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We discover the ingredients of your Restaurant's secret sauce. SEO, Facebook, Twitter, emails, coupons, yield utilization, USPs, Menu engineering, direct mail, Instagram, partnerships - there are many ingredients for creating your Secret Sauce and with the right Secret Sauce you can find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. We deconstruct the recipes, so you can increase increase turnover, increase profit and maybe decrease the amount of time you spend working in your Restaurant.

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We discover the ingredients of your Restaurant's secret sauce. SEO, Facebook, Twitter, emails, coupons, yield utilization, USPs, Menu engineering, direct mail, partnerships - there are many ingredients for creating your Secret Sauce and with the right Secret Sauce you can find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. We deconstruct the recipes, so you can increase increase turnover, increase profit and maybe decrease the amount of time you spend working in your Restaurant.
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126 - Restaurant Leadership - What is it, how do you do it and why is it so important?

We've look at Restaurant Culture in the past with Carrie Luxem.   This episode looks at how we can be better leaders in our companies with some great tips for you to be a better leader. For more information on this podcast, check out our show notes. I...

125 - Using the BCG Matrix to increase the profitability in your Restaurant

This is a continuation of our 7 step guide to Restaurant Menu Engineering. For more information on this podcast, check out our show notes. If you liked this episode, please leave a review in iTunes.  It really helps us to get the word out and share it...

124 - Menu engineering for fun and profit

This is a continuation of our 7 step guide to Restaurant Menu Engineering. For more information on this podcast, check out our show notes. If you liked this episode, please leave a review in iTunes.  It really helps us to get the word out and share it...

123 - Why Yelp is a Billion Dollar Bully with Kaylie Milliken

Some of Yelp's business practices are very damaging to Small Businesses and goes against the core mission of helping consumers to find great small businesses.   We talk to Kaylie Milliken about Yelp and her documentary, Billion Dollar Bully.   If you h...

122 - The Restaurant Innovation and Creativity Model

We've talked about Restaurant Creativity and Innovation and we've been working with a lot of creative chefs and innovative Restaurant owners.   Here is a model that we are developing to help restaurant owners and chefs be more creative and innovate mo...

121 - 7 steps for Menu Engineering in your Restaurant

We look at Menu Engineering and how it can be applied in a small Restaurant.  We show you the easy tips you can use to increase revenue with your menu, and more importantly, how to increase profit with our 7 step process to Menu Engineering. Listen to ...

120 - Influencer Marketing for your Restaurant

This episode of Secret Sauce, the Restaurant Marketing Podcast looks at influencer marketing.   Who are the influencers, what can they do for your Restaurant and should you use them?  We discuss this hot topic. Please check out our show notes  for more...

119 - The real reasons why Sydney Restaurants are closing

We cover an example of innovation you can use with your menu. What is your website doing for you?  We saw a Restaurant who had their traffic fall 75% after moving from our platform to a different website provider.  Not all websites are made the same - ...

118 - Restaurant Innovation at Foodservice Australia 2019

We talk about what you can learn from visiting a Trade Show like Foodservice Australia 2019. Too many Restaurants don't think about how they need to be innovating to keep ahead of the competition.  A great way to do this is to head to a trade show and ...

117 - Everything you want to know about Restaurant Metrics but were afraid to ask!

This is Part 2 of our Restaurant KPIs and Restaurant Metrics podcasts, detailing the kind  We discuss cash flow tracking and influencing. Rent / Hour. Fixed Costs / Hour. These 2 metrics are often not considered in the Restaurant Business plan. Make su...

116 - 7 Essential Restaurant KPIs and to measure them and how to influence them.

Your restaurant's performance is bounded by it's performance across a range of Key Performance Indicators, but many restaurants don't bother to look at these numbers. We have 8 monitors that generate automatic data for our business so that everyone can...

115 - Restaurant Myths that may be killing your Restaurant

If you interested in cutting Restaurant costs, check out our Free Tools.  We talk about just how much people are saving with these ways of cutting Restaurant costs.   We look at the myths about the kind of food that you have in the restaurant, and how...

114 - 7 most common Restaurant myths

  We've discussed myths before, particularly marketing myths  in Episode 64 and Episode 65 - Restaurant Marketing Myths. This episode covers the Restaurant Myths that we see that are cuasing financial damage to so many Restaurants and some of these a...

113 - Pub, Club, Bar and Hotel Marketings tips for fun and profit

We have more details on what we cover in the show notes. We split the venue into different parts: Food Drinks Events And discuss some bespoke marketing ideas for each of them, and then combining them for a better result. Have a listen for our tried a...

112 - Pub, Club, Bar and Hotel Marketing ideas

We discuss one customer who increased his prices by 30% for UberEats customers.  His REVENUE stayed the same, (so he lost 30% of orders).  This means that he is now shipping each order at a price that makes sense for him.  Many Restaurants are turning ...

111 - A template for a great Marketing Campaign for your Restaurant

We discuss who you can create a template for a marketing campaign based on the Lamington Cake restaurant marketing campaign that we discussed a few episodes ago. Links mentioned in this podcast. We discuss the campaign by Dinner by Heston.   We look at...

110 - Cutting costs for your Restaurant Online Ordering system

We continue on with our discussion on increasing profitability with online ordering. We look at decreasing costs with companies like Menulog, Just Eat, Grub Hub, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Should you use UberEats or Deliveroo?  Which one is better for y...

109 - Increasing online ordering profitability for your Restaurant

We discuss packaging, kitchen throughput, pickup only and differential pricing.   For the details of what is discussed in this podcast, check out our show notes. If you liked this episode, please leave a review in iTunes.  It really helps us to get the...

108 - A great example of a Restaurant Marketing Campaign that you can learn from

This episode has an example of a great Restaurant Marketing campaign from the talented marketing team at Dinner by Heston.  We break down the process that they used and more importantly the way that you can replicate their success.  Check out the show ...

107 - Increase visitors and revenue with these great Restaurant SEO ideas

This is the 3rd in our SEO series for Restaurant Websites.  If you missed the first one, have a listen to it first, as this podcast builds on the first and second episodes in the Restaurant SEO series. Check out the Show Notes for this podcast.  Thi...

106 - Industry secrets for great Restaurant Website SEO

Check out last weeks episode and our Google Analytics podcast to help you get the basics for Restaurant SEO. We continue on with some of the tricks that SEO companies use, like monthly SEO contracts.  The main thing that a lot of Restaurant Marketing ...

105 - Top 10 Tips for Restaurant Website SEO

We talk about why it is super important for all Restaurant owners to take a holiday and some of the tips that we used to take our big Christmas holidays. We talk about the differences between business and technical SEO.  We discuss the technical SEO t...

104 - Moving your customers to the right on the Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph

How did you go with the Restaurant Trends podcasts, looking at the trends that we see as being important in 2019? We look at the Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph in this podcast and how you can drive customers to the right, increasing the value of yo...

103 - The biggest Restaurant Trends for 2019

Beverages are part of the megatrend towards healthier options that an increasing number of people are going to be looking for.  Fermented drinks like Kombucha are going to be increasingly popular, with 5x the number of people looking for Kombucha now t...

102 - Restaurant Trends for 2019

We have created our list of the trends that will be impacting (increasing or decreasing) profitability.  This is based on our conversations with our Restaurant customers across 17 countries along with some Google search trends analysis, plus our readin...

101 - The 7 most important things for Restaurant Marketing Success

This is part 2 of what we've learnt in producing the first 100 episodes of Secret Sauce. 5. We continue with a discussion about Creativity and Innovation.  This is something that we are seeing a lot more restaurants starting to focus on.  We look at fo...

100 - The most most important things in Restaurant Marketing

We review what we have learnt are the most important things in Restaurant Marketing. Thank so much to all of our listeners.  The response to Secret Sauce has been truly amazing and we have learnt so much in producing it for everyone. We review our Top ...

99 - Restaurant Marketing with Linkedin

We look at how you can improve your Linkedin Profile.  This is something that you want to do before you start actively posting, because people will start looking at your profile and you want to have the best profile possible. The next step is to start ...

98 - Are you using Linkedin Marketing for your Restaurant? Should you?

We talk about really hot Chicken Vindaloos! A great little Indian Restaurant with a really hot Vindaloo.  This is a key differentiator for them in the local market and we look at how they have a pretty unusual menu for a traditional Indian Restaurant. ...

97 - 17 tips for getting great photos for your Restaurant Markeitng

We discuss (quickly) the power of Linkedin and how it can help you with your Restaurant.  Check out my profile and connect with me to keep up to date with the best tips for Restaurant marketing. :) We then continue our series of podcasts on how to get ...

96 - Best Food Photography for your Restaurant

We celebrate new customers in France and Cyprus! We discuss GoPros and their use in your Restaurant and the kind of video that you can create with a GoPro. What are the types of images that you need to produce for your Restaurant Marketing? There is a ...

95 - How to get great photos for your Restaurant

Customers first eat with their eyes, so the photos that you use on Facebook, Instagram, and your website are really important when you are trying to convert prospects into customers. Before we get started with Restaurant Photography, we look at a littl...

94 - Restaurant Gift Certificate marketing - Tap into a new revenue stream for your Restaurant

We start out by talking about Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie, which went into administration.  We look at this as an example of how you need to be careful about your Instagram marketing.  It is hard to get people out of Instagram and even harder to create ...

93 - How to take a holiday as a Restaurant Owner II

We discuss the Just Eat half year results.  Our advice is always to try and negotiate on the rates that they charge.  There can be a big variation between the commissions that they charge different restaurants - so negotiate and see how much you can sa...

92 - How to take a holiday as a Restaurant Owner

As a restaurant owner, when did you last take a holiday?  We is your next holiday planned for?  Do you have a holiday planned? Too many Restuarant owners aren't able to take even a short holiday from their Restaurant and I think that is really sad.  It...

91 - How to use Google Analytics for your Restaurant Website II

Knowing what is going on with your website is an important ingredient in your Restaurant's Secret Sauce. We look at bounce rates and then we move onto the dark arts of Restaurant Marketing - campaign tagging with the Google Analytics campaign builder. ...

90 - Google Analytics for your Restaurant I

Did you check out the episode on how to fly like a celebrity chef?  The good news is that I have been practising what I preach and I've been lucky enough to make Platinum with Qantas.  There has been a bit of travelling around the world, visiting Resta...

89 - How to fly like a Celebrity Chef

Many small Restaurants use Credit Cards to pay for a lot of bills.  With some really simple changes, you can make a really big difference in the kind of travel that you can take. We talk to Steve Hui from I Fly Flat.  This is something that we do a pre...

88 - The sad, sad demise of Esquire in Brisbane

We talk about a Restaurant in Perth who had been struggling for years and years now.  He had a Restaurant that had very poor SEO, was quite hard to find in Google.  He had a purple website with no images and no online bookings.  It seems that the Resta...

87 - Innovation and Epic Food at Dinner by Heston

We look at what we learnt from Dinner by Heston. Firstly, have a think about the photos that you've got.  I will put some images up in the show notes to give you an idea about the kind of photos that you can take with an entry level camera or a decent ...

86 - Restaurant Ideas from Princess Cruises

What if you ran your Restaurant like Princess Cruises? I spoke to a Restaurant owner and he said why think about cruises?   We look at operational efficiencies and how looking outside the Restaurant industry can give you ideas about innovation for your...

85 - How to create a Restaurant Business Plan II

We discuss products and services.  What is it that you do?  Many restaurants that we speak to who have been running restaurants for 10 years still do not know what it is that they do and what it is that their customers buy from them. For the numbers fo...

84 - How to complete a Restaurant Business Plan

We talk about creating a Restaurant Business Plan as a living document to help you better run your business. We have a copy of blank Business Plan Template and we go through the process of filling it in, and give you some ideas and guidance around the ...

83 - Restaurant Leadership lessons with Carrie Luxem

Carrie is owner of Restaurant HR and company that specifically deals with Restaurant HR issues.  She also runs which helps Restaurants with the broader HR issues, like leadership and culture. We discuss the definition of Leadership and ...

The 4 Ps of Restaurant Marketing III

We finish off place.  Have you thought of running your Restaurant like a franchise?  Get the economies of scale in purchases and economies of scales in activities in your restaurants.  Create an operations manual so that everyone knows what needs to be...

81 - The 4 Ps of Restaurant Marketing II

Price Setting - How do you set the price?  Price Leader, a Premium Price?  How does that impact your customers and how does it impact your profitability? We look at M Y China and one of their amazing dessert item - the Sugar Egg Puffs.  These are aweso...

80 - The 4Ps of Restaurant Marketing

What are the 4Ps and the Restaurant Marking Mix? We look at Product.  It may be something that you eat or it could be something else, or a mix of both.   When you fundamentally understand the product that your customers want, you will be able to price ...

79 - Restaurant Marketing Lessons from Asia

Firstly, make sure you check you Google My Business account for your Restaurant.  Incorrect information could be costing you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars! We talk about Jamie's Italian.  A restaurant chain over $100 million in debt with st...

78 - Restaurant Marketing lessons from Singapore

What is the Boost Juice way of marketing?  How can they get PR coverage for an app update?  Another example of how being a little bit out there can get you some great results.   We managed to fly to Singapore in Business Class with @qantas, which was s...

77 - Online Ordering Frenemies - How online orders is disrupting the Restaurant industry.

This podcast started with an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that described Menulog as "the business partner he never wanted". We look at Restaurant Brandjacking and websites set up by online aggregators which look like the web Adwords Arbitrage....