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Free Korean education for advanced learners!
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Korean Hat Slang!

KChamp Podcast 12: Korean Hat Slang!   If you’re living in Korea, you’ve probably noticed the hats with clever bits of Korean written on them that started showing up in the major party districts about two years ago.  Since it’s never a good idea to wea...
Michael Elliott author

I’m an Extrovert!

KChamp Podcast 11: ‘I’m an Extrovert!’ in Korean When describing oneself in English, the traditional fallback terms are “extrovert” and “introvert” or their cousins, “sociable” and “antisocial.” Today we are going to take a look at how you can express ...
Michael Elliott author

How to“Play” Instruments in Korean

Podcast 10: ‘Playing’ Instruments in Korean OK, it’s finally time for one of those higher-level posts I’ve been promising to write for the last year. Somewhere around Level 2, you probably started learn the Korean pronunciations for western instruments...
Michael Elliott author

“I’ve got mad Korean skills, yo!”

Korean Champ Podcast 9: Bragging in Korean about your Korean   Originally Posted: July 4, 2011 In today’s lesson, we discuss Westerners’ favorite pastime: bragging about their Korean skills. Even nine years into my study of Korean, I still wouldn’t cal...
Michael Elliott author

할까 말까 하다 (I’m thinking about it)

Podcast 8 (I’m thinking about it) Originally posted: July 18, 2011 ____ 할까 말까 해요 BEGINNER This is an expression that — if my memory serves me correctly — is taught in Level 2. It is a handy way to say that you are trying to make your mind up between tw...
Michael Elliott author

Simple Prepositions and Position Words

Podcast 7: Simple Position Words in Korean This is going to be another basic-level post, so sorry in advance to all you Korean champs out there. Today we are going to take a look at how to express concepts like “above,” “below,” “next to,” “in front of...
Michael Elliott author

학교에 관한 상급 단어들 (Advanced School Vocab)

  Podcast 6: Advanced School Vocab. (Hard) In today’s lesson, we’ll be taking a look at words related to school life. At first blush, you may, from the topic, assume that this is going to be an easy post, but I guarantee these ain’t your beginner’s sch...
Michael Elliott author

You’re pretty good at Korean for a ______ (치고는)

Podcast 5: You’re pretty ~ for a ~ (~치고는) (Medium) For a ~ (~치고는) If your looking to lay a compliment on your counterpart but are one of those people who thinks that outright praise must always be garnished with a dash of condescension, this is the per...
Michael Elliott author

해도 돼요? (Is it OK with you if I ~ ?)

Podcast 4: Is it OK with you if I ~ ? (Easy) Today’s lesson is a basic phrase that is useful in a lot of situations. I suppose the most literal translation of the phrase “해도 돼요?” would be “Is it all right if I ____  ?”.   It’s the perfect form to use w...
Michael Elliott author

Ten Easy Korean Phrases

Podcast 3: Ten Easy Phrases (Easy) It turns out that more than 80 percent of the people who visit this site are still in the very elementary levels of Korean, so I will continue to offer lessons for beginners from time to time.  I am really not a big f...
Michael Elliott author