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This podcast has two purposes. 1. This show pulls back the curtain on Webinars so you can learn how entrepreneurs are using them successfully. We learned very early in the process of creating this podcast and our platform that people that want to do webinars, are just as concerned with what to do on them as they are with the technology itself. 2. The second reason is a bit selfish. This podcast is our own research and development exercise. Everything I learn in the process of this podcast, has been and will be put into our Webinar Platform and I share the journey of building that along with you. In this podcast, you'll hear from webinar attendees, organizers and heavy users- those that make a very good living using webinars. We learn how they use webinars, what they loved about them them, what they hate about them and their struggles along the way. To learn more, visit webinarninja.co.

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A podcast about teaching, selling and communicating with your audience effectively using webinars. We learn how webinars went so wrong, how the masters are using them and how you can become a Webinar Ninja yourself.
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WN11: 48 Hours to Go

I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous. We are releasing Webinar Ninja to the public in 48 hours. In two days our members will have access to the webinar platform we’ve been working on for the past 18 months. I want to share with you our development process...
Omar Zenhom author

WN10: Can Webinars Create a Movement?

Any business, any known brand has a community behind it. A community of raving fans. This is not by accident. Businesses that succeed know that they need to create a movement in order to get others on board. Webinars give you the platform to communicat...
Omar Zenhom author

WN09: Marketing that Works!

One of the reasons people do webinars is because it’s a great tool to market their business with. And they’re right, but most don’t utilize webinars properly as a marketing tool. It’s actually quite shocking how under-utilized webinars are when it come...
Omar Zenhom author

WN08: Pulling Back the Curtain

On today’s episode, we pull back the curtain on the software we’ve been developing over the last 17 months, Webinar Ninja. We give you a sneak ‘peek’ of some of its features and tell you why we believe it will be the leader in the Webinar World. You’ll...
Omar Zenhom author

WN07: The Details On How To Sell With Webinars

On today’s episode, we focus on “the selling” with webinars. What are the exact steps to selling a product or service with webinars? I figured the best way to do this is to not only have me do the teaching but to share with you the insights of someone ...
Omar Zenhom author

WN06: Lights. Camera. Action!

On today’s episode I share with you the challenges when it comes to using video with webinars and what we, at Webinar Ninja, are doing about it. We will also touch on something not a lot are talking about- managing the chat area while on video.  The ch...
Omar Zenhom author

WN05: Are Webinars Email List Building On Steroids?

On today’s episode we examine how webinars can be used to grow your audience and specifically your email subscriber list. Email marketing is more powerful than ever. More powerful than social media? Yes! More than social. Listen in on two conversions o...
Omar Zenhom author

WN04: Can You Guys Hear Me?

On today’s episode we focus on the reason why webinars are so effective. Connecting with your audience. There is no better or faster way to build trust and rapport with your audience than using webinars. If you aren’t convinced of this yet, this episod...
Omar Zenhom author

WN03: What About The Tech?

In our last few episodes we haven’t really talked about the tech of webinars, yet. Today, we WILL be geeking out about what technical components are important to run an effective webinar. The tech, when it comes to webinars is more than just tools. It’...
Omar Zenhom author

WN02: What Makes a Great Teacher?

In episode two of Webinar Ninja, we answer the question, “What makes a great teacher?” How do we balance teaching and providing great value to your audience, with selling what we offer on a webinar? We call upon an expert teacher and a leader in webina...
Omar Zenhom author

WN01: Why Are Webinars So Hot Right Now?

In episode one of  Webinar Ninja, we get brutally honest about why we created this podcast. We then take a look at why webinars are so hot right now. You’ll hear from John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire explain why more people are not using webinars...
Omar Zenhom author

Pre-Launch Ep. 3: Why Webinars Are So Powerful

In our third pre-launch episode of Webinar Ninja we discuss the real reason why webinars are so powerful. Yes, they are a great sales and marketing tool but when we dig deeper we find out it’s much more than that. Hear previews of up-coming episodes an...
Omar Zenhom author

Pre-Launch Ep. 2: What You Can Expect From This Podcast

In our second pre-launch episode of Webinar Ninja we share what’s to come in this podcast. You’ll get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming episodes and the topics we explore together. What makes a great teacher? Why do some of us struggle with webinars...
Omar Zenhom author

Pre-Launch Ep. 1: Why You Should Subscribe

Welcome to the Webinar Ninja podcast. In our first pre-launch episode, we give a sneak peek of what this show is all about and share with you why you should subscribe to this podcast. Visit webinarninja.co to learn more about this podcast and the new p...
Omar Zenhom author