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Tonal shrinks your gym into a touchscreen TV

The Tonal trainer doesn't need bulky weights to create resistance -- it uses electricity to give you up to 200 pounds of resistance, and it comes with a built-in personal trainer . author

Maingear's F131 is crazy impressive

Check out Maingear's latest water-cooled PC innovation. The F131 features a custom-built APEX cooling block that was engineered by Maingear in collaboration with Bitspower. It is one of the most impressive accomplishments we've ever seen in the world o... author

The skinny on two new slim Asus gaming laptops

The Zephyrus S gets slimmer, while the 17-inch Scar II trims its screen bezel down to almost nothing. author

Galaxy Note 9 is a superphone through and through

Bonkers storage, monster battery, new tricks. But is it ready for a 5G world? author

10 best smart-home gadgets for newbies

The smart home has never been more accessible, so what's the best place to start? author

5 quick tips to speed up a slow PC

It's so frustrating having a slow computer. Here are five quick things you can do to speed it up. author

AutoComplete: Shelby American releases a fancy, expensive Mustang GT

Plus: Tesla sues a Canadian province and Kroger lets robots deliver groceries. author

Lenovo's tough little Chromebook

The Chromebook 500e is sturdy but doesn't cost a lot. author

2018 Land Rover Discovery: Can it climb Truck Hill?

We take the latest Disco off-road and attempt the steepest hill we can find. author

AutoComplete: Pininfarina preps electric hypercar for Monterey

Plus: Ford brings us a new Cobra Jet and Infiniti gives us more electric vintage racer flavor. author

T-Mobile's free year of Pandora Plus could be a big deal

From The 3:59 show: Pandora needs the boost with the pressure it sees from Spotify and Apple Music. author

Why US car buyers ignore the manual transmission

We're sort of lazy and can afford to be. author

How to earn free bitcoin while shopping online

Now you can get your online-shopping rebates in the form of bitcoin. author

McLaren 720S: Too much supercar for the road?

We couldn't figure out where to begin when reviewing McLaren's 710-horsepower monster, so we asked you -- and then regretted it. author

AutoComplete: Subaru swaps whole cars for its Ascent recall

Plus: Polestar adds RWD fun to AWD Volvos in the UK and VW sold EV's with toxic chargers. author

Cracking open the Amazon Fire TV Cube

How does the Amazon Fire TV Cube communicate with all your electronics? TechRepublic's Bill Detwiler and Jason Hiner crack one open to find out. author

Moto Z3 has a long wait for its 5G moment

Until 5G arrives, Motorola's latest is a reliable, but "boring" 4G phone. author

Turn off Google location tracking for real

If you want to fully disable location tracking (which, keep in mind, will limit certain apps' location-driven capabilities), here's how to do it. author

AutoComplete: Ford announces Ranger pricing, launches configurator

Plus: Hertz gets 100 special Z06s, and Tesla sets up a tribunal for Elon. author

How to turn on dark mode for Gmail and Chrome

Gmail has two built-in dark themes and a Chrome extension. author

Why your car can't be repaired

Modern cars may struggle to get past age 10. author

Semiautomated driving is made cheap and easy with George Hotz makes partially automated driving as easy as plug and play. author

Five things you need to know about the 2018 BMW M240i Convertible

A stylish and fun-to-drive convertible that mixes luxury and sportiness. author

Breaking down Bullitt: A behind-the-scenes look at our tribute to the classic

Join producer Marc Ganley for a shot-by-shot analysis of our homage to one of the greatest movie car chase scenes of all time, in Steve McQueen's Bullitt. author

AutoComplete: Elon Musk says Saudi fund will foot the bill for Tesla's stock buyback

Plus: Acura's RDX is a Top Safety Pick+ and Honda brings Sensing to the Civic. author

Hackers take on new voting machines at Defcon

From The 3:59 show: Here's a vote of no confidence. author

This Teddy Ruxpin learned to yell 'Hack the Planet!'

From The 3:59 show: A security researcher at Defcon taught the toy some new tricks. author

Top 5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Forget your old phone, welcome to the future. author

Top 5 reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you're looking for reasons to hang on to your old phone, you're at the right place. author

A combination laptop-tablet for under $300

The Lenovo Flex 11 delivers the basics, dirt cheap author

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Refining the Roadster

The changes to the 2019 Miata are small, but together they add up to a big improvement for the playful little Roadster. author

Yamaha YAS-108 sound bar offers better TV sound for less

The Yamaha YAS-108 is a budget sound bar with great sound and a fine selection of useful features author

NASA launches Parker Solar Probe

Watch NASA launch one of the most ambitious missions to "touch" the sun with the Parker Solar Probe. The Probe will travel within 4 million miles of the Sun to study solar winds and learn how our home star affects weather patterns in space. author

The Acer Swift 7 takes bragging rights as "world's thinnest laptop"

Even at just 8.98mm thick, this laptop includes a 14-inch touchscreen and backlit keyboard. author

Samsung Galaxy Watch ticks better battery life

Samsung's newest smartwatch has LTE, multiday battery life and that rotating bezel. author

Samsung Galaxy Home is your newest smart speaker

Bixby and Spotify support plus ADK equals a cauldron-shaped gadget that'll take on Google, Alexa and Apple. author

Fortnite on Note 9!

Samsung's got a tiny little exclusivity window on Fortnite before it's a cross-Android beta. And anyway, you want to see Fortnite on the Note 9, so: here. author

Galaxy Note 9's S Pen stylus is a remote control

Samsung's phone for power users gets even more powerful in 2018. author

Change these 3 Android Pie settings right away

Use these handy new features to get the most out of Android 9.0. author

Galaxy Note 9 and Apple's market cap milestone

Andrew Hoyle and Drew Stearne break down Samsung's latest launch and find out why Drew might have a Hue obsession. author

Despite Alexa, GE's Scan-to-Cook microwave isn't very smart

Both the app and the Scan-to-Cook feature feel as though they're still in beta. author

Plenty of Android phones came with vulnerabilities pre-installed

Security researchers from Kryptowire found 38 vulnerabilities on 25 Android phones. author

AutoComplete: Porsche built a rally-spec Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Plus: China's got beef with Benz's brakes and Ford may build a new Bronco II crossover. author

The June Intelligent Oven is back to livestream your meals for less money

The $599 countertop oven uses a built-in camera, an internal processor, software and Wi-Fi connectivity to identify foods that you've placed inside and cook them automatically. author

Create a digital picture frame using an old iPad

Two ways to showcase your best phone pictures on an old tablet for nearly nothing. author

Vector is a tiny home robot with attitude

Want a robot that rolls around, plays blackjack, and can bug your kids to clean up their rooms? Vector's your guy. author

What it's like to experience Magic Leap One

The latest headset to blend virtual and real things is here. We've tried it at Magic Leap's headquarters in Florida. author

Come along as we chat about the 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel

Emme and Antuan take a spin in America's best-selling truck. author

5 things you need to know about the 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel

Hint: It's all about that towing power. author

Checking out Sync 3 in the 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel

Find out why Sync 3 is one of the best infotainment systems available. author