Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Radio Spaetkauf is the Berlin news show, keeping international residents informed about local politics, public transport, urban development, culture and bicycles.

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Radio Spaetkauf is the Berlin news show, keeping international residents informed about local politics, public transport, urban development, culture and bicycles.
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12.08.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live at Lakeside Film Festival 2019

We're out in the woods for Mobile Kino's annual camping trip. The Lakeside Film Festival is in its sixth year, and this was the biggest so far. We interview founders Joshua and Fernando about their recent scare with Facebook's business-killing algorith...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
27.07.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Claim of Thrones

Berlin now has 750 millionaire residents - twice as many as in 2016, according to the Finanzamt. The majority live in the city's west. More live in Kreuzberg than Prenzlauer Berg. Strangely, the Finanzamt defines a millionaire as someone with over €500...
17.06.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Seize that Pad Thai

Berlin now has two top level football teams after FC Union jumped up to the Bundesliga by winning a play-off match. FC Union started back in the DDR. Their die-hard fans actually helped rebuild the stadium in Köpenick with their own hands. Maybe they c...
28.05.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Driving is Violence

Are you recycling, or ‘wish-cycling’? We talk to Thomas Klöckner, spokesman for BSR, Berlin’s waste processing company. It turns out we're all doing a pretty good job. But bulky waste is a problem. The solution for old mattresses? Talk to your neighbou...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
29.04.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Who Wins the EU Poster Contest?

Are you one of four million EU citizens living in Germany? Now's your chance to vote in the European Parliament elections. We decipher the street posters. Maisie explains why photos of chin-scratching men win more votes. Konrad Werner joins us. Listen ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
12.04.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Presents: Well, Actually

RS presents a pilot of a podcast series created by Joel Dullroy and his colleagues at DW. Well, Actually questions common assumptions and reveals surprising perspectives through exceptional stories. Unfortunately this podcast series did not make it pas...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
1.04.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Clean Up Schönleinstraße

Why does the BVG allow its U-Bahn stations to be used as heroin hotspots? Several stations seem to have been abandoned to drug dealers and addicts. Schönleinstraße is the centre of the problem. The BVG says it sends security guards there regularly, but...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
22.03.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

BVG Hearts Graffiti

Berlin is a noisy city, and it's getting louder. Stats show police cars activated their lights and sirens 158,000 times last year - or more than 400 times a day. That's a 5% increase on the previous year. The famous open-air karaoke sessions in Mauerpa...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
26.02.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Data and Mythos of Berlin

What do Berlin’s criminal gangs have to do with the German hip-hop industry? One high profile rapper is living in fear of retribution from a Berlin mafia boss. Our guest Konrad Werner tells us about a recent court case involving rapper Bushido, who has...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
8.01.2019 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Finally a Fireworks Ban?

Are you one of the 34% of Berliners who enjoy the fireworks free-for-all on New Years Eve? Or one of the 62% who are sick of it? Local Green party politician Georg Kössler says it's time Berlin regulated the mayhem. He tells us how city's political sys...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
18.12.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Revolution by Referendum

Coliving is booming in Berlin. There are 15 buildings renting serviced rooms with 'community, flexibility and diversity.' But are they just overpriced dormitories? Maisie Hitchcock went to find out.  Can we solve the housing crisis by seizing property ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
1.12.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Keep Berlin Colourful

Billboards have gone up encouraging people to voluntarily leave Germany. The Interior Ministry - run by the CSU's Horst Seehofer - is offering to pay up to twelve months living expenses back where you came from. The multi-lingual ads have been attacked...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
30.10.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: The Ampelmann Strikes Back

Pedestrians in Berlin have had enough of being overrun by both cars and bikes. They're campaigning for better sidewalks and street crossings. We talk to a pedestrian activist who is hopping mad about being walked over: Roland Stimpel from FUSS, the Org...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
14.09.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live at Floating University

We record live at Floating University, a temporary structure built over a hidden resevior near Hasenheide. Dan describes it as "Burning Man meets Waterworld." Gang war breaks out on the streets of Berlin. A crime boss has been shot dead at Tempelhof Pa...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
24.08.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Free Haircuts for Tall Men

TV series Babylon Berlin is searching for 3000 extras, but bearded men need not apply. You must be over 1.86 meters tall and be prepared to get a 1920s haircut. Maisie is thrilled about the mass make-over of Berlin blokes. Sign up at Agentur Filmgesich...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
14.08.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival 2018

Our annual outdoor recording at the Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival at Klingemühle in Brandenburg. Now in its fifth year, the event many improvements - a new name, a new stage, more guests and more fun all round. Like playing card games while campin...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
3.08.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Squealing Trains, Smelly Drains

Berlin’s scorching summer is breaking records. Earlier this week the city experienced its hottest night ever, with a minimum of 25°C. The city’s trees are suffering, and residents are being asked to go out and water them. U-Bahns are getting noisier, a...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
14.07.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Ring Bahn Station Roulette

A Berlin man who has been in a coma for four months has been identified because someone recognized a photograph of his house keys. The 74-year was found unconscious in a Wilmersdorf park after apparently having an accident while jogging in March, carry...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
4.07.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Measure Your Flat, Sue Your Landlord

Are you paying too much rent? Probably: 70% of Berlin landlords are illegally overcharging, says lawyer Daniel Halmer of He’s offering a no-win no-fee service to fight your landlord for a rent reduction. He’s helped people save up to €...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
1.06.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Don't Delete That Video

A video of black people being kicked out of KFC at Alexanderplatz raises question. Is it illegal to call police racist? Can police delete videos from your phone? We've got the answers. Support group Reachout says the incident was clearly racist. The po...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
28.05.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Turning Trash Into Beer

What will it take to get Berliners to pickup trash - the offer of a free beer, perhaps? The Big Görlitzer Clean Up happens on July 7. Organizer Lubomila Jordanova from the group Plan A tells us how they plan to incentivise volunteer cleaners. Empty fla...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
18.05.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Return of the Toxic Caterpillars

Sick of cars parking in bike lanes? Write own parking tickets during Falschparker Aktionswoche, which starts on May 28. Illegal parkers are fined just €20 in Berlin if caught, while the EU average is €100. You can use an app called Wegeheld to report d...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
30.04.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

How To F#€k Up An Airport #4: Never Finished (live!)

A special live recording of the fourth and (maybe) last episode. Take a tour of all four of Berlin’s under-construction, out-of-use, falling-apart and over-capacity airports. Each has had a part to play in the story of how Berlin fucked up an airport. ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
20.04.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

U-Bahn Flood Alert

Chris Dercon has resigned from the Volksbuehne Theater, just six months into the job, and following a lot of fuss over his appointment. It seems he had failed to secure enough sponsorship money to pay the bills. Joel says he wasn't given a fair chance....
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
6.04.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Hasenheide Goat Killers

Two men who killed a goat in the Hasenheide petting zoo have been sentenced to 10 months in jail. Their lawyer said they were hungry, and argued for leniency as they only took one leg. Also, all meat eaters are animal killers, he said. Another Berlin b...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
26.03.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Renting Out Your Room

How much do Berlin’s bottle collectors earn? Our guest Wouter Bernhardt has done the math - it's a measly €150 a month. He thinks it amounts to a form of socially accepted poverty. Wouter is host of the Berlinology podcast. Listen to the full episode o...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Cherry Tree Massacre

Bike thefts are down 11% in Berlin. Just over 30,000 bikes were reported stolen in the past year, 4000 less than the year before. Has the flood of shared bikes helped? There’s been a cherry tree massacre at the Garten der Welt in Marzahn. Seventeen che...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
26.02.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: Inside Tempelhof

Film director Karim Ainouz tells us what life was really like for refugees living in Tempelhof airport. His documentary "Zentralflughafen THF" was filmed in the camp, which recently closed. Could public transport in Germany soon be free? The federal go...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
16.02.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

How To F#€k Up An Airport #3: Money for Nothing

BER has been built twice - the first time incorrectly, the second time incompletely. We hear from Marco, an engineer who worked on site. Employees were busy stealing copper instead of fixing the fire system. Some managers got rich taking bribes. Inform...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
28.01.2018 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

How To F#€k Up An Airport #2: Double The Recipe

Days away from the planned 2012 opening party, nothing seemed amiss at BER. What was really going on? On this episode, we look at how the airport managers and politicians were messing with the plans, even as construction was underway. They demanded a ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
18.12.2017 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

How To F#€k Up An Airport #1

Every Berliner knows the new airport is late. Few know exactly why. We're here to explain. This is a series about the biggest scandal in Berlin since Michael Jackson dangled a baby out a window. It is represented by three capitalized cherry-red sans-s...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
27.11.2017 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

RS Live: A Supermarket for Trash

Germans throw out one truck's worth of good food each minute. SirPlus is a supermarket that sells groceries that are past their best-before date but are still edible. Founder Raphael Fellmer joins us with a basket of typical products from his shelves. ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author
24.11.2017 Radio Spaetkauf - Berlin's English Podcast

Watery Grave for Shared Bikes

The number of public bikes in Berlin increased to 6200 this week when Chinese company Mobike placed 700 of their orange and silver bicycles on the streets. They’re not to be confused with O-Bike, a Singaporean company which introduced 500 yellow-framed...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Put Up Rent, Cheat Tax: How Berlin Landlords Stay Rich

Dodgy Berlin real estate deals have been discovered in the Paradise Papers. According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, a company called Phoenix Spree based on the Isle of Jersey has been buying Berlin property, forcing out tenants, putting up the rent, the...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Paint Your Own Bike Lane

Almost 200 cyclists blocked traffic on Oranienstraße in a protest after a cyclist was doored and seriously injured. O-Straße is the third most dangerous street for cyclists in Berlin. What would happen if we painted our own bike lane? Over 34,000 bicyc...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Xavier and the Flamingos

Storm Xavier lashed Berlin with winds of 120 kilometres an hour on October 5. Public transport and flights were cancelled for most of the day, and regional train lines were cut for several days. Five people died from falling trees and car accidents, an...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

RS Live: The Escalator Traffic Report

Comedian and journalist Drew Portnoy tells us about his return to Berlin after several years away. The city has grown by the equivalent of two Bonns in that time and is feeling much fuller. Berlin-based refugee rescue charity Jugend Rettet is in troubl...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Tegel Saved, Now for Thai Park

Tegel Airport fans won a referendum on whether the hexagonal Flughafen should stay open post-BER. The "yes" vote was 56.1%. But it doesn't mean Tegel won't close, as the federal and Brandenburg governments would have to agree. Renovation and residentia...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

A plague of rats, crabs and Irish airlines

Berlin is a city with over 2.4 million rats. Lately they've been sighted more frequently as heavy rain has flushed them out of the drains. Several playgrounds in the north of the city have been closed due to rodents. A slightly more unusual pest, the i...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

RS Live: Confessions of a Food Deliverer

Comedian Caroline Clifford signed up as a bicycle food courier to earn extra cash. But she found the income depends on cycle speed and can be €5 an hour or less, especially as customers don't tip. Germany's federal election is on September 24. So far i...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Let's play linguistic chicken

This summer's bad weather is affecting local fruit supply. Yields of regional apples, pears, cherries and plums are down by about 50%, pushing prices up by 15%. In other apple news, there's controversy at the Apfelfest in Guben in south-east Brandenbur...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Live at Mobile Kino Summer Camp 2017

Meet Diana Arce, host of Politaoke, a cross between karaoke and political speeches. She hosts events where people read topical political rants while the audience boos and cheers. Diana is also part of White Guilt Cleanup, a service for people who don't...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

The Berlin Squirrel Virus

Meet our guest host Caroline Clifford, who will also join us at this weekend’s Mobile Kino Summer Camp live recording! Over 210,000 posters are going up on the lampposts for the federal election, happening on September 24. The AFD posters manage to be ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Sperm donor equality now!

This Berlin summer continues to be a wash-out, causing floods and public transport delays. Despite the rain, the Weissensee lake in north Berlin is drying up. The operator of Strandbad Weissensee is crowdfunding €90,000 to pay for 40,000 cubic meters o...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Singing in the Rain

Police raid Neukölln houses in search of the missing 100kg gold coin! The case of the spectacular robbery of the Big Maple Leaf coin from the Bode Museum is close to being cracked. Four men have been arrested, including one who worked as a security gua...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Party Police Pissed Off

More than 200 Berlin police officers have been sent home from the G20 summit in Hamburg early after some were caught partying in their quarters. They were observed drinking and dancing on tables with their weapons, pissing in a row against a fence, and...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

RS Live: Riding under the U1

New York has its Highline Park. Should Berlin have a lowline bike path under the U1 tracks? We interview a team member behind the idea for the U1 Radbahn. There’s controversy over plans to rename some streets in Wedding, where a citizen’s jury trying t...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Dogs, danger and doubt

There's been a spate of mysterious dog deaths around the Tegeler See. The cause is unclear - either a dog hater leaving poisoned food, or a bloom of dangerous blue algae in the water. Swimmers are also advised to avoid the Tegeler See, Berlin's second ...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

Bus Inspectors Coming Soon

Only 26% of Berliners get around by car, a survey found. The rest walk, ride or use public transport. Those who take buses should be aware - the BVG has announced that it is looking for a security company to start checking tickets on buses, starting No...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author

RS Live: Gangs of Neukölln

The new TV series 4 Blocks depicts Arabic criminal networks in Neukölln. But fiction isn't far off fact. We interview 4 Blocks writer Hanno Hackford about the real stories behind the show. You can see the show on TNT, or watch it with English subtitles...
Radio Spaetkauf Berlin author