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Welcome to English Funcast. This podcast uses humor and jokes to teach English. Learn how to understand jokes and how to tell jokes. This fun podcast will improve your English in no time. Join the forum on our website to discuss each episode with other English learners at www.englishfuncast.com

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Welcome to the English Funcast Podcast. Our super fun podcast helps you learn English by learning how to understand jokes, and different word meanings in the English Language. This is a must listen to any English language learner. Join our forum today to discuss each podcast at www.englishfuncast.com
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Learn English Funcast 146: Wheel of Fortune, Spanish Stutter, and an anesthesiologist

The Learn English Funcast is back baby! We got some words of motivation, some new vocabulary, and some hilarious new jokes. 

Learn English Funcast 145: The mystery kitchen utensil, paid compliment, and work emails

We are finally back. Today's learn English funcast episode talks about paid compliment, work emails, and a mysterious kitchen utensil. To get the text from the podcast go to www.englishfuncast.com

Learn English Funcast #144 - A woman and a handgun, the Australian Outback, and a trip to the grocery store

Learn English today through some funny jokes. In today's episode we teach some cool idioms, info about the Australian outback, and a funny grocery list. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to read the joke text along with the podcast.

Learn English Funcast #143 - Expert advice, solitary confinement, and DEATH or BOOKA!

In today's episode we learn English from a a man who gives an alcoholic some expert advice. We also learn what you should never forget to take with you into solitary confinement. Finally we learn what death or booka means. Don't forget to go to www.eng...

Learn English Funcast #142 - Star Wars feuds, the angry plumber, and a girls love for chickens

The Learn English Funcast got an exciting podcast for you today. We talk about the feud between Luke, and Darth Vader. We also find out why a plumber gets reall angry. Finally we find out what happends to a girls favorite chicken. Don't forget to go to...

Learn English Funcast #141 - A difficult drunk test, navy admiral, and a pirate, and a chameleon in class

Today we learn Englih with the help of a drunk test, an admiral and a pirate, and also a chameleon in class. Don't forget to check out www.englishfuncast.com to get full text of this podcast.

Learn English Funcast #140 - A moth, a coffin maker, and an excellent diet

Learn English Funcast got another exciting English learning podcast for you. Today you will learn about moths, coffin makers, and an excellent diet. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to get the text for todays jokes.

Learn English Funcast #139 - Gorilla removers, the expensive parrot, and the farmers son

Today's Learn English Funcast episode is filled with animal jokes. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to check out the text to the jokes in this podcast.

Learn English Funcast #138 - A shipwreck, free beer for life, and counterfeit bills

Learn English Funcast #138 is filled with some funny jokes about three guys and a shipwreck. It also talks about test that will give you free beer for life if you pass, and counterfeit bills at the grocery store. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncas...

Learn English Funcast #137 - A guest for dinner, three men on an island, and mountain lions

Today's awsome podcast you will learn and improve your English with these funny jokes about a dinner guest, three guys on an island, and mountain lions in times square. Don't forget to check out the website for the text version of the jokes. go to www....

Episode 136 - A man stung by a bee, the hardest mint in town, and words of wisdom.

Learn English with today's funniest jokes. We learn how it feels to be stung by a bee. We learn the meaning of the hardest person or mint in town. We end with some words of wisdom from Ron G. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and get your fr...

Episode 135 - Old men streaking, and a the case of the lipstick marks

In Today's episode we learn what happens when old men are bored and decide to streak. We also learn how to get girls to stop leaving lipstick marks on washroom mirrors. For more fun ways to learn English go to www.englishfuncast.com and get my free eBo...

Episode 134 - To bungie or budgie jump, and how spelling can ruin your life

Today we discuss the difference between bungie and budgie jumping. We also talk about how important spelling is. One letter off can really ruin your life. For more lessons go to www.englishfuncast.com and subscribe to our email list.

Episode 133 - Names for cruise control, and a faulty mechanic

In today's episode we discuss different names we can call cruise control and a story about a funny mechanic.

Episode 132 - Round trips at an upscale hotel, and the computer troubleshooter

Today we talk about why flights are so expensive in Canada, we also discuss what it is like to stay at an upscale hotel. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for all your English learning needs.

Episode 131 - A woman only needs four animals in her life, a man and a cattle ranch, and cat names

Today we discuss what kind of animals a woman needs in her life. Why some people have dreams of owning a cattle ranch, and differences names we give our cats. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for more English learning fun!

Episode 130 - Monkey's as pets, a disposable hamster, and don't believe the sheep.

In today's fun episode we learn about monkey's , disposable pets, and the truth about sheep. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to get my free eBook.

Episode 129 - A blind mans sense of smell, the bad panda, and hiding blondes

In today's episode we watch learn that blind people have an excellent sense of smell. We talk about bad pandas and why comes blondes are really really bad at hiding. For more fun English learning go to www.englishfuncast.com

Episode 128 - Animal emergency, customs officers, and melted ears.

That's right we're back!!! Today we talk about weird emergency calls, custom officers, and a why some dude has a melted ear. Go to www.englishfuncast.com for more and don't forget to rate us on iTunes.

Episode 127 - Piece of pizza, peace of mind, and guilt trips

Today we learn the meaning of having a peace of mind. We also discuss what are guilt trips, and kids with their computers. Don't forget to get our free eBook at www.englishfuncast.com

Episode 126 - Suprising the wife, life changes, and going under

In Today's episode Ron talks about how to suprise the wife in traffic. We discuss what changes some people make in their lives, and what it means to go under at the dentist. Don't forget to our free eBook at www.englishfuncast.com

Episode 125 - Drag and drop, loud motel tv, and a wrong number

In today's episode Ron teacher you about customer support, a cop with a smart idea, and granny with a wrong number. Don't forget to check out www.englishfuncast.com 

Episode 124 - The malfunctioning elevator, on the other line, and dad's pet peeve

Today we talk about the different meaning of having another line. We discuss dad's pet peeve, and a story of a psychologist and an elevator. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to get my free eBook on how your brain learns English.

Episode 123 - Why I like doing stand up more than acting

Don't forget to see me LIVE tonight at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City. April 17th at 11 pm. It is going to be an AMAZING SHOW!!!

Episode 122 - Tips for mimes, and coast to coast romances

Today Ron talks about mimes and how you can pretend to tip them. We also discuss what it means to go somewhere from coast to coast, and paternity tests. Don't forget to see me live in New York April 17th 11 pm at the Broadway Comedy Club.

Episode 121 - Underwater English Course, being serious, and a call from the FBI

In Today's episode we talk about a new underwater English course. We discuss what it means to be serious, and why it is scary to recieve calls from the FBI. For more info about studying English abroad go to kaplan.englishfuncast.com and for info about ...

Episode 120 - Voice recognition software and computer sizes

Today on the podcast we discuss faulty voice recognition software and the problem with today's computer sizes. To sign up for an online English webinar go to www.englishfuncast.com For more info about studying English abraod go to kaplan.englishfuncast...

Episode 119 - The need for faster computers and being short and plump

Today we discuss why computers are still too slow. We also talk about being short and plump. Sign up for a live English webinar go to www.englishfuncast.com For more info about studying English abroad go to kaplan.englishfuncast.com

Episode 118 - How to fix a printer and driving with the volume up

Today we learn why you should never fix your printer yourself. We also discuss how rude people are when driving with the volume up. Join a live English webinar with Ron G. Go to www.englishfuncast.com to sign up. Also for those interested in studying E...

Episode 117 - The confused scuba diver and skin grafting

In today's episode Ron talks about a confused scuba driver. We also discuss why it is good to graft some of your skin towards your wife. For info about studying English abroad go to kaplan.englishfuncast.com  Don't forget to sign up to my weekly webina...

Episode 116 - Two cows grazing in a field, the tomato that turned red, and learning about steaks

Today we learn about cows in a field, why a tomato turns red when it see's a salad, and the meaning of steak. Go to www.englishfuncast.com to get my free English eBook. Also go to kaplan.englishfuncast.com to learn how you can study English abroad.

Episode 115 - Best Pick-up Line Comeback

Learn how to reject guys who use pick up lines on you. You will learn how to reject them in a mean way and in a polite way. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com to get my free English learning eBook. Also go to kaplan.englishfuncast.com to lear...

Episode 114 - Getting in line, and our love for mother-in-laws

Today we discuss why do people hate or love their mother-in-laws so much. We also learn what it means to wait in line, and when people flail their hands. Get my free eBook on how your brain learns English at www.englishfuncast.com also go to kaplan.eng...

Episode 113 - A magician and a parrot, two men playing golf, and a being scared half to death

Learn why parrots can be really annoying. Also beware of your golf friends. We also learn the difference of being scared half to death and what double of that means. Go to www.englishfuncast.com to get free email English video lessons. Also go to kapla...

Episode 112 - How to be impressed, and coming to an event empty handed

Learn how to use words in a sentence that shows that you are really impressed. Also learn why you should never come empty handed to a party or an event. Get our free English eBook at www.englishfuncast.com and learn how you can study English abroad at ...

Episode 111 - Nicknames for your loved ones, being generous, and pitch black.

In today's episode Ron talks about what nicknames you can and can not call your loved one. We discuss why it is important to be generous sometimes and the meaning of pitch black. Don't forget to go to kaplan.englishfuncast.com for more info about learn...

Episode 110 - How to punish your kids, and taking a remote control to Macy's

Today we talk about the best way to punish your kids, and why a woman takes her remote control to Macy's. Don't forget to get our free eBook "How your Brain Learns English" get it at www.englishfuncast.com

Episode 109 - Clearly and Lorraine, flying drunk, and speaking German

Today we talk about a man with two love interests. We discuss a pilot who flys drunk, and we learn some German. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and get our free eBook and Email video course.

Episode 108 - New Years resolutions that you can achieve

Happy New Year! Today Ron talks about the resolutions that you can achieve this year. Don't forget to leave an iTunes reviewand get a free English eBook at www.englishfuncast.com

Episode 107 - Talking with Lindsay and Gabby from All Ears English

Today we talk with Lindsay and Gabby from the All Ears English Podcast. They are one of my favorite new English learning podcasts on iTunes. I get to try English pick up lines on them and see which ones would or wouldn't work. Don't forget to check out...

Episode 106 - Trouble with the police, wife can't cook, and the broken cuckoo clock

In today's episode we talk about getting in trouble with the police. A man who has a wife that can't cook, and a brokencuckoo clock. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com for more English fun.

Episode 105 - Lighten your burden, a big man, and blondes skydiving

In Today's episode Ron talks about why getting married sometimes causes more problems than solutions. We talk about a lawyer who moves back to his small town, and blondes talking a skydiving trip. Don't forget to go to www.englishfuncast.com and join o...

Episode 104 - Wife on her hands and knees, venom in the butt, and 20 years in jail

In today's episode Ron talks about how to get your wife on her hands and knees. We also discuss a man who got bitten in the ass by a snake. We end off by thinking about what would you take with you in jail for the next 20 years.

Episode 103 - Blondes on a plane, and management on a hot air balloon

In Today's exciting podcast we talk about how to talk to blondes on an airplane. We also discuss people who take hot air balloons. Go to www.englishfuncast.com for our free  ebook "How your brain learns English"

Episode 102 - playing an electric guitar in a hot tub, s car go, and a ring bear

In Today's episode Ron talks about playing an electric guitar in a hot tub. We also talk about really fast cars, and what is a ring bear exactly. This episode is brought to you by www.englishfuncast.com

Episode 101 - A bad taxi driver, revenge after a break up, and collecting fruit

In this episode Ron talks about a taxi driver that cheats his passengers, we also discuss how to get revenge on your ex girlfriend, and why it is important to always collect small fruit.

Episode 100 - Our 100th episode podcast special!!!!

Wow we did it. This is our 100th episode podcast special. Today we tell some of our favorite blonde jokes. We learn what it means to be one in a million. You will also learn what does "your side of the family mean?" Don't forget to go to www.englishfun...

Episode 99 - Mother of six, father of four, you have a nice house, second opinion, and facebook success

In Today's Episode we talk about why you shouldn't upset your wife. We learn why you shouldn't tell English learners to sleep with their wives. We also learn the true meaning of getting a second opinion. Go to www.englishfuncast.com for more podcasts a...

Episode 98 - The plastered cast, never felt better, manhole cover, and extension cord

In todays podcast Ron talks about how he looks tough as a teacher. We also talk about why you should always tell the police you feel fine, and a car with a really really long extension cord.

Episode 97 - The 12-Step Program for Internet Addicts

Today we discuss the 12 step program to recovery if you are an internet addict. We also find out what is wrong with driving to work.Get our free book "Howyour brain learns English" at www.englishfuncast.com