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Paul Jarvis’ Sunday Dispatches is a short, weekly show that helps creatives kick some ass at the intersection of creativity & commerce.

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Paul Jarvis’ Sunday Dispatches is a short, weekly show that helps creatives kick some ass at the intersection of creativity & commerce.
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Is this the end?!

The Sunday Dispatches podcast is coming to an end... for now? forever?
Paul Jarvis author

Do what you say you're going to do

The dishwasher I bought that was supposed to be delivered last week isn’t here yet. I called the delivery company and they aren’t even sure where it is. The quote I requested from a fence company to fix my fence (a project worth a couple grand) still h...
Paul Jarvis author

Stop trying to find the courage to follow your passion

There are countless books, bloggers and thought leaders that will tell you that the key ingredient to a happy, meaningful life is to find the courage to follow your passion.
Paul Jarvis author

Problems with the whale photo

Maybe the next time you take a photo and post it you’ll question your motivations as well.
Paul Jarvis author

I barely read your articles anymore, but this one was ok I guess

Why is there such a double standard with creativity and commerce?
Paul Jarvis author

The guide to running a minimalist business

Minimalism is a mindset rather than a blind purge. If something is useful or pleasurable, you keep it. If it’s not, then you consider scrapping it.
Paul Jarvis author

On being profitable

You can technically be profitable with a single sale of a service, if you charge more than it costs you to develop it. That’s why services are easier to push into the black than products – they take less work to set up and start doing.
Paul Jarvis author

Action-based belief

Belief is only the first step to succeeding at something, action must follow.
Paul Jarvis author

Write good

Word length, grammar, typeface, first person, who cares? It’s like debating shades of white in a paint store: it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. White paint is white paint. Good is good. Writing good simply means that you can clearly share...
Paul Jarvis author

You can't eat excuses

A doctor doesn’t wait until she’s inspired to do surgery to save a patient's life. A lawyer doesn’t wait for circumstances to be absolutely perfect before she tries a case for her client. They have work to do, so they do it. There’s no mental hacks or ...
Paul Jarvis author

What's the point of productivity?

We read about time-saving tricks so we have more time to read about time-saving tricks. We optimize our morning routines so we can have 30 minutes longer each morning to work more. It seems like we collectively want more time simply because we want to ...
Paul Jarvis author

See one, teach one, do one

In medicine, there’s a learning model for new surgeons known as “see one, do one, teach one” — it was started by William Stewart Halsted at Johns Hopkins in 1890. Before that, there was no formal training program for people cutting into other people in...
Paul Jarvis author

What if I'm wrong?

Assuming we’re 100% right, 100% of the time is a recipe for never growing, never learning, never changing (for the better).
Paul Jarvis author

Four Rules

My entire business strategy can be summed up in four rules...
Paul Jarvis author

Sorry kitty, you actually have to do the work

There are few things that incite rage in me like seeing a motivational quote on social media. There’s a few reasons why (other than, obviously, the fact that I’m a crotchety old man in training and get mad at most things on social media).
Paul Jarvis author

How to make money from your mailing list

I have to start with this disclaimer… I hesitate to write articles that include phrases like “how to make money” because a) money’s a crappy goal in and of itself and b) I don’t want my writing to get lumped in with thought-leader marketing bullshit. S...
Paul Jarvis author

The real reason I love mailing lists

So although I love that my list drives my revenue and the money side of my business, the real reason I love my list is because it lets me work in the way I want to. And that’s the real reason I work for myself: so I can have a business I’m happy with b...
Paul Jarvis author

Growth without growth

If you don’t want to have employees, assistants, scale up or grow a company that’s bigger than you - there can still be growth involved. It’s just a different kind.
Paul Jarvis author

The difference between tactics and strategy in marketing

Instead of chasing the latest and greatest tactics ,consider first creating a strategy for your marketing. As in, what’s the ultimate purpose and objective for what you’re doing? Who do you want to reach?And how will what you’re doing actually and hone...
Paul Jarvis author

So you want to grow your audience?

Straight up: this is a pitch for my new course Grow Your audience. Let me tell you why I think you'll benefit from it. (Or, just listen to how I pitch products if you're curious).
Paul Jarvis author

Newsflash: You don’t hate marketing, you hate what you think marketing is

I want to talk to you about what marketing is, because a lot of folks wrongly assume they understand it (and then dismiss it because they think it isn’t important or isn’t for them).
Paul Jarvis author

Now what?

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but the world has been a lot less than awesome lately. Evil and hate are circling back around to mainstream, and it’s not just in one place or one country either. It’s everywhere. While this feels new, it’s not. It’...
Paul Jarvis author

Not everything needs to be paid back in full

Genuine business relationships aren’t a fucking growth hack.
Paul Jarvis author

State of the union, 2017

2016 was probably the most rollercoaster year for me ever. So many highs, so many lows. Oddly, all the highs were business-related and all the lows were personal-related. But I suppose it balanced out.
Paul Jarvis author

The shape of things to come

A quick summary of what's in store and about the name change from The Freelancer to the Sunday Dispatches.
Paul Jarvis author

Final Episode of the year

Thanks for listening to the show!
Paul Jarvis author

I put a lot of people off

I swear, I’m negative, I voice my frustrations openly and I call people out when they’re mean or do something they shouldn’t. I post pictures of my pet rats in the same places I promote my products. I make jokes about everything. I’m open about even my...
Paul Jarvis author

Sometimes your hard work isn't enough

If hard work was all it took to “win” in business, then we’d all have a clear path to victory. In the past, this was somewhat true. Sponsored by my friends at FreshBooks:
Paul Jarvis author

Let's talk about tattoos

A lot of people ask me about my tattoos. Probably because I’m fairly covered from my neck to my feet. Sponsored by Freshbooks:
Paul Jarvis author

When you should start making products

If I was just starting out, had zero audience, but still had the same skill-set as I currently have, I wouldn’t make a product. Yet. First, I’d look for a client who’d benefit from the skills I have. I’d work with them not only to solve what they came ...
Paul Jarvis author

I don't want to grow my business

It’s not that growing a company or hiring employees is evil or bad or wrong. It’s awesome and a great place to be in. For some people. But I know this about myself: I’m better at working than delegating work. And I don’t want to learn how to be better ...
Paul Jarvis author

Copy me

Sorry: you can’t prevent others from copying or stealing your ideas. Well, you can, but that means never sharing those ideas with anyone else, never publishing anything and never putting any work whatsoever out into the world. Sponsored by Freshbooks: ...
Paul Jarvis author

The digital astroturf is always greener on the other side

Think about this. Whether it’s selling software or a service like web design, it’s essentially the same: someone’s giving you money because they want what you’ve got. Sure, volume changes, scale can change, what’s delivered changes, and payment structu...
Paul Jarvis author

Absolutism can absolutely ruin your business

We often take what others say as absolute. When really, it may have just been something they tried one time, and it worked, and we’re assuming a data-set of one is valid (hint: it’s not). Brought to you buy Freshbooks:
Paul Jarvis author

The opposite of every GROW YOUR MAILING LIST message out there

There are SO MANY articles about growing your email list, and really, they just spew the same tired crap about “more subscribers = more profit” and using “All The Popups”. These subscribers at all costs articles are horribly short-sighted, and worse, r...
Paul Jarvis author

Fall out of love

We need you. Not the you that you’re supposed to be, not the you that you think we want you to be, but the real you. The you that scares us a little because it’s so honest (and even a little weird). Sponsored by FreshBooks:
Paul Jarvis author

Needs vs wants in your launch

We know the internet and the digital products on it are iterative, and yet we forget when we’re putting our own work out there. Assuming it has to be everything, have everything, do everything - right out the gates. This episode is sponsored by Freshbo...
Paul Jarvis author

We like to complicate things

It’s tempting to make it more complicated and add more products to the mix, but I always come back to the idea that it’s easier to focus and get work done more quickly (and with greater quality) when there are fewer moving parts.
Paul Jarvis author

The step back

As makers, creators, doers, builders, freelancers, we focus almost entirely on those things we produce. Especially in the beginning, because that’s how we’re wired.
Paul Jarvis author

The business of creativity, part 2

If I can set the record straight for a minute: just because someone sells something online, doesn’t mean they’re a fraudster, solely out to take your hard-earned money by any means necessary.
Paul Jarvis author

The business of creativity, part 1

I treat business the exact same way as I treat my writing, speaking and design work: as a way I can stretch my imagination to accomplish what needs doing. This episode is brought to you by Freshbooks:
Paul Jarvis author

The one thing every aspiring freelancer or person with access to a time machine should know.

I make a living on the Internet by being myself and sharing the things I’ve learned. But I’m also scared shitless to be myself and share the things I’ve learned. Brought to you by Freshbooks:
Paul Jarvis author

Work/life balance is BS

As with most things, if your focus swings the pendulum too far, for too long, there’ll be consequences. We can’t work 24/7 (not humanly possible) or even work all of our waking hours without sacrificing health, family and relationships. Brought to you ...
Paul Jarvis author

The advice gold rush

We’re currently experiencing an advice gold rush. Everyone is buying up digital land and staking a claim on some expertise they’ve got that will quadruple your audience, monetize your passions and help you receive 104,355,974 visitors to your blog, all...
Paul Jarvis author

Don't find your passion

I also don’t think there’s a single passionate calling that we can find one day, as if it was hidden until that exact moment, that will turn our lives into the best ever. Brought to you by
Paul Jarvis author

The Creative Virus

There’s no option to sit on the sidelines, to simply consume other people’s art and visions or wait until you’re ‘more ready’ (which never, ever happens—trust me). Your mind is constantly taking ideas and turning them into tangible expressions of you a...
Paul Jarvis author

Make things because you want to make things

Maybe you want to write a book because you want to be a best-selling author. Maybe you want to create a course because you want to blog about making $100,000 from it. Maybe you want to start a mailing list because you want to reach 10,000 people. But h...
Paul Jarvis author

Giving Notice

Noticing means we’re open to exploring ideas. Noticing means we’re paying attention without bias. And amazing things can happen when we do. Sponsored by Freshbooks:
Paul Jarvis author

On being digital hoarders

We live in a world of tips & tricks, listicles and deep thoughts (in 140 characters or less). This is a world we actively perpetuate by continually showing how eager we all are to consume this type of information. It lures us in with promises of sa...
Paul Jarvis author

Using anger to motivate

Anger is most often thought of as aggressive and awful, but really, that’s not always the case. Anger != aggression. In fact, most of the time, anger isn’t expressed as aggression at all. Bad anger leads to violence, aggression and sometimes worst of a...
Paul Jarvis author