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You weekly dose in geek pop culture. Jesse and Jones gives a round up review of some of the exciting news in technology, the web, and entertainment.

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S07E10 - Dave says yes to everything

We discuss our Halloween and football, Borderlands 3, Diablo 4, Daves Facebook habits and more.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E09 - Bobby D RIP

Vegas 40th Birthday ReCap
beyondtheroutine author

S07E08 - The Indian Reservation Gives It To You

We discuss our Vegas memories
beyondtheroutine author

S07E07 - Daves in Bobs Trunk

We discuss Oktoberfest, a surprise birthday party, and mysteries both in our personal life and from around the world.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E06 - Double Tonguing with the Trombone

We discuss our history with music also the fact that modern high schools didn't have required readings.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E05 - Eric's Sketchy Bacon

We discuss Dave, Jesse, and Erics trip to China.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E04 - Four and a Half my @ss

The almost nameless episode. Special Guest Hosts Bob and Jay.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E03 - Pray for Dave

We discuss FanX Fall 2019 wrap-up, #btrabroad with Dave in China, BtR interviews for a new intern.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E02 - Old Ladies Love Drax

We discuss FanX Fall 2019 and also discuss our favorite celebrity encounters and other Con memories.
beyondtheroutine author

S07E01 - Stolz Can't go to China

We discuss our Summer activities - Dave's going to China - What we have planned for the new season.
beyondtheroutine author

S0612 - BtR Kills Chewbacca

Season Finale - We discuss the collector scene in Utah and other nerdy things.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E11 - The BtR Finale Episode

The boys discuss finales including many show spoilers.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E10 - Something About Mothers

This episode is all about mothers in honor of the upcoming Mother's Day.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E09 - The Cornflake Episode

FanX 2019 Impressions and more
beyondtheroutine author

S06E08 - VIP my Ass

We discuss pregaming for conventions and our past FanX experiences.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E07 - Jesse the Vacation King

We discuss everything vacations. Including all our best vacation memories.
beyondtheroutine author

S0606 - We A the Q's

This is a T&A episode.. I mean Q&A episode.. Dave asks the questions and we all answer them.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E05 - Molasses or Bust

This episode is all about FOOD. We discuss our favorites, worst food, first food memories etc.
beyondtheroutine author

S0604 - Lady Gaga Touches Jones

We discuss movies, actors, and actresses
beyondtheroutine author

S0603 - Zune Nation

We discuss our history with cell phones, favorite tech, disappointing tech, and the tech influence.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E02 - Snow Business

We discuss our favorite snow memories as well as some movie memories.
beyondtheroutine author

S06E01 - ABQ Comic Con Special

The Boys recap their Albuquerque Comic Con Adventure and trip.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E14 - Poppin' Off

The boys explore their deep love of Pops with Bobs Boys
beyondtheroutine author

S05E13 - Fellow Cheek Shaver

We discuss firsts! (Cars, Kisses, Crushes and everything in between)
beyondtheroutine author

S05E12 - Marijuana Meal Super Sized with a Diet Coke

We discuss our history of video games
beyondtheroutine author

S05E11 - Puberty of BtR

The Birthday Episode!! We discuss our fondest birthday memories.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E10 - F$ckingAmericans

Dave and The Intern Manager discuss their France trip shenanigans.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E09 - FatGuyver

We talk about Dave and Jesse in France and the Netflix Marvel Universe (Spoiler Alert).
beyondtheroutine author

S05E08 - The Browns Win

We discuss Amazon IoT, Browns game updates, Console gaming and the PlayStation Classic, Funko jumping the shark?
beyondtheroutine author

S05E07 - Chris Licks Daves Monster (FanX 2018 Wrap-Up)

The boys Wrap-Up their FanX 2018 experiences
beyondtheroutine author

S05E06 - FanX 2018 Day 1 Wrap-up

The Boys Wrap-up their first day at FanX 2018
beyondtheroutine author

S05E06 - FanX 2018 Day 1 Wrap-up

The Boys Wrap-up their first day at FanX 2018
beyondtheroutine author

S05E05 - Dave would be happy to be Chris's dad

The boys have the longest week in review ever. Dave also offers Chris a car deal he can't refuse
beyondtheroutine author

S05E04 - The Funko Special

When Dave is away the boys will play. This episode is all about the boys Funko Collections.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E04 - The Funko Special

When Dave is away the boys will play. This episode is all about the boys Funko Collections.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E03 - Daddys Naughty Show on the Tubes

The boys talk about Samsung Note's "accident". Wells Fargo mortgage "glitch" Fortnite Tutors. Trouble in Marvel Paradise? The DCEU. And movie pass are discussed.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E02 - Puppy Watch

Jones discusses the puppy life. The boys discuss random subjects as Chris gets drunk.
beyondtheroutine author

S05E01 - Chris wants to Intamate with Dave

Season 5 and the boys are back. We discuss what we did with our break. We also discuss our collector refinement along with plans for Season 5
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E14 - Jones the EDM DJ

Season Finale. The boys discuss hiatus changes. PJ kicks ass at football. Moviepass is getting worse then staying the same. Sex by cop is illegal in Kansas now. The drunkest and driest cities are discussed. Check your spelling on tats is a must. Zombie...
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E13 - Farfanoogin

Sprint/Tmobile merger is discussed. Google I/O. Man steals money for Pops. Goggle killing autoplay. Android P. And more.
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E12 - Movie Pass - I'll Pass

Jones is waxing nostalgia on our 24 hour stream. Amazon delivering to cars. Jeff Bezos boo'd in Berlin. Penis transplants are a thing now. Kids cant call each other BFF anymore. Woman spends all her inheritance on drugs. And More!!!
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E11 - Dave Stuck His Finger in the Hole

Stolz is out and the Graphic Intern Guest Hosts
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E10 - Hot Coffee

The boys discuss their trip to Seattle.
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E09 - Jones's Nice Hard Wood

Jones remodel is discussed. The boys stretch out quick hits as they are ill prepared.
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E08 - Chicken Titties

Chris attempts to reboot Stephen Hawking. Comcast shuts down legit sites. RI Bill is blocking Chris' past time. Fitbit for the kiddos. Rift stops working. Magic Eyedrops could solve the need for glasses. A man from the year 4000 has arrived. Triplets i...
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E07 - Dave is a Clothes Fall Off Drunk

Amazon getting into banking? Uber/Lyft may not be as profitable as it seems. Trump takes on video game violence but no one knows what he is talking about. Black Mirror renewed. And More.
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E06 - Kylie Jenner Says We're Dead

Chris spiritual guru almost died. Switch impressions after first game beat. Amazon made an escape room with Alexa. Apple to open its own medical clinics for employees. Breakthrough in electricity storage is good news for electric cars. Amazon released ...
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E05 - Colonoscopy Prep Blows

The boys are back after some technical issues, Black Panther is discussed. Jones reviews his new fitbit.
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E04 - The Washington Crackers

Chris starts Handmaids take and a Harry Potter re-watch. Elon Musk gets weaponized. Goggle takes on bad apps. Samsung topple Intel. Amazon topples Google and Apple. Fake Porn Update. Top Secret Australian files sold at second hand store. Peacocks for e...
BeyondTheRoutine author

S04E03 - Not a Netflix Marathon

Dave is back. His vacation is discussed. Den of Thieves review. Trumps Tariffs. Whats MS getting from your Windows 10? There is an app for that. Stranger Things Season 3. Tinky Winkey died. Camels getting botox in the middle east.
BeyondTheRoutine author