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Where Nerds meet reality.
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2 Nerds and a Girl - Episode 13

Recorded 11-7-13After a long break we're back and we're discussing all things Thor! Samantha lays down some mad mythology and we review the first movie and how it compares to the mythology. We then go into fun trivia surrounding the Thor movies. Who wa...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl - Episode 12

Recorded 9-24-13We're finally back. It's been almost a month. A lot has happened. Our podcast host Evan Girard is MIA. We give our thoughts on the final season of Dexter. Samantha spoils some Pretty Little Liars. Then we dive into DC Comic cadre of non...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl - Episode 11

Recorded 8-29-13This week is our Back to School Special. Join us as we discuss our top Back to School films. We are joined again this week by Julia Fletcher as we dive into some film discussions and debates. Are there bad John Hughes movies? We each re...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl - Episode 10

Recorded 8-20-13This week we are joined by guest host Nate Brazil. We discuss the adoption of a dire wolf by Sansa Stark. Nate chimes in on the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Will Tony Stark end up creating Ultron? Mark Millar's plans to have a Fantastic Fou...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl - Episode 9

Recorded 8-11-13This week we review the Flashpoint Paradox. We compare DC animated films vs. their live action counter parts. Why Samantha hates comic books (I know right). Jobs the Steve Jobs bio pic. Apple business model vs. the world. We introduce t...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 8

Recorded 7-31-13This week is our SPOILERCAST of The Wolverine. Evan is out for a while traveling but will check in with us when he can. We discuss comic movie continuity and hopes for future X-Men movies. What will be in store for future X-Men films li...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 7

Recorded for 7-23-13This week we're missing an Evan so it's Samantha's turn to talk about Pretty Little Liars. Ryan tries to deny that he watches it. Ryan discusses the new title of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Samantha doesn't like Hank Pym because he's...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 6

Recorded 7-18-13This week we discuss Pacific Rim and monster movies of ole. Pacific Rim vs. Transformers, American Godzilla vs. Japanese Godzilla, and Godzilla: Final Wars. What is a Godzilla Encounter. Comic Con news. Amazing Spider-man and Mary Jane ...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 5

Recorded 7-11-13This week were are joined by guest host Julia Fletcher as we jump into our Top 5 Best Films and Top 5 Favorite films (there's a difference you know). We debate the meaning of film noir. Best improvised line in a movie. And some movie tr...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 4

Recorded 7-5-13This week we discuss Sony's 4k Video Streamer along with our thoughts on video resolution. Beware the Batman vs. Batman the Animated series. The documentary Drew: the Man Behind the Poster and the legacy of Drew Struzan. Hobbits are from...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 3

Recorded 6-28-13This week we're one nerd short since Evan went MIA. We talk about being at the "heart" of the Captain Planet movie. Coffee we love. We explore the world of Duck Dynasty JACK! Samantha gives a quick review of Despicable Me. We get upset ...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 2

Recorded 6-20-13Join us for our SPOILERCAST of Man of Steel. Be warned, many spoilers and geeky opinions. Plus we talk about the future of Robert Downey Jr.'s future in Marvel films, Star Wars casting call news, the new Star Wars: Rebels cartoon show. ...
Ryan Chase author

2 Nerds and a Girl: Episode 1

Here we go, first episode (that counts)! Join us as we discuss E3 news, our thoughts on upcoming games and consoles. Game of Thrones Finale and why it's not Middle Earth. Fringe finale season. Man of Steel. And we introduce two new segments of our show...
Ryan Chase author

Episode 0

How to fail at a Podcast? Just listen to this one. This week we discuss Star Trek: Into Darkness, lense flares, Man of Steel, super hero back stories, and introduce the cast of 2 Nerds and a Girl. This is the Lost Episode 0, where Ryan fails to save hi...
Ryan Chase author