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The Language Mastery Show is a podcast by linguist and author John Fotheringham dedicated to sharing: 1) interviews with linguists, polyglots, innovative educators, and prolific language bloggers. 2) The daily habits of successful language learners. 3) The importance of psychology and attitude in language learning (“Attitude always trumps aptitude.”) 4) Common language learning myths and misconceptions. 5) The DOs and DON’Ts of effective language acquisition. 6) The best language learning apps, sites, and resources available. 7) How to enjoy the language learning journey.

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Interview with Mattias Ribbing, Grandmaster of Memory

Mattias Ribbing is a Swedish author, lecturer, and Grandmaster of Memory. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2016 Bulletproof Conference and was blown away by his highly effective methods and positive attitude. Contrary to what most people would ...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Kerstin Hammes of “Fluent Language”

Kerstin Hammes is the outspoken author of the Fluent Language blog, Fluency Made Achievable, and The Vocab Cookbook. She is a native German speaker, but has reached a native level of fluency in English, and abilities in a number of additional languages...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Chris Broholm of “The Actual Fluency Podcast”

In today's show, I talk with Chris Broholm of Actual Fluency, an excellent podcast and blog boasting an impressive number of interviews with brilliant language experts, zany polyglots, etc. (over 50 episodes as of writing), including many of my heroes ...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Luca Lampariello of “The Polyglot Dream”

In today's show, I chat with the man, the legend, the one and only, Italian polyglot Luca Lampariello. Over the past 20 years, Luca has reached a very high level in 9 foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Portugu...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Aaron Myers of The Everyday Language Learner

Aaron Myers is the man behind The Everyday Language Learner, a wonderful blog that aims to help the average Joe (and John, and Rosemary, and…okay, you get the idea) learn a foreign language in fun, effective, efficient way. Above all else, Aaron strive...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Donovan Nagel of The Mezzofanti Guild& Talk in Arabic

Donovan Nagel is an Applied Linguistics graduate hailing from rural Queensland, Australia (the amazing soundscape you hear in the background of our interview) and the man behind the language learning site and community, The Mezzofanti Guild, and the Ar...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Kevin Morehouse of “Language Hero”

Kevin Morehouse is the man behind, a site dedicated to helping language learners start their journey, find allies, and stay the course. Kevin is a certified Italian teacher and soon to be certified in Spanish as well. In our interview, ...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Hyperpolyglot Richard Simcott of

Richard Simcott is an accomplished polyglot with impressive abilities in over 16 languages, a feat that led HarperCollins to call him "one of the most multilingual people from The United Kingdom". Richard shares his language learning wisdom, tips, inte...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Benny Lewis of “Fluent in 3 Months”

Benny Lewis, also known as the Irish Polyglot, is one of my heroes. Not only has he demonstrated that it's possible to reach conversational fluency in a matter of months, not years as most believe, but he lives his life as a full-time traveler, languag...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Ellen Jovin of “Words& Worlds of New York”

Ellen Jovin is variously described as a "linguaphile", a "language-crazed writer", a "grammar freak", a "former freelance writer", and a professional trainer specializing in communication skills. On the first of July in 2009, Ellen began a impressive l...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Olly Richards of “I Will Teach You a Language”

With seven languages under his linguistic belt and an academic background in Applied Linguistics, Olly Richards of has proven that he can both talk the talk and walk the walk. His infectious passion for all things language is...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Keith Brooks of “Pardon My Norwegian”

Keith Brooks is the man behind Pardon My Norwegian, a site dedicated to “everything cool from Norway from the eyes of a Kentuckian”. Prior to “marrying” the Norwegian language, Keith sampled a number of a potential languages in a project called 37 Lang...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Susanna Zaraysky, author of “Language is Music”

Susanna Zaraysky is a self-proclaimed “language geek”, a speaker of 7 languages, and the author of "Language Is Music: Over 100 Fun & Easy Tips to Learn Foreign Languages". She has been featured on CBS, BBC Radio, CNN, NBC, and Univision, and now t...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Paulino Brener: Educator, Performer& Social Media Expert

Paulino Brener is educator, performer, social media manager, and one of the few people I know who has managed to successfully blend all of his passions (foreign languages, teaching, crafts, social media, and performance arts) into one. And get paid to...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Jason West of “English Out There”

In my interview with Jason West, the creator of English Out There, we discuss the weaknesses of traditional English schools, methodologies, and materials, and how his approach aims to overcome them. I especially enjoyed his effective, no-nonsense appro...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Arkady Zilberman of “Language Bridge”

Arkady Zilberman, creator of Language Bridge and a former simultaneous interpreter in Russia, addresses what is perhaps the greatest impediment to adult language learning success: cross-translation to and from one's native language. Few learners are pr...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Randy Hunt of “Fluent Every Year”

Randy is on a mission to learn a new language fluently every year. His current project is Italian, with Lithuanian as a side-project saved for weekend fun. Randy has his language-learning head screwed on tightly, and I firmly agree with his contention ...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Clint Schmidt of LiveMocha

In this interview with Clint Schmidt, LiveMocha's [former] Vice President of Marketing and Product, he shares what he thinks makes LiveMocha unique and he introduces some exciting new products coming down the pipe. He also responds to some of my grill...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Dr. Orlando Kelm, UT Professor of Portuguese& Spanish

In his own words, Dr. Orlando Kelm is "a lucky guy" professionally. Not only does he get to spend his time with two languages (Spanish and Portuguese), but he also the Associate Director of Business Language Education for the UT CIBER (Center for Inter...
John Fotheringham author

Interview with Steve Kaufmann, Founder of

With 11 languages under his belt, Steve Kaufmann is an extremely accomplished language learner. His extensive language learning wisdom in shared in his book titled The Way of the Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey and his online language learning s...
John Fotheringham author