Language Rules

Language Rules is a podcast that introduces (some of) the languages of the world and (some of) the people that speak them.

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A podcast about the languages of the world and their speakers
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2015-12-16 21:22
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LR006 Arabic

Elie from Aïn Ikrine, Lebanon, is a native speaker of Lebanese, considers himself near-native in French, but does not feel as comfortable speaking Arabic. Yes, Lebanese is a dialect of Arabic - and yet it's quite a different language. We talk about Fr...
Anett Diesner author

LR005 Turkish

Özlem from Samsun, Turkey, is not only a native speaker of Turkish, but also deals with Turkish in her work as a researcher in the field of natural language processing. We talk about Istanbul, Turkish–German code-switching, agglutination, gatherings of...
Anett Diesner author

LR004b Icelandic (Part II)

In this second episode about Icelandic, Björn demonstrates the various ways to inflect different types of Icelandic words, including names. We talk about certain gender issues, dogs biting men (or the other way around?), the evolution of case, the recy...
Anett Diesner author

LR004a Icelandic (Part I)

Björn from Reykjavík, Iceland, has moved around in the Nordic countries quite a bit in his life. As a result, he speaks several languages fluently and is used to constantly switching back and forth between them. In contrast, his native language Iceland...
Anett Diesner author

LR003 Swedish

This episode's guest Anders comes from the very south of the very north of Europe, namely from Lund in Sweden. We talk about inter-Scandinavian communication, a (not so) Swedish Chef, what makes the Swedes "sing", the definite way to mark definiteness,...
Anett Diesner author

LR002b Esperanto (Part II)

Welcome back to the second part of my interview with Johannes (a.k.a. "two Germans talking to each other in English about Esperanto"). We speak about fifteen of the sixteen rules of Esperanto, what makes Esperanto (more or less) easy to learn, (more o...
Anett Diesner author

LR002a Esperanto (Part I)

How does a new language come into existence? Usually, it's a long and slow process in which one language is evolved from another collectively and overall unintentionally by a community of speakers. However, in the case of Esperanto, its grounds were la...
Anett Diesner author

LR001 Mandarin Chinese

And so it begins ... In the first episode, Anett and her fearless guest Yi from Shanghai (China) go on an epic journey through the linguistic wilderness of (Mandarin) Chinese, always trying to stay away from the sun. Along the way, they encounter a spe...
Anett Diesner author

LR000 Hello World

In this very first episode, Anett gives a brief introduction of herself and this podcast project and delivers some first fun facts about the diversity of the world's languages.
Anett Diesner author