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A podcast aimed at teaching you the Dutch language

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A podcast aimed at teaching you the Dutch language
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Laura speaks Dutch 56: Speeching at a wedding

This episode is a fringe one. It is the first one after a very, very long break. My father has passed way and I just couldn’t get myself to do a new episode and thus didn’t. But life goes one and now that regular things are back on track it is time for...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 55: The subject of a sentence

It is time to focus on grammar again I learned from the Laura Speaks Dutch-facebook group. So let’s have a look at the subject of a sentence. Not the easiest lesson, but still very interesting. Here’s what you will learn: This a grammar lesson again | ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 54: Sinterklaas is back (terug)

As every year Sinterklaas is back in the Netherlands. Of course we all beleive in him and are happy to meet him again. Last saturday he arrived in our country and as you can see in the picture that is cause for celebration. Children are dancing and tha...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 53: Meet the family

In this episode we talk about the family. How is everyone called? A good way to have a look at that is to talk about the most famous family gathering: de birthdays. We have touched that before in the birthday song in episode 15. As usual the text that ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #52: Riding the bike

With thanks to Brian from South Dakota we have a podcast-episode dedicated to riding the bike. Thanks for writing the script and helping make a brand new episode. Brian loves riding the bike and thus the subject was easy for him to pick. The Dutch are ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #51: Soccer turns Holland orange

It is that time of year again: the European Championships soccer have begun and that means that our world turns orange again. So I’ll focus on that for this episode. This week is the first round of games. If we survive that – and we took a bunch of goo...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #50: Koninginnedag

компютримебелиIn this episode we are celebrating Queens Day! We celebrate that on April 30th. You want to know why? Well listen! A very traditional episode. Read on for the lesson.
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #49: My top place 7 through 5

In this episode we are visiting nice places to visit in the Netherlands again. We’re still working through my top-10 favorites. At the end you get a tip about the Museum Jaarkaart that might give you an interesting discount for visiting museums. You ca...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #48: Top 10 places to visit

This time we start off on a list of favorite places you could visit in the Netherlands and are fun according to me. Of course this list is totally Brenno and not based on anything objective. However I think it is fun and brings back the counting. Let’s...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #47: Singular or Plural

In this episode I’m going to give you people a hard time, because you really will have to work on some grammar. This time we focus on singular that turns in to plural. How does that work? Let’s find out. In general the rule for plural means that we add...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #46: Do you believe in fairy tales?

Today is April 1st and it is not possible to deal with a serious subject then. So let’s start off with a whole different subject: fairy tales or sprookjes in Dutch. It’s a fun subject and off course I throw in as many useful words as I can. Thank you M...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #45: Back to school

After a while I finally had the time to make a new show. Hopefully you like to go back to school. That is also today’s subject: school. We talk about the education and how the systems works in general. I hope you like it. This is today’s lesson: Educat...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #44: Do you speak English?

Sorry for keeping you waiting a bit, but here is a brand new Laura speaks Dutch. In this episode we talk about speaking English, intimate (gezellig), food and other important stuff. With regard to Your question answered we have a question on the use of...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #43: Going to the Doctor and the police speaks out!

In this episode we have several interesting things going on. We start by going to the doctor and complain about pain. After the lesson we focus on a whole different kind-of-thing: people that are being searched in the Netherlands without a warrant. The...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #42: Talking to kids

In this episode we are going to help out Becky. She is coming to the Netherlands as an Au Pairs and she wants to be able to say some things to the kids. So we made up a list of things you can say. Of course many of the sentence are useful in a context ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #41: The province of Gelderland

After all the celebrations we did in the podcast on Sinterklaas we would easily forget that we still have to finish our tour through the country. We visited Limburg and now we are going backup up. Above Limburg is Noord Brabant a province we discussed ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #40: Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht!

One of the big things of the Sinterklaasfeest is singing the songs. In the previous episode I featured a song especially sung for the podcast. Now it is time to take it to the next level and learn you the text. Besides that I want to teach you a couple...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #39: Sinterklaas arrived!

Something really traditional happened today: Like every year Sinterklaas (see picture) arrived in our country. Typically that is very celebrational with music, singing songs and of course many, many children. He will stay for three weeks and celebrate ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #38: The province of Limburg

With loads of extra listeners tuning in, thanks to the article on Reuters, there is a urgent need for a new podcast. The show will be a little bit different, because at the end I will speak the whole story out. That tip I got and I think it is a very v...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #37: Strange things we Dutch say

Maybe we’re a little bit fringe in the Netherlands. You sometimes hear these strange stories about out country. Of course when it’s in the media it is always true ;). But hey we are a bit different though. We Dutch have some very strange sayings. In th...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #36: A job interview

In this podcast we focus on a job interview. I received an e-mail with that request and must say that is a good idea to touch that subject. We practice a telephone interview with some basics. Of course for the indepth you still have to talk English, bu...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #35: Traffic jams, rush hour, ouch

In this lesson we talk about rush hour. Not the most popular subject, but hey daily reality in the Netherlands. Some words about the trains and driving around. Here’s what you will learn: In this lesson we will focus on traffic and traffic jams | In de...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 34: The province of Brabant

Sorry for keeping you waiting so long, but Laura and I came to the realization that our relationship didn’t work out. So we broke up and that hurts of course. But there is a community here and we both thought it would be worthwhile to continue the podc...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 33: The province of Zeeland

We’re back on track with the Netherlands tour and this time we go further South to the beautiful province of Zeeland. Close to Belgium the scenery has no hills. Still the sight is pretty beautiful in its own way. Not just because of the coast, but also...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 32: Talking Mobile Phone or the iPhone

For once we make a change from our regular tour of the Netherlands and we are going to talk about mobile telephony. Thanks to all the buzz that Apple created with their iPhone it may be fun to talk about that for a while, run through a couple of teleph...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 31: Zuid Holland

We move along through the Netherlands and meet a whole new province called “Zuid Holland”. This province also contains our political capital The Hague, but also cities like Rotterdam, Gouda, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Zoetermeer and more. This lessons walk...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 30: De Afsluitdijk and Noord Holland

Welcome to already episode #30 where we are still touring through the Netherlands. During this trip we’re passing through Groningen and Friesland. This time to visit Noord Holland by way of the Afsluitdijk, the dyke the closed down a sea and made it po...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 29: The Twelve Provinces

In this brand new episode I’m talking about the twelve provinces that actually make the Kingdom of Netherlands. On several provinces I’ll explain a little bit of the special happenings or characteristics. Follow the link to read the words and sentences...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 28: Meeting family in the Netherlands

In this episode we do something very difficult. I got an e-mail with a problem I know only too well: you have family abroad and you have never met them before. How do you survive that? We’ll get you started on the conversation followed by a touristy ti...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch 27: Belgium food!

It’s time for a brand new episode. This time we finish up on the attention on our southern neighbours in Belgium. If there is one thing they are very good at, it sure is making excellent meals! So let’s get you up to speed on that and of course focus a...
Brenno de Winter author

#26: Belgium, the history in a nutshell

In this episode we’re talking about Belgium. The country is connected to the southern part of our country and once was part of our little nation. But since they declared independence this is no longer the case. In this episode I’ll highlight the histor...
Brenno de Winter author

#25: Will you be my Valentine?

It’s almost that day: Valentine’s day. That is a special day and you probably want to talk to your sweetheart. Let me get you jumpstarted on some basic tings to say. Here’s what you’ll learn: Valentine’s Day | Valentijnsdag Hi sweety nice that you’re c...
Brenno de Winter author

#24: The language of love (our podcast in a glossy!)

(podcast) In the most recent issue of the Dutch Glossy Living a whole page in the most recent issue is dedicated to Laura speaks Dutch. It’s a nice story that makes me proud, of course. But the problem is that the article is in Dutch and thus many of y...
Brenno de Winter author

#24: The language of love (our podcast in a glossy!)

(the article) In the most recent issue of the Dutch Glossy Living a whole page in the most recent issue is dedicated to Laura speaks Dutch. It’s a nice story that makes me proud, of course. But the problem is that the article is in Dutch and thus many ...
Brenno de Winter author

#23: Going to the dentist

This is the first podcast of 2007 and we’re talking about a nasty subject: the dentist. I found it always scary until I met Laura. She’s a dental assistant and that has a very important meaning in the Dutch language as you will find out in this show. H...
Brenno de Winter author

22: Happy New Year

Hopefully you all survived the first part of the holidays in good atmosphere. Now we’re looking at the ending of the year. So we have to toasting and wish everybody the best. Here’s a lesson that helps you do just that. In this episode you’ll learn the...
Brenno de Winter author

#21: Talking Christmas

This time we focus on the essentials to say with Christmas. Of course there is more than will fit in one episode so stay tuned to coming days for new episodes to arrive that make you totally prepared for Christmas. This time we learn the following: Wel...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #20: Asking directions

One of the scary things is finding your way in a foreign country. With this lessons I’m helping you get started on asking the directions and then telling where to go. Hopefully this wil help you understand your own directions. At the end there is a fun...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #19: Aap Noot Mies

As children most Dutch learned Aap Noot Mies the row of words and names. This came with some pictures. As I noticed the youngsters don’t learn this, but older people probably still know it (it’s a true classic). On the right you see a picture of this, ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch#18: Time for breakfast

In this new episode we focus again on food. We Dutch eat bread and we like that sweet for breakfast. So brace yourself for cholocate and enjoy! Oh yeah peanut butter might work too! Again a sweet lesson :). Good morning sweet heart Did you sleep okay? ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #17: Strange things we Dutch eat

Welcome to a brand new Laura speaks Dutch that has been placed on a brand new server. Our previous server broke down (the cpu overheated) and a new one is in place. That means that the sites will be quicker and it is even more fun to create podcasts an...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #16: Cats and Dogs

Let’s for a change spend time on animals. Many people love them and there is a lot of talk about that. Of course we’ll spend time on “raining cats and dogs” as well. Here’s what you’ll learn: – Oh nice, you’ve got a cat | Oh leuk, je hebt een kat – Yes...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #15: Birthday song

As requested by two listeners it is now time to sing a birthday song. Of course you’ll find out that I cannot sing at all, but who cares? Everybody sings: EVEN LAURA! Yes you’ll get to hear her contribution as well. The song we sing is very simpel: Lon...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #14: About today

One of the important things to keep a conversation going is telling what you have been doing today. Where did you go, what did you eat, etc. – Hey Laura, How are you? | He Laura hoe gaat het met jou? – Fine! | Prima! – I went out for some relaxation | ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #13: From A through Z

In this lesson we’re going to continue where we stopped. It’s time for some general knowledge and that means we’re going to focus on the alphabeth. That means that there is no real conversation, but still your voice is needed! For those of you wonderin...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #12: Special: Country without Government

This time we have a special podcast dedicated to the political situation in the Netherlands. The government stepped down over disagreement on the Asylumcase of a Somali-born lawmaker. Of course we learn some words as well: Politics | Politiek The Admin...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #11: Grammar I/You/She/He/They and to be

This podcast is dealing with some grammar. Am I angry with you listeners that I do that? You bet! The Netherlands were kicked out of the world championships socker and that’s sad of course. So I take it out on you with some grammar. So hard work this t...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #10: Colors of the wind

This episode is one of several smaller ones that deals with certain words to beef up the vocabulary or some specifics. They don’t last as long and help you picking the language up a little bit sooner. This time we focus on the most famous colors and ma...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #9: Talking to your sweetheart

In this episode we focus on the phrases that help loved to meet and of course to do the nescessary maintance on the relationship. You won’t learn explicit language here, but things you ought to know at least. Given the initial goal of the podcast this ...
Brenno de Winter author

Laura speaks Dutch #8: Check-in to the hotel

In this episode we’re going to check-in to our hotel. Asking for the room, etc. After that you’ll receive some general information on hotel in the Netherlands. Here’s what you learn: Welcome to the eight episode of Laura speaks Dutch | Welkom bij de ac...
Brenno de Winter author