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The music business is rapidly changing! Technology has transformed the way musicians record, promote and distribute their music. The internet has also changed the way fans discover and listen to the music they love. In light of these changes, being a do-it-yourself musician can be a daunting task to say the least. With the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast, we hope to tread the murky waters of the indie music world and provide an added tool for your musical journey. Born out of their daily work with artists at CD Baby, Kevin, Chris, and the Bolt work to educate and encourage artists while building community among fellow musicians. The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with promoters, lawyers, publishers, bookers, and artists of all styles and backgrounds. Kevin and the gang will also share tips, tricks, breaks, and mistakes---all in the name of being indie. Join us!

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A Music Business Resource for Indie Musicians Everywhere!
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#242: 5 things you need to know about mastering that have nothing to do with audio engineering

Music mastering can be the mysterious and stressful punctuation at the end of your creative recording process. Or it can bring out the best in your music, making it ready for streaming, CD, or vinyl. What should you expect in the mastering process? An...

#241: Building a story into your marketing plan

Musicians are natural storytellers, but for some reason we don't apply that  talent to our music marketing. The best music marketing conveys a story that makes someone want to DO something with your music. In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about h...

#240: Target audiences - How to dominate in a niche market

The world’s most successful artists, brands, and companies have one thing in common: They understand their true fans. If you want to build a sustainable, thriving music career, you've got to understand how to work with target audiences. This session, ...

#239: 7 things we just learned about pursuing a music career

You can learn a thing or two (or seven) when you hang out with 1000+ DIY musicians for an entire weekend. In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk through their "takeaways" (which is an annoying word for "lessons") after the 2019 DIY Musician Conference ...

#238: DIY Musician Podcast Live – Crowdfunding is dead. What's next?

Once upon a time crowd funding (or fan funding) offered artists the illusion of musical streets paved with gold, all paid for by their adoring fans. Fast forward to today, where many artist have hitchhiked down that hard road only to discover it's ful...

#237: 6 months of music news in 60 minutes

Catch up on the first half of 2019's big music stories in less than an hour! Kevin and Chris talk through a number of recent news items that relate to independent music-makers. Plus, listener calls and emails that will blow your mind!

#236: The 7 most important things to know about distribution in the streaming era

Musicians make a lot of assumptions about what it means to "distribute" a track or album. In the wake of Spotify jumping out of the distribution game (almost as quickly as they jumped in), what should you look for in a long-term distribution partner? ...

#235: 5 things that can crush the soul of musicians (and how to avoid them)

A life in music is full of high highs and low lows — but being down doesn't mean you have to stay down. In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about five common ways musicians get discouraged, and how to prepare your comeback every time!

#234: The 2019 DIY Musician Conference preview

3 days could change the course of your whole music career. In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss what sets the DIY Musician Conference apart from other industry events, and they preview some of the sessions, workshops, and opportunities they think ...

#233: Building a powerful setlist

Are listeners leaning in at your gigs, or are they tuning you out? There are many ways to build a solid set list, but lots of ways to lose your audience too. In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about the different kinds of sets musicians perform, an...

#232: Before you choose your artist or band name, listen to this!

Good band names are hard to come by. Before you decide what you’re going to call yourself as an artist, listen to this episode. Kevin and Chris list a number of common problems with band names, how to avoid them, and WHY your artist name can spell the...

#231: Creating a livestream experience with your fans

Live-streaming gives you as a DIY musician a consistent, low-cost way to reach listeners on huge social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more. You can also format your broadcasts in a number of ways: concerts, talking about your songs, AM...

#230: Have your say - what musicians want to know pt 2!

In this listener feedback episode, Kevin and Chris answer emails and calls from DIY musicians who are wondering how to market their music in the streaming world, how to brand themselves, how to make sure every sale counts, and more. Plus, news about A...

#229: How to build your list and make a profit giving away your music

In this live taping of the DIY Musician Podcast, CD Baby’s Kevin Breuner and Chris Robley compare notes on how they launched and managed their “Free + Shipping & Handling” campaigns to give away their newest CDs for free — while STILL making a pro...

#228: How to find a producer that won't drive you mad

A good producer can turn your songs into masterpieces. But a bad producer can ruin more than just your recordings. They can sap your self-confidence, wreck your reputation, and exhaust your energy and bank account. In this episode, Kevin and Chris giv...

#227: Marketing trends to watch in 2019

The foundations of music marketing stay pretty solid: capture attention, offer value, lead listeners on a journey from awareness to action. But the house you build on that foundation is always shifting. What older marketing strategies still work for m...

#226: The new way to market you music!

At CD Baby, we are always looking for new and innovative ways for artists to market and promote their music. That’s why we’re happy to announce  Spotify audio ads and banner ad targeting as a new additions to our marketing platform. In this ep...

#225: 25 ways you're sabotaging your music career

Are you standing in the way of your own success? In this episode Kevin and Chris talk about 25 kinds of self-sabotaging artist. Are you one of them? Listen in to make sure you’re not creating obstacles in your music career.

#224: Have your say, Pt 2 — what MORE musicians want to know…

As we close out 2018, we have another episode dedicated (mostly) to our listeners, where DIY musicians call and email with great questions and tips! “Mostly” dedicated, because the episode begins with Kevin and Chris sharing some of the successful thi...

#223: Have your say - what musicians want to know!

Our listeners ask great questions, so we thought we'd do a whole episode taking calls and emails from DIY musicians, and then try our best to provide answers that aren't bonkers. Plus, inspirational film and podcast recommendations that will help you ...

#222: Tips to promote your music in the holiday season (2018 edition)

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to crank up your music promotion efforts and try something new and different to engage your fans. In this episode, Kevin and Chris share their holiday promotion ideas and tips that take advantage of this s...

#221: 8 music myths you need to leave behind

Time to say goodbye to a few false assumptions that have been holding you back! The music industry has stayed loyal to some really destructive myths, so it’s always great to see when independent artists find new methods for success once they’ve freed ...

#220: The right way to do cover songs

Do "real" artists do cover songs? What kind of songs should you cover? And what are the different uses of a great cover version? In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about the controversy and opportunities of recording or performing another songwriter...

#219: Kristen Ford - How to tour Europe without a booking agent or label

The European market has a rich live-music tradition, but artists often feel lost when trying to infiltrate the scene as an outsider. However, with the aid of online tools like Google Translate and Skype, booking your own successful European tour might ...

#218: Everything you need to sell and stream your music online

Once you've finished recording your new album or single there is still some work to do in order to get the release over the finish line. In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss all the final pieces and bits of information needed to ensure success in t...

#217: DIY Musician Podcast Live! – Successful release strategies in a streaming world

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#216: Marketing music with Instagram and Instagram Stories

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#215: 8 takeaways from the 2018 DIY Musician Conference

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#214: The truth about Spotify playlists, Pt 2

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#213: The truth about Spotify playlists, Pt 1

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#212: Promoting a new release – What we tried!

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#211: DIY Musician Podcast Live! – Everything you need to forget about the music business

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#210: Heather Ellis – Marketing music with Pandora AMP

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#209: DIY Musician Podcast Live! – The new rules of social media

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#208: Cheryl Engelhardt – 30 emails to automate your fan list

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#207: 5 ways to ruin a press opportunity

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#206: Suzanne Paulinski – Time management for musicians

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#205: More money and more credit – Good news for songwriters!

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#204: Better music marketing with

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#203: 3 methods of successful tour booking and tour management

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#202: The indie musician’s place in 2018

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#201: Owning your YouTube audience

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#200: Before you release your next single, listen to this episode!

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#199: Holiday promotion tips and tricks for 2017

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#198: 3 Things that will hurt your music on Spotify

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#197: Rick Barker – Earning $74,000 Using Facebook Live

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#196: How to prepare your music for a successful release

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#195: Our 5 takeaways from the 2017 DIY Musician Con

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#194: Why you never need to tour…EVER! (A Live Podcast)

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#193: The 2017 DIY Musician Conference preview + more!

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