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Artbeats has recruited design expert Steve Holmes of Energi Design to bring you bi-weekly video tutuorials which show you quick tips for using stock footage in your projects in innovative ways. Whether you're a novice wanting step-by-step instruction, or a veteran just looking to expand your creative possibilities, these tips, presented in After Effects, will help bring your projects to the next level. This version is for the iPod and Apple TV, a full resolution version is also available.
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Episode 15 - Mirror, Mirror: Creating Reflections

Using the Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Pro plug-in, turn a simple rotating 3D logo into a fiery, reflective metallic icon, surrounded by color, particles and flame, with perfect reflections both in the logo and in the fake 2D floor in After Effects itself.
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 14 - Breathe, Deer: Adding Layers of footage

Use the full 4K resolution of an Artbeats RED footage clip of a deer in a forest, to create the effect of a zoom lens finding and focusing on the animal. Add in thick, falling snow, adjust the temperature from spring to winter, and add the effect of th...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 13 - A Call To Arms: Adding Smoke Effects

Working on the final plate of the title animation for a World War II video game, see how to enhance two simple Photoshop images by combining them with some unique smoke clips. Learn techniques such as mask integration, mask expansion, layer blending, k...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 12 - Four Candles, One Legend: Layering and Keying Footage

See how to maximize an investment in one Artbeats HD flame clip to create 4 individual 3D candles to transform a basic, static scene. Learn as Steve reveals cool studio techniques such as Photoshop layer usage, flame keying, parenting, error correction...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 11 - In the Eye of the Storm: Creating 3D Rain

Learn secrets of movie special effects as Steve takes you through turning a beautiful Artbeats HD aerial clip into a cold nighttime storm with torrential rain and lightning. Learn how to color adjust clips with a handful of effects for maximum control...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 10 - There's No Fire Without Smoke: Creating Smoke Effects

Enhance a 3D scene, previously animated in episode 9 with fire and lighting effects. Learn how to use some very cool tricks and expressions to create a realistic, volumetric 3D smoke effect using a single HD clip of swirling smoke from Artbeats.
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 9 - There's No Smoke Without Fire: Masking & Lighting Techniques

See how to enhance a basic 3D scene in After Effects with a single HD fire clip from Artbeats, some neat masking techniques, and some very unique lighting effects with expressions, setting a hallway alight with flames, flickering lights and shadows.
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 8 - Type In Distress: Using Transparency & Distortion

Use several high-definition clips from the Artbeats library to both affect transparency and frantically distort typography, for an HD show promo. Set over the top of a truly stunning clip shot on the RED One camera, the finished piece is both haunting ...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 7 - Slasher Movie Week: Using Layer Effects

Create a truly unique and stunning promo for a slasher movie week using high-definition clips from Artbeats Ultra Motion and Mayhem collections. With time-remapping, layer blending and keying techniques, along with some truly remarkable Layer Effects u...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 6 - Ten Pin Explosion: Using Slow Motion

Use high-definition clips from Artbeats Ultra Motion and ReelFire collections to make this incredible title sequence. Mixing 3D, keying and brilliant time-remapping techniques, learn how these clips can change the entire look and energy of a motion gra...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 5 - Smokin' Titles: Using Smoke Effects

Learn how to enhance a movie title with a single cool and unique HD smoke clip from Artbeats' Reel Fire 3 HD collection. See how to key out the smoke for further compositing, and learn how to use the smoke itself to blur focus on the type over which it...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 4 - Shadowvision: Create a 3D Scene

Discover how to add incredibly realistic and moving shadows to a 3D scene in After Effects, using an Artbeats Ultra Water clip as an organic shadow caster. What starts out as a simple scene evolves into a truly realistic and moody environment in which ...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 3 - A Time to Reflect: Working with Displacement Maps

Create a stylized and subtle rippling reflection effect of clean typography, for a television title sequence. Learn the ins and outs of Displacement Map effects, made to the highest quality and with ultimate flexibility, thanks to high-definition Ultra...
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 2 - A Perfect Time to Bloom: Animate with Controlled Timing

See how to key out clip backgrounds and enhance transparency, and learn very interesting ways to use Time Remapping and Layer Sequencing to perfectly time the whole animation.
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author

Episode 1 - Illuminate the Game: Creating an HD interstitial

Creating a HD interstitial by using various masking and layering techniques in After Effects.
Steve Holmes, Energi Design author