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Once a week I report on the lessons learned as a student in the Digital Filmmaking program at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) at Boston University. I review my classes, talk about relevant technology news and emerging trends in the motion graphics field. If I have time I’ll include Interviews with students, instructors, professional filmmakers and creators of the technology we know and love.

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A weekly audio journal of painful introspection and learning stuff about media production
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#265 Fork in the road

An update on this podcast and news about a new podcast that's in the works. See the show notes on the main blog.

#264 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers – Post Production

Episode 7 in this series about producing audio and video interviews is about things to do immediately after the interivew is finished. See shownotes and hear the episode on the main site.

#263 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers – #6 Onsite Production

Up to this point in this series on interviewing for Storytelling I've focused on the preparing for the interview from the interviewer and Subject's perspective. In this episode the focus is on the productiong team on the other side of the lights. You'l...

#262 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers - #5

Here is episode #5 in my series on journalistic interviewing for film, audio or print. For a change, I want to present the experience from the interviewee's perspective. Show notes and podcast are also available on the Main site.

261 Interviewing for Storytellers

What considerations does the Interviewer need to make once the day of the interview arrives. Listen to the podcast and read the show notes on the main site,

#260 Writing Questions for Interviews

These questions are for researching events for stories through individuals who have direct experience. You'll find the show notes, links and the podcast on the main blog.

#259 December 2013 Slideshow

You'll find both the audio and the slideshow on the main blog here.

#258 November 2013 Slideshow

Here's November's review of photographs. You can find this audio and the slideshow on the blog or here at Flickr.

#257 October 2013 Slideshow

Here's the link to the show notes and the podcast

#256 September 2013 Slideshow

Click here for the link to the main blog for the show notes for this and other episodes. Here are the links for the Flickr sets I've mentioned in this episode. Septtember 2013 Slideshow set

#255 August 2013 Slideshow

More photos to show for my year long project of shooting  everyday. See show notes and images on the main blog

#254 July Photographs

Here's a critique of the images I shot for the month of July 2013. Show notes and link to images are on the main blog.

#253 June 2013 Slideshow

45 photographs taken during the month of June. More information and show notes on the main blog.

#252 May 2013 Slideshow

One or a few images a day that I shot throughout the month of May. Also a little commentary on the images in the podcast and some opionions about how we approach photographry. See the show notes and links to the images at the main blog.

#251 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers: <br> #2 Preproduction

Preparation for story building and the interview. Show notes and audio are here.

#250 April's Photographs - 2013

See the show notes on the blog. I've included a little clarification about the idea of perception over conceptual seeing as it relates to photography.

#249 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers: #1 Story

Show notes and liks are on the main site for Video Student Guy dot com.

#248 March 2013 Slideshow

Images are available on the Blog or at Flickr

#247 Establishing an online footprint

In which i relate the various tools and windy path I've taken in my own online journey. I talk about the major online platforms I've used, changes I've made over the years and why I made them so that you can make your own choices. You'll find the links...

#246 February 2013 Slideshow

A monthly sampling of images I have shot throughout the month as exercises in learning how to see more clearly and create images that are authentic. Show notes and links mentioned in this episode are on the main Podcast page. If you just want to see th...

#245 Interviewing Techniques for Storytelling: Introduction

In this introduction to the series I will be covering the dynamic relationship between you and your interview subject and then run down the 9 episodes that comprise this series: PreProduction or Planning Asking the Right Questions Managing your Subjec...

#244 Slideshow - January 2013

I've got a new DSLR full of buttons and jacks so I'm commited to shooting something every day. Every month I'll put up a set on my Flickr site featuring one image from each day. Ill provide some commentary for each photo in the podcast. These are not m...

#243 About Critiques

The origin of this show is the result reading this post by photographer Eric Kim about the process of running an online critique, such as they have on Flickr and elsewhere. In this show I use his post as a starting point and looke at ways of running a ...

#242 About this podcast

Here is a brief summary of the past five years of the show, with links to episodes that I think reflect the spirt of the time. The Early Years Jan 2007 - April 2008 (Episodes 1 thru 86) #1 Looking for learning I’ve already spent a year planning my fir...

#241 Telling stories

Show notes and links can be found on the show site.

#240 Trying to get the feeling again

The year is done and the future looks bright. Read the show notes and the transcript to this show

Farewell to PAB, a lifechanging experience

Show notes and links are available here.

Finding a use for Twitter

Many years down the Twitter road and I'm still without any motivation to tweet. I picked up some encouraging  information at a recent THATCamp in Providence last week that I hope will get me on the right track. Check out the show notes.

#237 Creativity Pt 2 Podcasters Across Borders

In this second installment of my interview with Susan Murphy, we talk exclusvely about PAB, the annual New Media event that takes place every year in June in Ottawa Canada. It's not merely about media, it's more fundamental, focusing on ideas and the p...

#236 Creativity and Creator Camp

Susan Murphy is my guest for a conversation about how unconferences, particularly Creator Camp, can provide a lot of professional, personal and fun experiences whether you're into social media or no. Full show notes and links at the main site, Video St...

#235 Howard Phillips Interview on using DSLRs for video production

Howard Phillips is an accomplished cinematographer, filmmaker, media technologist and teacher. I met Howard when I was a student in the Filmmaking program at Boston University' CDIA where he was Associate Director of the program. Over the years I have ...

#234 Rule Camera Presents Dr. Bob Arnot: Questions and Answers

This episode is the Q&amp;A that followed Dr. Bob Arnot speaking at Rule Camera in late February about being an independent multimedia journaliist. read the previous post for more information about Rule Camera and links to Dr. Bob's work. if you're an ...

#233 Rule Camera Presents Dr. Bob Arnot: The Show

If you know anything about Dr. Bob Arnot you know if from his role as chief medical correspondent for CBS news in years past. Since I haven't watched TV through the airwaves for two or three years I didn't know he had moved on. You can find out more ab...

#232 Canon C300 questions answered

Show notes and comments at

#231 The new Canon C300 video camera

Show notes and comments here.

#230 Milestone

Show notes and comments here.

#229 Automatize your creativity

Show notes and comments here.

#228 Happy CNDOP Day

Canadian National Day Of Podcasting Show notes and comments here.

#227 Code Mode

Show notes and comments here

#227 Code Mode.mp3

Show notes and comments here.

#226 Using the right tool

Show notes and comments here.

Steve Jobs In Memoriam

Show notes and comments are here.

#224 Camera Raw #5 Color Intensity

Comments and show notes here.

#223 Changing horses in the middle of the stream

Show notes and comments here.

#222 Camera Raw #4

Shownotes and comments here. This video tutorial covers the Camera Raw tools that affect the luminance of images such as Fill Light, Contrast and Brightness.

#221 Lessons from summer camp

Show Notes and comments here.

#220 Camera Raw #3 Color Balance

Show notes and comments

#219 Camera Raw #2 Screencast

Link to show notes and video

#218 BorisFX compositing software

Show notes and comments here.

#217 Your story is History

Show notes and blog are on the official VideoStudntGuy blog In today's show I'm talking about history and storytelling, a topic that was prompted by  a fun podcast I just discovered, Today in Canadian History and also because this weekend PAB (Podcaste...