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The WordPress Podcast For Design And Web Agencies. Upcomming guests including Kim Doyal, The WordPress Chick, and Hani Mourra creator of Simple Podcast Press.

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The WordPress Podcast for Design and Web agencies. Our weekly show will interview agency owners, WordPress developers and Entrepreneurs from around the world who have innovated with WordPress in their business. Learn how to generate more income for your agency using WordPress. Subscribe today.
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#239 - How to beat feast or famine - Rachel Jacobs

Feast or famine is experienced often by the hard working agency owner. How can we can we change this model and create a business based on recurring income whilst providing the same services? This is not a podcast about selling support packages but inst...

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If you get value from this podcast and believe in our mission, please consider supporting us on Patreon.Click here to support the show.Our mission is to help frustrated and stressed agency owners love their business again.We achieve this through our pl...

#238 - What to avoid in Facebook groups - Nick Gulic

Facebook groups are an amazing place for agency owners to build up relationships, learn and give back. They are also the potential source of distraction if we engage with certain characters. In this episode, Nick shares his experiences in Facebook grou...

#237 - How to take a vacation - Lee Jackson

How do you take a vacation as a business owner when there is so much pressure and perhaps you are even strapped for cash? Taking a vacation can seem like a pipe dream to the agency owner who feels they can never truly take a break.In this week’s episod...

#236 - The anatomy of a funnel - Matt Davies

Funnels are so often abused, yet if done right, they can help us to develop lasting business relationships. In this episode Matt deep dives into the anatomy of a funnel and what the essential ingredients are. I have so often shared my own frustration w...

#235 - Unpacking value based pricing - Rob Da Costa

Trading time for money may be our comfort zone as an agency owner but it is likely holding us back, trapping us in our business and not even doing your clients any favours either! In this weeks episode we talk with Rob Da Costa who shares the concept o...

#234 - You probably need a business coach - Lee Jackson

Running your business alone is a hard slog. I know because I’ve done it. Even if you have business partners or a team, you are still IN your business day to day with all of the internal and external influences that might be affecting decisions, product...

#233 - How Lee screwed up the podcast SEO - Pete Everitt

Now and again a guest comes along who shatters my bubble and changes my mind. This happened in this episode with Pete Everitt. Full disclosure: I have created HUGE amounts of content for 4 years and invested hardly any time into SEO just assuming that ...

#232 - It's time to be frank - Lee Jackson

We need to be having frank conversations. With so much noise, with so many courses, with so many “experts”, with so much social media…. how can an agency owner catch a break and reconnect with reality? In today’s episode I share some of the frank conve...

#231 - What are your agency values? - Ahsan Parwez

How do you give your agency brand a personality? How do you motivate your team, and get everyone on the same page? Ahsan shares how the huge cloud hosting brand Cloudways have managed to communicate their brand and their values to both their customers ...

#230 - A personal update from Lee - Lee Jackson

Today we get personal. Lee shares what's been going on in the Jackson household over the last couple of years and how the community and his businesses have helped him through some very dark times. Bear with us this week, it may seem dark, but there is ...

#229 - How to motivate your agency - Lee Jackson

Agency life can frankly be boring, repetitive and stressful. Being an agency owner can be demanding, exhausting and discouraging. How do you stay motiviated and galvanise the team around you?In this episode Lee drops motivation wisdom from our new YouT...

#228 - Stop redesigning your agency website - Lee Jackson

Many agencies go through multiple iterations of their website, never quite happy with what they have produced. We know this because we are guilty of this, and a huge percentage of our community are forever apologising for their own websites.Are you hap...

#227 - How to establish your brand message - Lee Jackson

What is your brand voice and message? If you don’t know then neither to your potential clients. What helps you stand out from a crowded market place is a clear message that engages your ideal client.Your messaging needs to appeal, have a hook and promo...

#226 - You are NOT a failure - Lee Jackson

Do you feel like a failure? Is your agency not where you feel it should be? In this episode I share how we dealt with both failure and the feelings of failure in our agency. Be prepared to grab a notebook and to pause this episode at the appropriate mo...

#225 - Launching, niching and growing an agency - Tim Brown

What your agency looks like today is likely nothing like you thought it would be. Equally you may be wondering how to start making necessary changes in your business to allow you to grow the team, or free up more of your time. In today’s episode we lea...

#224 - How to exceed expectations - Jordan Johnson

Your agency need not be a cookie cutter clone of what others think an agency should be. You can truly create something unique that will serve your target market and your own plans too. Today we meet Jordan Johnson who changed his entire business model ...

#223 - Marketing activities for agencies - Lee Jackson

Sales strategies are effective when converting leads, and extreme sales techniques are often applied in times of low income in an agency life to help an agency survive. A long term marketing strategy however helps you build your brand, and ATTRACT targ...

#222 - How to communicate with clients - Vito Peleg

Communicating on any project can be hard work. Project management tools are designed to help teams communicate, yet can often be off-putting to your less tech minded clients. Your inbox may be full of emails and nested conversations. Your task lists ma...

#221 - Building a balanced agency life - Erin Flynn

18+ hour days and weekends can be common place in agency life. How do you create a business that promotes a healthy balanced life? Erin shares her story of how she’s been able to build a business that allows her to enjoy the natural beauty of her surro...

#220 - How to show up and be seen - Gareth Carr

Starting an agency can be a challenge. How do you connect with local businesses, generate leads, build a portfolio and grow? These are questions Gareth Carr found the answer to as grew his passion into a business in a new country.Yes, not content with ...

#219 - How to create a buyer experience - Candy Phelps

Web build and design is not often thought of as glamorous or exciting. In the real world it can be a long process taking weeks, if not months. By the end of the project everyone is glad to get the site live and move on.Full show notes -  https://agency...

#218 - How to make agency life enjoyable - Shane Rielly

Are you stuck in your business, struggling to focus on doing the things you love? Meet Shane Rielly, who has evolved his business over the years. He was stuck with low paying, high demand clients and has been on an awesome journey developing his agency...

#217 - Finding the right privacy policy - Donata and Hans

Usually at the very last moment in a project your client suddenly says: “What about the privacy policy”. If you recognise that and can relate to the stress of getting your client to provide legal documentation, or you are left trying to put one togethe...

#216 - Unpacking Accessibility - Colleen Gratzer

Every journey is different. This week we jump into the time machine with Colleen Gratzer as she tells us her story. Her agency has evolved since 2003 and over the last few years she’s been deep diving into accessibility.She blows Lee’s mind with all th...

Important announcement about the podcast

So..... it pains me to share this but we are making a change. Actually it's all cool. No panic but we are moving to Wednesdays (otherwise known as hump day).Why?We've had a lot of feedback that too many of peoples favourite shows come out on Wednesdays...

#215 - How to work out your hourly rate - Lee Jackson

Pricing your projects or working out your hourly rate need not be complicated. In this episode I walk you through how to calculate both a reasonable and logical hourly rate and use that to price your projects and set achievable financial targets.Full s...

#214 - How to launch a niche event - Lee Jackson

In October 2018 we finally decided to go for our dream of launching an event in the agency space. In this episode I share how planned and launched our event along with the lessons we learned along the way.Full show notes: https://agencytrailblazer.com/...

#213 - How to exit your agency - Lee Goff

How do you grow an agency, and create an exit plan that allows you to retire? Many agencies grow to a point where the founder becomes the bottleneck, the blocker to growth and the reason the they cannot move on from what they created. Feeling trapped? ...

#212 - How to beat feast and famine - Matt Davies

It’s the age old agency problem. You work hard to win the project, and then you are all hands on deck for delivery. In the meantime the sales pipeline gets neglected and before long there is too much month at the end of the money.As a result, you and y...

#211 - How to pivot your agency - Oliver Sild

Today we talk with Oliver who shares how his web agency began to develop solutions to help keep their client websites maintained and secure. As their service developed they realised it was time to pivot away from design/web builds and WebArx Security w...

#210 - How to get more exposure - Kerri L Watt

Agency owners often dream of the perfect PR that generates 100s of leads and yet reality never quite meets expectations. How do you generate great PR for your agency that attracts the right sort of leads?Full show notes available here: https://agencytr...

#209 - Speaker Profile: The Business of You! - Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur who has worked his way up as an entrepreneur working 14 hour days 6 days a week to become a virtual CEO. Chris has also written a book on becoming the go- to leader in your industry and build a future proof busines...

#208 - Speaker Profile: Dare to Serve - Kelly Baader

Kelly Baader is a renowned Digital Sales and Marketing Strategist, Certified Business Coach, Mentor to emerging Christian entrepreneurs, Host of Christian CEO Podcast, author of an Amazon bestseller – A Little Girl Called Grace, and the founder of The ...

#207 - How to market your services - Michelle Hunter

Are your current marketing strategies failing you? Do you even have a marketing strategy? (Hey, I’m often winging it folks). Today Michelle Hunter shares how we can create a marketing plan for our services. Expect zero “buzz words”, instead easy to und...

#206 - Speaker Profile: Generating more leads - Dave Foy

Dave Foy teaches graphic designers how to build websites they can be proud of and how to build your websites profitably and quickly. He also shows you how to make beautiful lead magnet landing pages that generate leads like crazy as well as sharing Ele...

#205 - Speaker Profile: Scaling your agency - Troy Dean

Troy Dean is an online marketing speaker; coach, consultant and podcaster. Troy specialises in helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the internet to attract new customers and build their communities. He also runs a membership community training busi...

#204 - Speaker Profile: Attracting Clients - Martin Huntbach

Martin is the co-founder of Jammy Digital, a WordPress web design agency in the UK. Martin, along with his wife Lyndsay help personal brands & small business owners to make their mark online. As well as building websites for some of the UK’s bigges...

#203 - How to launch an online course - Mor Cohen

Want to launch your course online but are holding back? Perhaps you struggle with impostor syndrome. Perhaps you are not sure how to get started. Perhaps you have all the knowledge but it feels all jumbled up. In this episode, Mor Cohen shares how she ...

#202 - How to deal with feeling overwhelmed - Gabrielle Treanor

Overwhelm, stress, worry, anxiety can be the everyday experience of an agency owner. We talk with Gabrielle Treanor, and unpack tools we can use to improve our mental health and better handle the day to day. The questions we ask Gabrielle are all from ...

#201 - How to productize your agency offering - Andrew Palmer

Describing what we do and what we offer can often spill out as a confusion mix of words. As we look at our business, what we are working on often reflects that confusing mix, and can feel like utter chaos. Today I chat with Andrew Palmer who shares his...

#200 - How to transform your agency - Lee Jackson

How do you go about transforming your agency and your life? From experience, small achievable actions lead to big change. Let me share with you the 5 stages of transformation that we have been going through. This creates a pathway that you can use to t...

#199 - How to onboard better quality clients - Andrew Pitchford

Many agencies tend to be working from project to project, often without being able to develop a more long term relationship with their client. Thus an ongoing rinse and repeat of new leads and projects is required to keep the business sustainable.Excit...

#198 - How to productize your services - Kim Barrett

As we develop our agencies, we tend to get busier and busier. Our list of products and services seems to ever expand. Everything we do seems super complicated and unique. We struggle to work out how to bring others in to help us and often we become the...

#197 - How to use split testing in your agency - Adam Lacey

No matter how clever we are, we can’t only nail it first time. I’ve always learned by testing and improving as well as avoiding past mistakes. I’m aware that I’ve not applied this to our own corporate websites so I asked Adam Lacey onto the show to hel...

#196 - How to create an agency that you can love - Bob Gentle

Ever looked at your business and wondered how it got to where it is? Do you like what you see? Bob shares his story of creating a large agency up in Aberdeen. Despite ticking all the “success boxes”, having a large team was not necessarily giving Bob t...

#195 - How to get more traffic and leads - Daniel Daines-Hutt

They preach it from the roof tops: "Content is king", and yet how do we create content that ACTUALLY generates leads? Alternatively, how can we make what we've already created work for our business?Full show notes: https://agencytrailblazer.com/podcast...

#194 - How to build your local agency’s brand - Trudie Avery

As designers, we are often so focused on helping others build their brand that we neglect our own. Today we talk with Trudie who shares with us how she has created her niche, and built her brand in Northamptonshire and the surrounding area.Trudie and I...

#193 - How to use local networking to generate leads - Paul Landa

Local networking is so often overlooked by design and web agencies. It is assumed that our target audience does not exist locally so it is a complete waste of time rocking up to a local breakfast meeting. Paul Landa and Lee smash that assumption sharin...

#192 - How to build an agency on recurring revenue - John White

Agencies are constantly hunting for the next project. What if you could build up a business building websites that guaranteed a monthly income and removed the stress of cashflow? It sounds too good to be true but John White shares how he has achieved j...