Confessions of A Marketing Madman

These are my confessions. You don't have to be completely off your rocker to be a decent marketer, but I do think that it helps stoke the fires of creativity. I built Bent Business Marketing & Advertising after losing my job, short-selling my home, selling my truck, and moving my family of four into the second story of my in-law's farm house. I hadn't hit bottom, but it was too shallow for a swan dive. My marketing mindset was birthed from desperation. When we reach the end of our rope, our brains switch over to survival mode. Instead of scrounging for roadkill carcasses for sustenance, I decided to embrace my new found talents, and help businesses of all sizes market the crap out of their stuff! Now I'm going to sit behind a mic, and share my ramblings with the world. My confessions are not for sale. They're free for anyone who wants to learn, and share marketing tips and tactics with others. Yep...interesting things are going to happen. Thanks for joining me on the adventure!

~Andy Sokolovich of

P.S. All I ask is that you listen to what I have to say with an open mind. If you don't immediately love what comes out of my mouth, just forget it and only take away what resonates with you. Jot stuff down as I speak. This way, you can go back to review your notes following the broadcast.

You can always can in touch with me directly by emailing I'll write back because I'm a touch OCD, and hate leaving emails without providing a response.

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