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The RCS Insider - A look at the fascinating people behind the scenes at RCS: The world’s largest broadcast software company.

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The RCS Insider - A look at the fascinating people behind the scenes at RCS: The world’s largest broadcast software company.
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RCS Insider - Diana Stokey

In Episode 13, Diana Stokey, Director of Marketing talks about how RCS markets its many companies, divisions, products and services to the broadcasting industry. A real ambassador of radio from ranch to insurance to software.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Bill Webber

In Episode 12, Bill Webber (one of the earliest members of the team) talks about growing up in Philadelphia radio, thinking about clocks, rotations and the next performance of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Chip Jellison

In Episode 11, Chip Jellison, Executive VP, Development/Technology of RCS, talks about his journey from New England to Nebraska and outlines the future of technology at the world’s largest broadcast software company.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Chris Bean

In Episode 10, Barry Hill talks with Chris Bean - VP of IT of RCS Worldwide - about everything from Crocodile Dundee to where Chris thinks radio is headed in the future.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Jim Colley

In Episode 9, Jim Colley tells his story of how a southern gentleman radio man diverted to TV for a few years to become a big name game show host and then to software sales.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Horacio Gonzalez

In Episode 8, RCS Insider talks with Horacio Gonzalez, once one of the most famous DJs in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now that man who covers Central and South America for RCS.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Mike Powell

In Episode 7, Mike Powell, VP of RCS International explains some of the unique aspects of growing up in UK radio, his great interest in Formula 1 racing and why Dallas holds a special place for him.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Jack Becker

In Episode 6, RCS Support veteran Jack Becker talks about the early days of RCS and the way he approaches each support call.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Frank Cammarata

In Episode 5, Frank Cammarata the VP of Media Monitors Sales relives his moments with the Blues Brothers and his radio career. Media Monitors is a division of RCS.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez

You may have heard him "On the X", but now he assures quality
RCS author

RCS Insider - Kenny Lee

The man who wrote the book on Selector. Literally!
RCS author

RCS Insider - Dwight Douglas

Dwight is a veteran of radio, both as a major market programmer and the latter half of legendary consulting duo Burkhart/Douglas. Now the VP of marketing at RCS he sees the business from a different perspective.
RCS author

RCS Insider - Jeff Skee

Our first podcast features Jeff Skee, one of our cutting edge software developers and former radio personality. He codes the future of radio and gives us a peek into where it is headed.
RCS author