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iTunes 5★ reviewed with 15,000 listeners monthly. Reviewers call it "A great British spin on the world of tech", "Informing and entertaining" and "The best tech podcast by far..." Created by Ben Smith of Wireless Worker and co-hosted by Ewan MacLeod of Mobile Industry Review and Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian. Contrary to popular belief we are not the provider of official sporting wear of the Chinese Olympic curling teams during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games.

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The 361 Podcast is all about mobile technology. From consumer to enterprise and from fun to the industry analysis we investigate and discuss mobile technology and the mobile industry. Created by Ben Smith of Wireless Worker and co-hosted by Ewan MacLeod of Mobile Industry Review and Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian.
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10.11.2019 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Airpods Pro, hacking mobile networks & phones vs cameras [S17E05]

This week the team discuss: Apple's new Airpods Pro and Amazon's Echo Buds. How do they compare and what's the future for smart assistant-enabled headphones? Hackers that have discovered a way to make untraceable calls across mobile networks and the po...
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
28.10.2019 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Google's Nest Aware, Monzo's starting-over with Plus & 5G [S17E04]

This week the team discuss: Google's new Nest Aware offering, AI-based analysis of home security camera in the cloud. Ewan's tempted by the low price but he's heavily invested in Arlo devices. Monzo's withdrawal of it's 'Plus' premium account offering ...
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
23.10.2019 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Ikea Sonos speakers, Facebook eavesdropping & backdoors for spies [S17E03]

This week the team discuss: Ikea's new SYMFONISK speakers powered by Sonos. Cheaper, but similarly specced to the Sonos One are these good value for consumers and a good idea for Sonos? Ewan (and others') concern that Facebook (and Google... and Amazon...
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
15.10.2019 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Robots, iPhones 11 & Bags [S17E02]

This week the team discuss: Ewan's robot lawn mower (RIP - it didn't survive the winter) which cost about the same as a small car, but less than a Danish gardener. The iPhone 11 and tough questions like "is it good" and "should you buy it"? (sp...
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
4.10.2019 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Ubiquiti, Huawei & Citymapper Pass [S17E01]

After an extended break the team are back with a new(ish) format and recording arrangements. This week the team discuss: - Ben's new home networking setup as he replaces the Apple equipment he's used for years. In the spirit of always making a simple j...
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
30.11.2018 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Palm & companion devices [S16E03]

This week the team discuss the return of Palm with the, er, "Palm" companion device. Is this a new category of device and could they really replace our smartphones sometimes?
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
12.11.2018 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Autonomous vehicles [S16E02]

This week the team talk about self-driving cars, Ewan's recent briefing by Waymo in 'the valley' and how autonomous vehicle technology will change the world (probably). Corrections In the episode Ben says that iD Mobile (https://www.idmobile.co.uk) is ...
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
19.10.2018 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Smart homes revisited [S16E01]

The team discuss the tech they've added to their 'smart homes' since last year's challenge. They discuss what stayed and the new items that have been added.
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
5.10.2018 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Ending the crypto-currency challenge [S15E07]

After some time away the team are back to (prematurely) end the crypto-currency challenge. We talk about why and the challenges for using things like Bitcoin for anything other than speculation.
361 Podcast / Ben Smith, Rafe Blandford & Ewan MacLeod author
25.01.2018 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

The best explanation of crypto-currencies you'll hear by a geographer this week [S15E06]

** Nothing in this podcast is investment advice. ** Recorded in mid December 2017, the team talk about their progress with their 'Crypto Challenge' and the dawning realisation that Bitcoin (and the like) might not be as usable as money. We learn a lit...
361 Podcast author
20.12.2017 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5139c621e4b0052c92dbbebb/552ec946e4b034c917491954/552ecb98e4b0051ad1c52c0b/1429130158244/Logo+v1+-+1400x1400+white.jpg

Festive Winterval special [S15E05]

This week the team tell bad Christmas cracker jokes and discuss gift ideas for last-minute shoppers. We look back at the topics we discussed in December 2012 (including - would you believe - Snapchat) and confirm with Ewan that, yes, it's also Christma...
361 Podcast author

Who can beat the banks? (FinTech special) [S15E04]

This week the team discuss 'FinTech' - the apps and services hoping to displace traditional banks and their products. We look at some of the most interesting offerings for consumers for everyday spending, foreign exchange and borrowing, considering whi...
361 Podcast author

Dodgy apps & data thieves [S15E03]

This week the team discuss the ways apps and services fail to keep our data safe. From deliberate data theft to bad design we discuss the worst we've known and how the Apple and Android ecosystems are adapting to these threats. We also launch this seas...
361 Podcast author

The armchair social media experts [S15E02]

This week the team talk about the state of social media and how it's changed since we were early adopters. We talk about how and why we use various networks and how that's changed over time and our reactions, from quitting to shopping. We cover the ser...
361 Podcast author

Back to the smart home [S15E01]

We're back (sorry for the wait) and this week we're re-visiting our smart home challenge. What's the long-term verdict on the products we bought last season, what have we changed and would we recommend? Also, were you aware of the 'neat hair' situation...
361 Podcast author

Smart things: Buses, Google Home and bees [S14E10]

After a short break we’re back with the final episode of the season. We’re looking at smart ‘stuff’ again… Ben’s been on the Citymapper smartbus trial run in central London and Ewan’s been doing an extended comparison of Google Home to Amazon’s Alexa. ...
361 Podcast author

iPads, ‘transformers’ and ‘real’ work [S14E09]

This week the team talk about mobile working… Do we still need laptops or is it possible to do ‘real’ work on an iPad. Does the device even matter or is it the software that drives users’ behaviour. We talk about ‘transformer’ devices, young people, ke...
361 Podcast author

MWC 2017 - the best bits [S14E08]

Having pioneered previews of events after those events have actually happened (last week), the team look-back at some of the interesting topics from Mobile World Congress 2017. Rafe gets excited about 5G; Ben gets nostalgic for Blackberry keyboards and...
361 Podcast author

Comments, questions & MWC [S14E07]

After a brief break (important operational reasons, nothing to see here) the team are back catching up on the news, answering listener questions and taking a quick MWC preview. We cover duck houses (yes, really), how not to be in a 360° picture you’re ...
361 Podcast author

Our ‘smart-homes’ a year on [S14E06]

This week the team re-visit home automation, a year on from our ‘smart-home challenge’. Ewan tells us about a break in (or was it?) and we discuss what we kept from he challenge and what we’ve added since, along with the frustrations of ‘dumb’ systems ...
361 Podcast author

What did we learn at CES? [S14E05]

This week the team look back at Consumer Electronics Show, trying to understand the themes that emerged: voice (and Alexa) everywhere, home automation and ‘emotional’ robots. Rafe, our ‘man on the ground’ gives us his view. Ewan’s still in Denmark and ...
361 Podcast author

On the road again… [S14E04]

Happy New Year! We’re back and - seasonally - talking about our travel experiences again and how mobile influences it. Ewan’s saved from disaster by Amazon Prime Now in San Francisco (seriously, how are they not sponsoring this yet?), Rafe’s excited by...
361 Podcast author

2017: Year of mobile (first) [S14E03]

This week we look forward to 2017 - we think it’s the year of mobile… again (but this time it’s all about ‘mobile first’). We talk about what this really means, how we know, where it’s happening and why consumers’ preference is a far more important fac...
361 Podcast author

It’s a very Echo Christmas [S14E02]

This week the team talk about Amazon’s smash-hit home assistant ‘things’ - the Echo and the Dot - and the on-board personality Alexa. We think they’ll sell by the ton this holiday season and wonder why we enjoy them so much compared to Siri. We discuss...
361 Podcast author

Pop goes the phablet [S14E01]

The team are back, now only two-thirds London-based. Ewan provides in-depth coverage of whether it gets cold in Denmark in winter and we (eventually) turn our attention to the fall-out from Samsung’s disastrous Galaxy Note 7 launch. Is the Samsung bran...
361 Podcast author

Android challenge wrap-up [S13E10]

As season 13 draws to a close and Ewan heads to the airport for a new life in Denmark, the team reflect on 10 weeks of Android use. We discuss refinement, getting a lot for your money and being ‘all in’ on one ecosystem. So who won? Ben doesn’t want to...
361 Podcast author

Ben: Origin Story [S13E09]

This week it's Mr Smith's turn to tell his background story. From formative years playing with Internet 'stuff' in the automotive industry and the joy of telling other people what to do (er, 'consulting') to 'government stuff' (shhh...) we learn that c...
361 Podcast author

Rafe: Origin Story [S13E08]

This week we put Rafe Blandford in the spotlight - his formative experiences with Psion devices (and broken limbs), founding the ‘all about’ empire, being a blogging pioneer and getting ‘inside Nokia’. Rafe shares his experience at the fore-front of on...
361 Podcast author

What next for apps? [S13E07]

This week we turn the whole episode over to listener (and ace mobile developer / author) Matt Lacey’s question - what comes next for apps? The team talk through their views of the future, the impact of integrating apps into the OS and how Ewan’s going ...
361 Podcast author

Ewan: Origin story [S13E06]

This week we track Ewan's history in tech - inciting a strike at school, selling (and failing to sell) businesses, working with the earliest SMS services, some stuff he can't talk about and big news about his next role. Ewan explains the ups / downs of...
361 Podcast author

The on-demand economy & #RubRafe [S13E05]

The day we (but especially Rafe) didn’t think would come is finally here and the team settle-down to discuss Uber, Deliveroo, Jinn, Quipup, Jinn, Task Rabbit and - crucially - Urban Massage as we share our experiences of the growing number of ‘instant’...
361 Podcast author

Holidays & travel (2016 update) [S13E04]

This week, as summer arrives in the UK with storm warnings and flash floods, we turn our attention to holidays and travel (again). We discuss the impact of the (near) removal of roaming fees across Europe, update our list of essential travel apps for 2...
361 Podcast author

Unscripted: Politics, fitness and LinkedIn [S13E03]

Ewan’s taken over again this week and he doesn’t like planning… so the team wander casually through topics as diverse as politics (the first and only time you’ll hear us talk ‘Brexit’ on the podcast), fitness (we’re still fat) and Microsoft’s LinkedIn ...
361 Podcast author

Rafe sets a challenge [S13E02]

This week Rafe takes control to set the season’s challenge: an entire season for Ben and Ewan to… well, you’ll have to listen to find out. He issues his instructions for the challenge and takes care to explain the rules very precisely this season (afte...
361 Podcast author

Google I/O, WWDC 2016 and… #RubRafe [S13E01]

The team are back with season 13 and some big news on donations (and Rafe’s massage - #rubrafe). We review the big news from recent Google I/O and Apple WWDC events, give our views on the big themes, forget the names of Google’s messaging products and ...
361 Podcast author

Ask us anything [S12E10]

It's almost(!) a tradition... As we end season 12 we answer listeners' questions on topics from SMS (is it dead?) to biometrics and retina scanning (will it replace fingerprint readers?). We revisit the $100 phone challenge and get an update from £1000...
361 Podcast author

Remote and mobile working [S12E09]

This week the team are being productive away from the office and reflect on how we work on the move. We discuss the essential kit we always carry, the software we use and how we stay connected on the move. We play "what's in your bag" and discuss worki...
361 Podcast author

Photos: Storing and sharing (2016 update) [S12E08]

This week we’re re-visiting photos and video. With memories of young families and important concrete to capture, the team review the way they store and backup precious images. Ewan explains his new strategy following PictureLife’s demise and Ben tests...
361 Podcast author

Operators, switching and customer service [S12E07]

This week we’re back to talking about network operators - a subject we covered early in season 1. How have our own choices changes since then, how important really is customer service and what would make us switch again in future? Also hear the announ...
361 Podcast author

Travel, smart homes (update) and CareKit [S12E06]

This week we take-on another (much to Rafe and Ben’s horror) of Ewan’s unscripted episodes - a chance to discuss items of personal interest ‘as they occur to us’. We chat about recent travel traumas, updates on our smart-home efforts and what Apple’s C...
361 Podcast author

A world that never was… [S12E05]

This week the team take a trip into a world that never was and imagine how the face of mobile might have been changed if key events had played out differently… What if Nokia had switched platforms 5 years earlier and could network operator platforms ha...
361 Podcast author

When apps talk back [S12E04]

This week the team discuss audio interfaces - from speech recognition to apps that talk back. We share our experienced, discuss our favourites and consider times we want to use audio instead of a screen. We apologise for the ‘joke’ - it seemed much fun...
361 Podcast author

What are you worth (as an app user)? [S12E03]

This week we talk money… What are you worth to the apps and services you use, how much will they pay to win your business, how do they calculate that and what do (or don’t) they tell you about it? The team also share their own experiences too - who do ...
361 Podcast author

Mobile World Congress 2016 [S12E02]

This week the team review the mobile industry’s annual gathering in Barcelona: Mobile World Congress. Ewan is championing #MWCinaday again, but Rafe’s seen it all and gives us the low-down on hardware, virtual reality, 5G (yes, it’s a thing; no, you ca...
361 Podcast author

Smartest home challenge: Conclusion [S11E11]

The team make their final assessment of progress in their smartest home challenge. What worked, what didn’t and - more importantly - who won? The team consider 11 weeks of attempting to make their home ‘the smartest’ and can only agree on one thing… it...
361 Podcast author

Unscripted… “What’s interesting you?” [S12E01]

We’re back with season 12… Rafe definitely hasn’t had a spray-tan and at Ewan’s suggestion the team go off-script to discuss 3 things that caught their interest over the last week: Ewan’s new mobile gaming habit, Ben’s new bank and Rafe’s new news app....
361 Podcast author

Smartphone hardware and mobile operators [S11E10]

It’s a show of 2 parts this week as the team consider 2 of our favourite gripes: hardware and mobile operators. Do hardware specs matter anymore and are faster / better / cheaper components making a significant impact on the mobile devices we buy? Also...
361 Podcast author

Connected devices at CES 2016 [S11E09]

With CES a now-distant memory (well, a few weeks ago) what better time for Rafe Blandford to get back in-front of a microphone to give us his highlights of the show? The team discuss the large number of ‘connected devices’ on show and the ways in which...
361 Podcast author

Our favourite apps [S11E08]

This week the team share and review the apps and services they use and (mostly) recommend - from productivity to entertainment and across all (well, most) ecosystems. We also catch-up with our ‘smartest home’ challenge.
361 Podcast author

Trends for 2016 [S11E07]

Happy New Year! In this first episode of 2016 the team consider the year ahead and the topics that will be making the biggest impact on mobile (they think - really… don’t stake money on this). They discuss virtual reality’s arrival in the home, apps th...
361 Podcast author