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Photoshop Retouching Tutorials
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Behind The Retouching | John Ross – Natural Beauty – Advanced Photoshop #138

Behind The Retouching | John Ross – Natural Beauty – Advanced Photoshop Magazine #138 This video is available with Free For All. Running Time: 33 minutes My name is John Ross, and welcome back to Behind the Retouching! It’s been quite a while, and it i...

Adobe Fails | Changes, Glitches, and Poor Decisions

Adobe Fails | Changes, Glitches, and Poor Decisions This video is available Free for Everyone. Running Time: 10 minutes As big a deal as Adobe Photoshop is in the world of retouching today, there are and always will be, errors inside the program—from m...

Professional Masking | Photoshop Intermediate Tutorial

For Advanced Photoshop Magazine #130, I was asked to show how I create my selections. In this extended video, I'm going to show you the ins and outs of Professional Masking. Properly masking an image with Adobe Photoshop is often done using one of the...

Smart Objects and Smart Filters | Photoshop Basic 2 Tutorial

Whether you are retouching portraits or composites, the Smart Object is, and always will be, the right way to go. In this short session, I will tell you all about the magic of Smart Objects and Smart Filters. For any retoucher, it is important to dev...

10 More Things Still Missing in Photoshop CC for Retouchers

Adobe has released another update to Photoshop CC. They even released a pretty interesting video showing the future of the entire suite of products. While this was a video to showcase their new partnership with Microsoft, there is plenty to look forwar...

Rulers and Guides | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

When working in Photoshop, while most of it is creative, sometimes you will want to be as accurate as you possibly can. Rulers and guides come in handy because they help you create specific points in your image that you may want to refer to at a later ...

Magic Wand and Quick Selection | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Aside from the Lasso-based tools, we can also use the Magic Wand when it comes to making selections in Photoshop. You can press and hold the Quick Selection Tool to choose the Magic Wand Tool. When you click on a section in your image, it selects an ar...

Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

The purpose of making a selection, is so that you can make changes within a limited, and controlled area.There are a variety of tools you should consider when making selections in your image. There are several that will allow you make direct selections...

Selective Color | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Selective Color is the go-to tool for simple color correction. Little need for masking, and no confusing RGB sliders. You just need someone to give you a little direction, and you will find how easy this tool can be. As with the other Adjustment Tools,...

Vibrance | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Let’s say you have an image that’s looking pretty pale. When you want to adjust the saturation of an image, I normally don’t recommend using the Saturation Adjustment. Instead, what we’ll be using is the Vibrance Adjustment, because it has Saturation i...

Levels | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

When you want to create tonal changes the easiest and simplest way possible, your best bet is to use Levels. Simply go over to the Adjustments palette (or if it isn’t open yet, go to Window – Adjustments). There, click on the icon that says “Levels”. A...

Adjustment Layers | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Adjustment Layers work like tinted sheets of glass that you overlay on top of your image one at a time. It’s kind of like a tinted or colored light bulb. You can turn on/off the effect, or adjust the values as a separate layer on top of your original i...

Color Picker | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

The Color Picker in Photoshop is used for a variety of different reasons. At a basic level, it can be used to choose a color, and then then you can paint with that color. Once you become more familiar with how it works, it can be used to match colors, ...

Spot Healing Brush | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Nearly every image can benefit from Cloning or Healing. It could be removing flyaway hair, dust on the lens, skin blemishes, or any of the other hundred things I could think of. Some corrections require some skill, and knowledge to handle the various t...

10 Things Still Missing in Photoshop CC for Retouchers

Photoshop is an amazing tool. Mindblowingly complex, but nearly flawless. Recently, Adobe announced all the new 2014 features for the Creative Cloud Suite of products. While I am sure that graphic designers, 3D modelers, and video technicians have plen...

Navigator, Hand, and Zoom Tools | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

When it comes to navigating around your image, there are two tools and one palette that will come in really handy. This video will walk you through how to use the Navigator Palette, Hand Tool, and Zoom Tool. These are some of the most basic items in Ph...

History Palette | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to perfecting our retouching. In those moments when you just can’t find the right adjustment for something, the History Palette comes to the rescue. By default, you will have 20 past ste...

Layers Palette | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Layers make up a huge chunk of the magic of Photoshop. It is one of the most crucial tools that you can use especially for non-destructive editing, but it is also one of the most confusing if you don’t quite know how to make your way around it. Don’t w...

Options Bar | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

Do you see that toolbar that runs along the top of Photoshop, below the main menu? That is the Options bar. The Options bar changes depending on the tool that you have selected. For instance, if we click on the Eyedropper tool, the Options bar changes ...

Info Palette | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial

The Info Palette shows you different information about your image, based on your selected tool. It will tell you about color breakdown, measurements, and other useful tidbits. The post Info Palette | Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial appeared first on The ...