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Are you ready to take your Spanish to the next level? Do you want to learn all about Argentina? This podcast provides Spanish listening comprehension practice on a wide range of topics related to Argentina.

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In this podcast episode we talk about the Patagonian town and popular ski-resort of Bariloche… San Carlos de Barlioche – gateway to Patagonia   Bariloche is about half-way down Argentina, close to the western border with Chile, in the foothills of the ...
Josh y Silvina author

Silvina’s Language Learning Tips

Language Learning Tips – Los Consejos de Silvi In this podcast episode we talk about the process of learning a language, and Silvina gives us some of her top tips… Recognise it’s a Process Like most things worthwhile, learning a language takes time. It...
Josh y Silvina author


Mafalda Mafalda is a popular cartoon character, created by Quino, who has become a cultural icon in Argentina for the way in which she managed to make some profound observations about the society through the eyes of a young girl. In the podcast we talk...
Josh y Silvina author

San Martín de Los Andes

José de San Martín is an Argentine hero who liberated not just Argentina, but other Latin American countries. In this episode we talk a bit about his life, accomplishments, and his legacy. Full article to follow shortly…   You can hear the full episode...
Josh y Silvina author

Holidays in Argentina

It’s January and that means it’s summer time!… in the southern hemisphere at least. The summer holidays in Argentina generally last from the end of December until the end of February. We have also been taking some time off, but thought we would put tog...
Josh y Silvina author

Christmas in Argentina

Feliz Navidad a todos! In this podcast we talk about Christmas in Argentina – how some things are the same and some things quite different. Listen to the Spanish-language podcast above – subscribe on iTunes for more episodes: https://itunes.apple.com/g...
Josh y Silvina author

Rock Nacional

The podcast this week we talk (in Spanish) about Rock Nacional, or rock from Argentina…   We have posted a selection of Rock Nacional hits on our YouTube playlist, for the full playlist, click here We may add to this list in future, but for now the ind...
Josh y Silvina author

La Cumbia

The podcast this week includes three examples of different types of cumbia.  One is a traditional style from Columbia that is also well-known in Argentina, one is from ~1970s Argentina and the thirs is an example of cumbia villera, a more modern style ...
Josh y Silvina author

Life in Buenos Aires – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In our Spanish podcast this week, we talk about some of the positives and negatives of life in Buenos Aires:   CON ‘tramites’ (chores or errands) and the bureaucracy, made even more difficult by the Banks only being open to customers between 10-3pm.   ...
Josh y Silvina author


Asado El asado is an Argentine institution, and a very important tradition in the country. It involves plenty of meat, usually beef, cooked on an open grill over wood or coal. One of the most typical types of meat to cook are ribs of beef, and you will...
Josh y Silvina author

La Boca

La Boca, Barrio de Buenos Aires Literally ‘the mouth’, La Boca is a distinctive barrio (district) to the south of central Buenos Aires. It is close to the mouth of the river Riachuelo, and was an important port during the city’s boom period. Today, it ...
Josh y Silvina author

Return to Buenos Aires

We have just returned from holidays in Buenos Aires, and in our first episode back we thought we’d talk about some of the changes we noticed. Some are genuine changes in how the city has developed, others more from looking at it from a different perspe...
Josh y Silvina author

Argentine Chat-up Lines (Piropos)

We are away on holiday (in Argentina!) at the moment – more on that later.  We are coming up with lots of ideas for new episodes so don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes/Android. Below is the latest podcast episode (as always, in Spanish).  We discuss p...
Josh y Silvina author


This week we talk about facturas – a wide variety of small baked or fried pastries. Full article to follow (we have both been ill this week but wanted to get the podcast episode out on time).      
Josh y Silvina author

Argentine Public Holidays (Feriados)

Latest Argentine Spanish podcast episode is available for download here: Full article to follow… in the meantime check out some of the other articles or sign up for the mailing list.  
Josh y Silvina author

La Semana de la Dulzura

In our Spanish podcast this week, we talk about… La Semana de la Dulzura In Argentina, the first week of July is La Semana de la Dulzura. (the week of sweetness) or La Semana de la Golosina (the week of sweets/candies).  From the 1st to the 7th of July...
Josh y Silvina author

Los Horarios (Timetables)

Argentina has a comparatively nocturnal culture – most restaurant bookings are late into the evening.  At 8pm, it’s not just takeaways that are open, but ‘proper’ restaurants too.  In Buenos Aires, you can leave your house at 10pm to go and eat asado. ...
Josh y Silvina author

Why Does Argentina Have Two Exchange Rates?

If you plan to travel to Argentina in the near future, you are likely to need some of the local currency. But you may also have heard that many places accept US dollars. So how much, if any, should you take in dollars? Although the official currency, t...
Josh y Silvina author

Deportes Argentinos

There were ugly scenes in Argentinian soccer last week, after Boca Juniors fan Adrian Napolitano sprayed pepper spray into the faces of the opposing team during a crucial last-16 cup tie against arch-rivals River Plate.  Boca Juniors were subsequently ...
Josh y Silvina author


BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente) In this episode we talk about BAFICI, Buenos Aires’ international film festival which Argentina showcases some of the best independent cinema from around the world.  2015 will be its 17...
Josh y Silvina author

Mate (parte dos)

Mate (parte dos) In this episode we talk more about the manners, customs and traditions about mate. As we discussed last week, la yerba mate, is the national drink of Argentina. But it is much more than that too… Usually an invitation to drink mate is ...
Josh y Silvina author


I remember shortly after arriving in Argentina going to visit a friend’s house. It was only as I was about to leave I noticed a kind of wooden cup with metal tube sticking out of the top, filled with green leaves. I was pretty sure it was some drug par...
Josh y Silvina author

Como saludar a un argentino

How to Greet an Argentine In this episode we talk about the way in which Argentinians kiss, and how el beso is an important ritual when two people meet (0:38).  What it means if people don’t kiss when they meet each other (clue: it’s not good!), and wh...
Josh y Silvina author

Vos y el lleismo

Click the podcast above to hear us talk (in Spanish) about two key characteristics of Argentinian Spanish – el voseo y el lleismo… Vos One of the key aspects that makes Argentinian Spanish distinct from other forms of the language is the use of el vose...
Learn Argentinian Spanish author