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Do you need to speak and/or write in English? Do you struggle with speaking in front of native speakers? Do you find it difficult to write an email or letter for work? Would you like to be confident in your abilities and be able to communicate with friends and colleagues? These are the skills I specialize in in English. I’ve been teaching full time since 2013. Working full time allows me to make sure my students get the results they want. “It’s a very good experience because Louise is an enthusiastic teacher. She knows how to get her students to keep talking in English in the session – I talked a lot today.” Sophie, Taiwan In our sessions we will focus on the language YOU need, whether this is for your work, to pass an exam, talk with international friends or any other reason you have. There will be an emphasis on speaking and/or writing and our main goal will be to build your confidence in using English in any situation. I hold certificates in TEFL, TESOL and CELTA and I’ve taught hundreds of learners worldwide. I can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your goals with English, as I did with: “I liked this lesson because I’ve spoken and I’ve worked on grammar.” Merche, Spain
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Rosslyn Chapel

Join the Louises Lexiconologists group on Facebook to read along with this audio story.
Louise's Lexiconology author

My Lovely New Red Shoes

Join the Louises Lexiconologists group on Facebook to read the transcript along with this audio
Louise's Lexiconology author

A is for Arthur Conan Doyle

My first entry to the A-Z January challenge - take part on facebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/thelexiconologycafe/ My is A is for Arthur Conan Doyle
Louise Robertson author

WOW Wednesday - carrier

uses for the word carrier in English and how to pronounce it.
Louise Robertson author

Episode 1 Bookclub - My thoughts on reading and the opening parts of Frankenstein

In this first episode of the Learn English with Louise Book Club, I explain my love of reading and why I think reading is so important when you are learning English. I encourage you to read out loud - get those mouth muscles moving, give characters a ...
Louise Robertson author

Episode 1 - 41 cats and hair cuts

My first podcast episode for Learn English with Louise! It's about 41 cats, hair cuts and what to expect in future episodes. Go to www.louiseslexiconology.com to get the transcript and read as you listen! Enjoy Louise
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Summer's over, back to my normal Friday routine!

Listen to me read my latest blog post, you can follow along by clicking here: http://www.louiseslexiconology.com/summers-over-back-to-my-normal-friday-routine/
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Episode 1 - Time For Woolly Jumpers Here

Episode 1 - Time For Woolly Jumpers Here by Louise Robertson
Louise Robertson author