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"This Old Nerd" shows you how you can have the most tech-forward house on the block if you're willing to do it yourself. This is the HD feed.

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"This Old Nerd" shows you how you can have the most tech-forward house on the block if you're willing to do it yourself. This is the HD version of the show.
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Home Theater Components: The Epic Setup

Last time, we wall mounted our television. This time, find out what components power our home theater. Come join us for our season finale! Download: HD (m4v) | HD (mp4) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4) author

Wall mounting a flat-panel TV

Time to get the home theater re-started! The #1 thing on our list was wall mounting our new HDTV. However, we got a couple of professionals to install the TV and give us some insights on what you should know if you want to attempt this yourself. Downlo... author

Fitness Technology

Being a nerd, old or young, requires you to put yourself in some weird positions. We’ve been in cramped attics, under desks, roofs and all kinds of places and that requires some fitness. Today we took a look at some low tech solutions that work best fo... author

Wirelessly sync photos & videos with an iOS device without iCloud

Live and learn. My wife almost lost all of her pictures of our kid due to a lack of syncing her iPhone. So, since she’s married to “This Old Nerd,” we fixed it and made it an episode. Learn how to wirelessly sync your photos and videos before iOS 5 is ... author

Hack the Nintendo Wii

We go in-depth on how to hack the Nintendo Wii. Considering a brand new Wii is expected in 2012, there hasn’t been a better time to try this out. Rob Borgesi hosts this super-sized episode. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4) author

Access your home media server from anywhere

We built a home media server with our movies and music, but we wanted to access that content everywhere. So, we tried out a whole bunch of services like ZumoCast, Air Video, Audiogalaxy, and Orb. Find out which ones worked best for us. Download: HD (mp... author

Setting up a home network

We need to get our new house up to speed and that means we need a wired home network. Today’s episode shows you how to make your own ethernet cables, how to attach ethernet to keystones for a great finished look in your home and more. Download: HD (mp4... author

Get free HDTV using an over-the-air antenna

We’re in a brand new house, so we’ve got to start all over again. This time, we’re sticking to our cord cutting ways by installing a new over-the-air antenna using some old and new tricks. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4) author

Livestreaming from your car

This time, we’re showing you how you can set up a livestream from you car while being able to hear a chat room so you can interact while you drive. An odd project, but one we did in real life. Why would anyone do this? Because they can. Download: HD (m... author

Living without a cell phone: The Road Test

Last season, we ditched a cell phone for a MiFi plus an iPod Touch and we’ve been living with that set up for months. Is it possible to live without a cell phone in this day and age? Find out in this episode of “This Old Nerd.” Download: HD (mp4) | HD ... author

016: How to build a PC with HotHardware

Marco Chiappetta of shows us how to build a PC from the ground up in this super-sized episode of This Old Nerd (over 30 minutes!). A big thank you to and Marco for being on the show. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) | SD (m... author

015: Unleashing Your Router

Today we have Robert Borgesi guest-hosting in the most intense episode of This Old Nerd where he shows you how to unleash the power of your router using DD-WRT. In particular, you’ll learn how to create a wireless repeater-bridge. Download: HD (mp4) | ... author

014: Front-Ends: What I Actually Use

After our front-end series, I wanted to show you what I actually use from day to day. This was originally planned to be an online exclusive, but we wanted all of you to watch. We’ve got 2 more season 1 episodes left. Season 2 is in the works (it’s a lo... author

Scheduling Update

We wanted to give you a quick update on our schedule. Two new episodes are coming in January 2011 and a new season begins in February with regular weekly episodes. Thanks for watching! Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) | SD (mp4) | Tiny (mp4) author

Outtake Special

Nope, doing a show isn’t easy. In fact, “This Old Nerd” makes lots of mistakes. With the end of the year looming, we’ve collected some of our favorite outtakes for you. Download: author

13: Sell or donate your gadgets

To stay on the cutting edge of technology, you can use your old gadgets to fund your new gadgets. Find out the best practices to use when you’re looking to ladder your technology. Also, in the holiday spirit, we’ve also included information on how you ... author

12: Front-ends for your media server: Video Game Systems

Find out how to access your media server using your XBox 360 and Sony PS3. It’s actually easier than you think. Sit back and enjoy our final installment of our front-end series. Next week, something completely different. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (m4v) |... author

11: Front-ends for your media server: Set-Top Boxes

You built your media server and now you want to access it in your living room? Do you buy another computer? Nope. Try a set-top box instead. In this episode, we look at three different set-top box solutions to access your media server. Download: HD (mp... author

10: Front-ends for your media server: Windows

Today we’re covering how to access your media server using Windows front-end software. We check out MediaPortal, XBMC (formerly known as “Xbox Media Center”), and Microsoft’s own Windows Media Center. If you’d like to see what we thought about Boxee, c... author

09: Front-ends for your media server: Mac OS X

So you built a media server that has all your content. Today, we cover how to access your server using front-ends for Mac OS X. Windows users, don’t miss this episode because we also talk about the cross-platform Boxee. Find out which one is the best f... author

08: How to ditch your phone but stay connected

Got a voice plan, data plan, texting plan, and a tethering plan? Getting overcharged with cell phone bills? Forget that. We’re going data only which means huge savings in your wallet. Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to make and receive calls and tex... author

07: Create great-looking video chats

Almost every computer and a lot of phones can do video calls. The problem is that the vast majority of people don’t know how to make their video calls look great. Today, we’ll show you the basics when it comes to creating great-looking (and great sound... author

06: Cutting cable TV Part II: Victory!

We did it! We’ve cut the cable using a combination of an over the air antenna, Hulu, a home theater PC and more. Find out what made a difference in this episode. Today, the show is “This Victorious Nerd.” Some helpful links and a deleted scene after th... author

Coming Next Week: Cutting Cable TV Part II

We’re getting in some new tech to help us cut out cable. Unfortunately, that delays this week’s episode. We’ll be back next week and it will be full of win this time. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (M4V) |SD (mp4) author

05: Cutting cable TV

Today, we try to say goodbye to cable television using a simple combo of Hulu, an HTPC, and an over-the-air antenna. How did it go? Not according to plan. Expect another attempt at an over-the-top solution soon. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (M4V) | SD (mp4) author

04: Installing a home gym entertainment center

So you’re getting older and you need to stay in shape. However, certain exercises can be very boring. Today’s episode shows you how to install an entertainment center in your home gym. We cover mounting a monitor to a wall, work arounds for connecting ... author

03: Home Theater/HDMI splitting

This week we’re taking our home theater and duplicating it using a combination of technologies. This episode is also useful if you just want to create a long run of HDMI. Visit our store to find all the products we used to make this project work. Downl... author

02: Put together a home media server

Last week, we built a gigabit Ethernet network. This week, we’re putting all our pictures, music, and movies on a server and accessing everything through front end software all over the network. Download: HD (mp4) | HD (M4V) | SD (mp4) author

Coming Thursday: Home Media Server

We just got picked up by iTunes in the New and Noteworthy section and wanted to let you know what’s coming up this week. Download: HD (MP4)| HD (m4v) | SD (iPod) author

01: Set up a wired home network

So you’ve managed to settle down, but how’s your tech life? In the first episode of “This Old Nerd,” your host guides you through setting up a wired network in your home. Programming note: this is a sneak peek of this show. Regular weekly episodes star... author