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The Talking Code podcast contains short expert interviews that help you decode what developers are saying. We help non-technical founders, designers, project managers, or anyone who needs a 30,000 foot view of how to run a successful software company.

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The Talking Code podcast contains short expert interviews that help you decode what developers are saying. We help non-technical founders, designers, project managers, or anyone who needs a 30,000 foot view of how to run a successful software company.
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How to Become an Effective Junior Developer

Louisa Barrett of Haught Codeworks tells us about how to become an effective junior developer. We also speak in depth about how to become a better teacher.
Coderly author

Making the Most of Your Analytics

Diana Smith of Segment tells us how to get the most out of our analytics tools. In the pursuit of trying to be data-driven, we have been conditioned to track everything. Diana tells us why this can be dangerous if we want to draw useful insights from o...
Coderly author

How to Deliver a Successful User Experience

Sarah Doody, a UX designer, consultant, and writer, tells us how to build products with great user experiences. We will hear why user experience is far more important than design.
Coderly author

How to Launch Products in Under Two Weeks

Mubashar Iqbal, the #1 product maker on ProductHunt, tells us about how he launches products that people use in weeks, not months.
Coderly author

Going from Junior to Senior Developer

Ben Orenstein of Upcase tells us how to go from a junior to a senior developer. He reveals a number of things senior developers do that junior developers don't.
Coderly author

Using Data to Make Informed Product Decisions

Lincoln Ritter, director of engineering at Animoto, shares how they use data to make more informed product decisions.
Coderly author

How to Do Information Architecture

Abby Covert, author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess, teaches us about information architecture, a subject she strongly feels is a core life skill. She's seen people get fired over language and informs us that – quite obviously in hindsight – architect...
Coderly author

Product Design and User Experience

Sven Lenaerts joins us to share his expertise on product design and user experience. This conversation includes some thoughts on MVPs, when to hire a designer, and what a product person really does.
Coderly author

Modern Web Architecture Fundamentals

James Ward shares how the hosting landscape has changed for web applications over the years and how you can avoid some of his middle-of-the-night pager nightmares.
Coderly author

The Rise of the Data Scientist

Jonathan Cornelissen tells us about DataCamp, the need for data scientists, and how to become one yourself. We also learn about some popular languages and libraries for analyzing data.
Coderly author

How to Do User Story Mapping

Jeff Patton, author of User Story Mapping, teaches us how to map user stories by focusing on the user's journey to an outcome. He shares his opinion on the notorious "MVP" and how he helped Gary Levitt build his MVP with Mad Mimi.
Coderly author

How to Keep Code Quality High

Michael Bernstein of Code Climate explains how to monitor your code's quality with static analysis. He tells us how you can maintain or improve quality over time, and what you can do to fix poor code.
Coderly author

Why Your First Developer is Critical

Anthony Thomas tells us how he made the leap from manufacturing to starting a tech team at Sticker Mule. He explains why your first developer is so critical to your founding team.
Coderly author

Building Modern Web Applications

Tom Dale tells us about building modern web applications that are becoming increasingly like native apps. We discuss JavaScript frameworks like Ember and the future of the web.
Coderly author

How to Fix Errors Quickly

David Cramer tells us how to catch and fix critical errors that can affect your bottom line. We also discuss the key differences between exceptions and bugs, and how to handle errors gracefully.
Coderly author

When and How to Outsource Your Software Development

Randy Rayess tells us when and how you should outsource development of your software, how to reduce your risk, and the way your team should think about feature prioritization.
Coderly author

How to Email Your Users at Critical Moments

Brad Van Vugt and Matt Harris talk about transactional emails – how to send your users emails they'll act on at critical moments in your application's lifecycle.
Coderly author

Stop Treating Email Like the Web

Justine Jordan explains how your company should treat email, the difference between designing for email and the web, and what you can do to up your open rates.
Coderly author

How To Do Quality Assurance Testing

Fred Stevens-Smith of Rainforest explains the need for quality assurance testing and how to actually do it in the resource constrained environment of a startup.
Coderly author

Finding Your Technical Co-Founder

Jordan Gal of CartHook talks about how he found his technical co-founder, how he de-risked his app before building it, and the tension between business and technology requirements.
Coderly author

How to Fix the Developer Talent Shortage

Dave Hoover on coding bootcamps and how immersive learning environments are helping to fix the developer talent shortage. Plus: should you learn to code?
Dave Hoover author

How to Build Meaningful Products

Basecamp's Ryan Singer on the difference between UI and UX, how to build meaningful solutions for problems and people, and what it means to "scratch the itch."
Ryan Singer author

Stop Designing Your Software Upfront

Sandi Metz on how OOD (objected-oriented design) and agile development simplify design requirements, promote communication and lead to better, faster, more cost-effective software.
Sandi Metz author

How to Ship Well-Tested Software Faster

Florian Motlik on how testing and validation using the continuous integration and deployment model results in manageable, quality software.
Florian Motlik author