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Entrepreneurship, digital minimalism, theatre, and more
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Secure your Internet connection with the Cloak VPN – WU18

In this age of Snowdens and NSA spying, you might be spending more time thinking about your privacy online. Unfortunately, public wifi—which many of us rely on every day—can be a huge opportunity for hackers and spies to grab your data and use it for n...

Keep your photos safe with Loom – WU17

The late, lamented EverPix was a fantastic service for keeping a “cloud-based” backup of all your photos from all your devices. When it shut down, many users were left scrambling for alternatives. That’s where Loom, a freemium photo storage application...

Keep your files safe and accessible with Dropbox – WU16

As a digital nomad and web entrepreneur, I have a lot of files floating around that I need continuous access to. Bank statements, invoices, legal documents, and more. Whenever possible, I try to be completely paperless, and Dropbox, the free online fil...

Grow your virtual/online team with Elance – WU15

In the past eight or nine months, Van Patten Media has grown from a one or two (and occasionally three) person operation to a group of around ten freelancers working hard to build awesome websites and web products. I attribute that largely to Elance, t...

Collaborative writing and editing is better with Draft – WU14

This week on Wrapp Up I’m joined by my pal Lucas Cherkewski, a talented young designer/developer from Canada. Lucas shares Draft, a platform for writing, editing, and collaborating on words. Draft is minimalist and easy to use, and lets you write artic...

Awesome email lists with MailChimp and Mandrill – WU13

Entrepreneurs and small business owners, like myself, frequently need to manage email lists and send out marketing or promotional emails to clients and potential customers. There are dozens of email marketing tools out there, but my favourite is MailCh...

Cool colour picking with Frank DeLoupe – WU12

This week on Wrapp Up, my pal Dennis Gaebel joins me to share his Wrapp Up pick, Frank DeLoupe. Frank DeLoupe (Frank, for short) is really nifty: it lets you easily pick out colours from anywhere on your screen, and instantly copy the colour code (hex,...

Asana: Productivity is sexy again

A while back (in the second episode, in fact) I covered the productivity/todo list app TeuxDeux, a delightful tool that helps you manage your todo lists, with a focus on only essential features. I still love TeuxDeux, but as my team and business has gr...