft. Johnny FPV

Racing or Freestyle? Why not both! We chat about what it takes to make good FPV videos, Johnny's upcoming custom gear, and his Air Hogs sponsorship. Listen to hear why Johnny has abandoned the soft mounted motors!

Episode 32 - RaceFlight ft. Preston & Le Drib

"I want everyone out there that like being on the bleeding edge of this hobby to help us build something that is going to be truly the best it can be" Things start off breezy with a discussion about RaceFlight's 'Glue Mode' and RF's user interface. How...

Episode 30 ft. Konasty

Konasty is renowned for his tech vlogs and unique style. We talk about his approach to Quads as well as YouTube, from how he started to where he is now, as well as what Konasty sees for the future of mini quads. Why does Konasty prefer 6"? What are the...

Episode 31 ft. Wizwooky

We chat to ex-host of Quadtalk to work through the drama of the fallout between the two hosts, as well as Wiz's new show, and his approach to managing podcast content and funds. Tune in to see a completely different kind of freestyle!

Episode 29 ft. Wild Willy

Nick Willard comes on the show to discuss his experience with DRL, the Quadtalk fallout, and his thoughts on Simulators. Listen now to find out why Nick prefers RaceFlight!

Episode 28 ft. ZeroGroundFPV - CheFPV, 32 Bits of Gil & R1B4Z01D

With Vek away for this episode, RandomFPV takes the reins. Together, they chat with the FPV group ZeroGroundFPV about everything from MultiGP, to what it means to be a sensible pilot, to all things DRL. We also hear about how one of the guests proposed...

Episode 27 ft. Bolt RC, RekRek, Waffle FPV & Webb FPV

We chat with Bolt and his team pilots and discuss the many facets of designing a frame, such as aerodynamics and carbon choice, and find out who won the two Kraken 7's and the 2 sets of Worx motors!

Episode 26 ft. Mr Steele

We chat to one of the first major celebrities in the world of mini quads. The FPV Life crew and Steele discuss the direction of Steele's YouTube channel and Mini Quad career, as well as his involvement with Rotor Riot.   Steele also offers insight ...

Episode 25 ft. Shea Ivey (La Forge) and Bruce Dally (UBAD)

We discuss the past present and future of the La Forge products and give away a free La Forge Diversity rx as well as a crossfire antenna! Tune in to hear all about the development process and production decisions that went into making the La Forge the...

Episode 24 ft. Le Drib

We chat to the popular drone vlogger, discussing the many facets of what it means to be a YouTube creator of this genre.  Join us on this episode to hear about freedom of creativity on YouTube, finding the balance between vlogging and flying, dealing w...

Episode 23 ft. Davis, Djon & JBlade from Dquad

Listen now to hear about the unique frame that is the DQuad Obsession, and the process the team went through to refine the frame. Boris B also sneaks in a cheeky cameo at the end!

Episode 22 - The lead up to a 24 hour stream - ft. Kathleen Hickey & Chad Nowak

  This podcast features the lead up to Chad's 24 hour take-over of the stream. Tune in to hear about how we can get girls interested in FPV, how to improve your social media influence and also... what it means to be FPVegetarian???  

Episode 21 ft. John Cotterill from Quadracer, Tilted FPV & Kai FPV

We talk to the Australian frame designer and his team pilots and discuss the design behind an interesting Quadracer frame, the Kagami, as well as interesting elements of design such as vertical arms, carbon fibre quality and foam-core carbon fibre. Che...

Episode 20 ft. Boris B, Dominic Clifton & Metal Danny

We chat to three people that were instrumental in the early and current development of miniquads. We talked about the progression of Betaflight and Cleanflight, the development of flight controllers and the process of turning an idea into code. Tune i...

Episode 19 ft. Chad Kapper

Chad is the mastermind behind the production of Rotor Riot. We discussed the process behind making an episode and dealing with criticism. Chad also revealed his plans for a new group of Rotor Riot pilots. Tune in now to find out what Chad's favourite F...

Episode 18 - Trappy vs. Joshua Bardwell

After some arguments in the deep dark comment section of YouTube, Trappy and Joshua Bardwell come together to resolve their differences, referreed by Vek. Thankfully, no one was harmed in the making of this podcast. To get in on a great discussion abou...

Episode 17 ft. Boris B & Joshua Bardwell

We bring together two very influential and complimentary members of the FPV community, the mastermind and the educator of Betaflight. Covering a wide range of topics from DShot, to Gyros to Raceflight, this episode is not to be missed!

Episode 16 ft. FPVLeo & Harry FPV

We talk to two cheeky FPV Freestyle pilots from the UK- friends of BanniUK.

Episode 15 ft. Ummagawd, StingersSwarm & Skitzo

The guys had been out on the road filming for Rotor Riot and were ripping packs in a car park. We only had a short time with the guys as they wanted to fly. After they leave, Vek talks about his first experiences with the Connex Prosight and Avegant Gl...

Episode 14 ft. Trappy

The man behind Team Black Sheep, Trappy has been known for bringing to market a range of awesome quad electronics, and he also has a bit of a dark past with FPV which he shares with us!

Episode 13 - General Chat & Viewer Questions - Vek, Snake & Snyder

We talk all things drone gear and answer live viewer questions, after Mattystuntz had to miss a show.  

Episode 12 ft. BMS Thomas & BMS Web

At just 17, Thomas Bitmatta has been all over the racing scene! He took home first place in both the freestyle and racing event at the Australian Drone Nationals 2016 and has many racing achievements under his belt. We discuss his journey, quad gear an...

Episode 11 ft. Snake

We chat with Justin Power, a dedicated and talented Freestyle pilot who is meticulous about finding epic locations to fly. He publishes his videos on his well known YouTube channel. We discuss how Snake hunts for epic spots and many of his tips and tri...

Episode 10 ft. Bapu FPV

The very talented pilot Bapu has been around in the scene for a while, displaying impressive skills in both the freestyle and racing scene including competing in the Drone Racing League (DRL). We discuss his experiences competing in the World Drone Cha...

Episode 9 ft. StingersSwarm

Kevin Dougherty is a well known in the FPV community for both his educational videos and incredible flying skills. The newest member of the Rotor Riot crew, we discuss his adventures, Drone tech and more.

Episode 8 ft. NytFury

Sean Taylor switched from a full time career as a Fire Fighter to chase his dream of being a professional FPV Pilot. Sean has won many events and took home the 2016 World Drone Champion in Hawaii. He often flies more than 100 batteries a day! We discus...

Episode 7 ft. Joshua Bardwell

Josh is a well known in the FPV community for his educational videos on his Youtube channel. We discuss quad gear, Betaflight and much more.

Episode 6 - Go Pro Unboxing. Warning - Very visual episode, best seen on YouTube.

In this unique episode, Vek and Snake talk HD cameras, as Vek unboxes the all new GoPro Hero Session 5. This episode is best watched on YouTube.

Episode 5 ft. FinalGlideAus & Strepto

We chat with Chad Nowak from Rotor Riot and Mark Cocquio (Strepto), two pioneers of the FPV Life. We cover a range of topics from race organisation, to sponsorship, to propellers and much more!

Episode 4 ft. Webb, Ghost & RekRek

We chat all things FPV featuring some of Australia's best!

Episode 3 ft. StingX

We chat about all things FPV!

Episode 2 ft. VonQuad

Featuring a host from another FPV podcast that we all know and love, Quadtalk!