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Remote Conference talks given at online events held by
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RubyGems.Next - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

The past, present, and future of and what you'll see from the Ruby community's package manager site. Oh, and some GIFs too.
Nick Quaranto author

Bundler to Rubygems: Long Live the Gemfile - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Rubygems 2.0 had partial Gemfile support, with Rubygems 2.2 almost all of functionalities ofBundler can be replicated with Rubygems, lets stop using extra layers when the core already does what we want to achieve.
Michal Papis author

Let’s Code Like It’s 1969! - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

The world of programming is changing. It's becoming clear that functional languages are the new mainstream. But how do you write code without objects and classes? For the answers, we can look both forwards and backwards, looking at the functional ideas...
Dave Thomas author

Writing Games with Ruby - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Creating games is crazy-fun and dirt simple with Ruby. If you can make a web app, you can make a game. This session will introduce basic concepts of game programming and show how to implement them using the Gosu library. This includes the game loop, sp...
Mike Moore author

Swiss Army Rubyknife - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Peter briefly built Rails apps for a living, but quickly discovered the beauty of using Ruby as a catch-all "Swiss Army knife" for jobs all over the place. In his talk, he'll look at how Ruby can be rapidly put to work doing all sorts of random things ...
Peter Cooper author

Next To Your App: Ruby Web App Architecture - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Right next to your app is a world of software you probably don't think about: app servers, Rack interfaces, reverse proxies and load balancers. Starting right next to your app, we'll look at how Ruby web apps are built. Which pieces do you control as t...
Noah Gibbs author

How they Work Better Together: Lean UX, Agile Development, and User-Centered Design - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Design has often been cut off from the development side of the house, creating static images that are then handed off to developers to build. Invariably, this waterfall approach leads to unhappy designers and frustrated programmers, and often a product...
John Athayde author

Ruby in the Datacenter - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Hundreds of books are available to help you write Ruby source code and there are multiple large disciplines about how to structure the concepts within your code. But when you execute your code it ceases to be source and begins life as a unix process al...
Jack Danger Canty author

Playing with Data with Ruby and BigQuery - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

BigData is a buzz word right now and there's a lot of cool things that people are doing. In this talk I'll show you some simple ways you can use Ruby and Google's data tools to explore big data.
Aja Hammerly author

What We Talk About When We Talk About Testing - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

"Red. Green. Refactor" is a great slogan for Test-Driven Development. It's less great as a guide to actual TDD practice. The slogan provides no guidance for two very important questions in a TDD process: "What do I test next?" and "How do I break my pr...
Noel Rappin author

Aesthetics and the Evolution of Code - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Symmetry. Simplicity. Elegance. Patterns. Much of how we understand, describe, and value code is based on subjective criteria that are easy for us to grasp intuitively but almost impossible to define or communicate objectively. Can advances in applied ...
Coraline Ada Ehmke author

The Route Less Traveled - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

There is often more than one way to do it. Some ways are better than others, and are favored for many reasons. Rails conventions and the way the framework "just works" can be handy in getting your app up and running. Other times Rails puts you in a ver...
Amos King author

Systems Programming for the Ruby Developer - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Rubyists are famously polyglot. I've heard people joke that there are more JavaScript talks at some Ruby conferences than there are Ruby talks. But there's one area in which most Rubyists don't go: low-level programming. We often say "Ruby is slow, but...
Steve Klabnik author

APIs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

Service oriented systems have become hugely popular, and the golden age of the "monorail" is starting to end. Sometimes, these services can be fantastic, and other times not so much. Learning how to evaluate APIs and identify problem areas before jumpi...
Michele Titolo author

Structured Logging: Understanding Service Chaos - Ruby Remote Conf 2015

As teams build and compose more services, their dependency on logging grows exponentially. Being able to quickly make use make use of those logs can easily mean the difference between quickly finding a bug and struggling to even understand it for weeks...
Evan Phoenix author

Marketing Yourself to Boost Your Career - John Somnez - JS Remote Conf 2015

Let's face it. If you want to have a successful career in software development today, being a good coder doesn't just cut it anymore. Sure, writing good code will help you keep your job, but there are plenty of good and great coders out there that yo...
John Sonmez author

Building a mobile app with Meteor, Mongo, and Cordova - Josh Owens - JS Remote Conf 2015

A live coding session where a fresh Meteor.js app is built. Cordova support will be introduced and we will start building an isomorphic js app that will output an iOS app.   Learn how easy and quick it is to get Javascript, Node.js, Mongo, and Cordov...
Josh Owens author

A road to open-collaboration - Charles Wood - JS Remote Conf 2015

The most critical and valuable life learnings of one of the most prominent open-source JavaScript developers, compressed into a 40 minute talk.  
Charles Wood author

Bring Fun Back to JS: Step by Step Refactoring Toward Ember - Brandon Hays - JS Remote Conf 2015

You didn't need a full-blown MVC, you just wanted to add some nice interactive functionality to your server-rendered app. But then one jQuery plugin turns to three, add a dash of statefulness, some error handling, and suddenly you can't sleep at night....
Brandon Hays author

jQuery for WebRTC - Thomas Gorissen - JS Remote Conf 2015

WebRTC promises awesomeness. Embedded audio/video and data transfer in every website! But the API's are note straight forward and require a complicated signaling process to work. SkylinkJS is an open-source project that makes leveraging the powers of W...
Thomas Gorissen author

ES6: The New JavaScript - Aaron Frost - JS Remote Conf 2015

Many of your have heard about ES6 among the chatter in the community. However, it can be tough to find one place to go that will answer all your ES6 questions and show you all of the ES6 features. As part of the show, Aaron show you each of the new pie...
Aaron Frost author

A road to open-collaboration - Charles Wood - JS Remote Conf 2015

The most critical and valuable life learnings of one of the most prominent open-source JavaScript developers, compressed into a 40 minute talk.  
Charles Wood author

Developing Hybrid Mobile App using AngularJS & Javascript - Rahat Khanna - JS Remote Conf 2015

Javascript has become widely popular for developing hybrid mobile technologies by the advent of tools like Phonegap, Kony, Telerik App Builder. In this talk, I will demo how to create a Hybrid Mobile app using Javascript - AngularJS & Ionic Framewo...
Rahat Khanna author

HotDraw Revisited: Object-Oriented JavaScript and Canvas - Ken Auer - JS Remote Conf 2015

In the late 80s, Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham came up with HotDraw (, a two-dimensional graphics framework for structured drawing editors, originally written in Smalltalk-80. Since then, many implementations have been cr...
Ken Auer author

Angular Q&A - Brad Green, Igor Minar, and Miško Hevery - JS Remote Conf 2015

The Angular.js team answers questions about Angular.js, its future, the framework, and anything else you want to ask about it.  
Brad Green, Igor Minar, and Miško Hevery author

Anatomy of a JavaScript MV* Framework - Craig McKeachie - JS Remote Conf 2015

The key to quickly learning JavaScript MV* Frameworks is to break them down into a series of features. The main features of an MV* application are routing, data binding, templates/views, models, and data access. In this talk I’ll describe these featur...
Craig McKeachie author

Robots Love JavaScript Too - Brad Midgley - JS Remote Conf 2015

Let's turn the page on programming robots with a flowchart. Robotics should be done with a hierarchy of state machines, best if self-modifying. I'll demonstrate how a js framework can prove the idea, on a Firefoxos phone even. It's a great place to set...
Brad Midgley author

Complexity is Outside the Code - Jessica Kerr - JS Remote Conf 2015

We talk about refactoring, as if beautiful code is all we need. But that's only a start. Small services are lovely to reason about internally, but they push complexity outward. Systems these days aren't so much written as assembled.   We write some c...
Jessica Kerr author