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Agile software development is a mix of best practices and philosophical tenants. But there is a big difference between the ideal situations and what developers face in the real world. This Agile Life talks with some of the best in the business about the challenges of software engineering and how real world solutions can bring the promise of Agile methodologies to your software projects.

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A podcast devoted to agile and lean software development.
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Minimum Viable Airlines

Items necessary for "Minimum Viable Airlines" and your "Minimum Viable Project". These are the items that we agreed we would need before embarking on a project together. Do you have all of these before you begin a project? Destination - Project Vision ...
John Sextro author

The Developer Experience Manifesto

Join the guys as they, on the fly, create the Developer Experience Manifesto Picks Jason Book - “Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words of Influence & Impact” by Phil Jones - great insights and straights on how many of the simple things we say (inclu...
John Sextro author

Chaotic and Confusing

Scaled Agile and the similarities between hair styling and agilist. The Picks Craig New version of git, introducing git switch and git restore: Lee Pros and Cons of Scaled Agile https://www.qasym...
John Sextro author

Inconsistent at Best

In this thrilling episode of This Agile Life, Jason asks for advice from Craig, Amos and Lee on what kind of metrics development teams can provide so there is some level of predictability as to new when features will be available to users or potential ...
John Sextro author

Skinny Agile

Topics Marriage Workshop Skinny Agile Commandments: Working software, delivered in short intervals (weekly or more often) Every story has to be deployed when it’s finished Every story has to be valuable (to the stakeholders) and observable Picks Craig ...
John Sextro author

Alone in the Ring

Jason and Amos in a steel cage match of death. Picks Tice Live Event - Play For Agile NA - September 26 - 29, 2019 - Corwall, ON - Multi-Day Open Space conference focused on collaboration for high performing teams - theme this year is: Growing Empathy...
John Sextro author

Letting People Be Vulnerable

What to do when team members don’t want to follow the established team rules? How to deal with your emotions getting the better of you? How Craig prefers to work * Introverted, but likes to work with people * Thinking out loud * OK with taking criticis...
John Sextro author

Squad, Squad, Squad, Squad

How to tell how well your team is doing * Happiness * Productivity * Informed (communication) * Needed a break? * Learned/improved? * How many times did you feel pain? * Trust * Feeling important/useful * Self-organizing * Have you tried “all” the Agil...
John Sextro author

Episode 138: Dirty Diapers

John Sextro author

Episode 137: Geological Separation

Picks John * test && commit || revert with Kent Beck on * GTD, for $1.99 Amos * GullyTown Do...
John Sextro author

Episode 136: Natural Flow

Picks Craig * A critique of “the 5 whys” ( (not the one I saw recently, but similar) * Office Space scenes with the real Michael Bolton (
John Sextro author

Episode 135: Shower Standup

Links Agile Connection ( Subway Map to Agile Practices ( Picks Craig Doug DeMuro car videos (
John Sextro author

Episode 134: Ideas to Increase Agility in 2018

Special Guests Don Peters Marc Chouinard Topics Real-Time Team Improvements Setting Clear Objectives, Goals, and Working Agreements Try Pair Testing in 2018 Find Your Personal Impact / Motivation Picks Liftoff (
John Sextro author

Episode 133: Agile Tribal Council

Topics Leadership by example Picks Craig Clean Architecture ( by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin Building Evolutionary Architectures (
John Sextro author

Episode 132: Stockholm Syndrome

Discussion The standardization of agile process across an organization. Picks Lee 22 Scrum Master Anti-Patterns ( from Job Ads, blog post by Stefan Wolpers Nate Mellowcreme pumpkins (https:/...
John Sextro author

Episode 131: Great Bathtubs

The Discussion We discuss ways that you can create a virtual "Save Point" in your project, both technically and with your relationships. Picks Nate Audible Content Exchange ( Lee Welcome Inn Manor ( - B&B...
John Sextro author

Episode 130: Intelligent Monkeys

Picks Amos Moon Monkey - Ginger Beer from Saint Louis’ Urban Chestnut Quixir ( - Property-based testing in Elixir Lee Artillery ( - performance testing tool Testing Pyramid (
John Sextro author

Episode 129: What Happened

Links Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs ( Picks Jason The DevOps Lego Chocolate Game ( - a gr...
John Sextro author

Episode 128: Pickle Buckets

Recorded at the Rolla Brewpub ( Amos and Craig head out to a Brewery...Yes, a Brewery, and talk Josh Stacy, one of the co-owners of Public House Brewing Company. They talk about learning from our mistake...
John Sextro author

Episode 127: Someone Stank

Working from Home / Pairing Suggests on how to pair Mob Programming Picks Amos Maltopia, Hermitage Brewing ( Strange Loop ( ElixirConf (https://elixirconf...
John Sextro author

Episode 126: Cat Killed the WiFi

Job Interviews Hiring without Whiteboards ( The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews ( from the New York ...
John Sextro author

Episode 125: DevOps Extravaganza of Tangents

Picks Craig Supporting Open Source projects Ruby Together 5 Web Trends for 2017 Progressive Web Apps - mobile first, responsive, offline, cross-platform, Amos Elixir Daze - because I’m speaking The Commodore - Ballast Point brewer Stout All the Indian...
John Sextro author

Episode 124: The 12 Days of Agile

Below are the most impactful words that Craig and Jason selected from each of the 12 principles * Principle #1: Delivery & Customer * Principle #2: Welcome & Change * Principle #3: Frequently & Shorter * Principle #4: Business-People & ...
John Sextro author

Episode 123: Return of the Amos King

Amos interview David Bernstein
John Sextro author

Episode 122: The Amos Files, Part 2

Amos King interviews Fadik Houry, Francie Van Wirkus and Ryan Ripley following their presentations at Agile Dev East
John Sextro author

Episode 121: The Amos Files, Part 1

Amos King interviews John Krewson and David Hussman following their presentations at Agile Dev East
John Sextro author

Episode 120: 2 Person Retro

Craig shows how to open yourself up for feedback as he and Amos discuss his recent presentation at Ruby Conf. Craig and Amos demonstrate how to do a retrospective with 2 people, and how to give and receive feedback.
John Sextro author

Episode 119: Trust, Transparency and Truth

This presentation was recorded at Agile Gravy 2016 Trust Transparency Truth
John Sextro author

Episode 118: At the Wheelhouse (Agile Lunch)

Co-location Remote teams Measurement and measuring
John Sextro author

Quick Announcement from Amos

Look out UK. Here comes Amos!
John Sextro author

Episode 117: Rubber Duck Effect (Scrum to Kanban)

Scrum vs. Kanban
John Sextro author

Episode 116: It’s Called a Comic Book – Pt. 2 (State of Agile)

The Version One 10th Annual State of Agile
John Sextro author

Episode 115: It’s Called a Comic Book – Pt. 1 (State of Agile)

The Version One 10th Annual State of Agile
John Sextro author

Episode 114: You Can’t Handle the Truth (Trust, Truth and Transparency)

Dealing with constructive criticism
John Sextro author

Episode 113: Wiggly and Stabler (Return of Waterfall)

The Return of Waterfall, video from Kent Beck, Vision Strategy Product Design Engineering
John Sextro author

Episode 112: Agile Dev East

Special Guest: Lee Copeland, Conference Chair at Agile Dev East Discussion Agile Dev East Program Tracks Quality Software DevOps Agile Software Training Leadership Summit Social Networking The Expo
John Sextro author

Episode 111: Scrum (You Can’t Reason with a Methodologist)

Special Guest: Dave West, Product Owner at Discusses
John Sextro author

Episode 110: Silver Search (Trouble with POs)

Problems in communication and the behavior of a PO
John Sextro author

Episode 109: Slack Dander (Fallacies of Software Developers)

Todd Kaufman, Test Double Discussion Fallacies of Software Developers (Todd Kaufman’s presentation at Agile and Beyond 2016)
John Sextro author

Episode 108: The Empathy Toy (Agile Technical Conf)

Agile Technical Conference April 2016 – Raleigh, NC From Agile Alliance
John Sextro author

Episode 107: Ypsilanti Safe Space (Amplify Learning)

Lean Principle – Amplify Learning: what is it? How do I do it?
John Sextro author

Episode 106: A Drove of Asses (Team Cohesion)

Team Cohesion Forming, storming, norming, performing Leading from the back of the room Shared vision Pairing on story writing
John Sextro author

Episode 105: Elevator Retrospective

Diana Larsen, co-author of “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great” visited St. Louis and held an opening gathering at a local agile meetup group.  Some of our regular hosts from ThisAgileLife attended this event and took note of the following q...
John Sextro author

Episode 104: Chasing another Dragon (Too Reactive)

Released Sunday, January 17, 2016 Hosts: Amos King, Craig Buchek and John Sextro Discussion  Too reactive to requests 7 Righteous fights Picks Amos Glenmorangie – The Quinta Ruban – 12 year single malt scotch finished in a port barrel New programm...
John Sextro author

Episode 103: Chasing the Dragon (Giving Thanks for Agile)

Things we’re thankful for about agile
John Sextro author

Episode 102: We’re more similar than we know (Feedback Game)

Playing the feedback game
John Sextro author

Episode 101: Don’t Make Mud (Tech Debt)

Technical Debt  Quote “Software is never finished” Phases of a project Race to market MVP MMF Growth
John Sextro author

Episode 100: First Agile Experience

Yay! We made it to 100!!!! The hosts sit down to share their first experiences with agile.
John Sextro author

Episode 99: (Dealing with Negativity) Puns Everywhere

How to deal with negativity on a team Good naked and bad naked, Seinfeld reference
John Sextro author

Episode 98: (Aug. 2015 Agile LINC) Automate, Automate

Craig Buchek and Jason Tice both attended the August 2015 St. Louis Agile LINC user group meeting
John Sextro author