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Julio and Gringo Spanish Podcasts are created for native English speakers. They are entertaining and informative, and we hope that you enjoy them!

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Spanish Podcasts for English Speakers
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009– Introduction to Audiobook White Light Luz Blanca

Learn more about our audiobook by clicking on this link. Conozca más acerca de nuestro audiolibro haciendo clic en este enlace.
Julio and Gringo author

008– Autoestima y Aprendizaje

In this podcast we talk about the importance of self-esteem during the process of learning a new language.
Julio and Gringo author

007– Condicional

The conditional tense is used in Spanish much like the same tense in English, and that is to express what “would” happen under certain circumstances. Nonetheless, you can find as many as 9 different particular uses of this tense by clicking on this doc...
Julio and Gringo author

006 – Perífrasis Verbales

“Perífrases verbales” are verb combinations with two or more verbs that work together. There are about 140 of these verb combinations in Spanish. Some common ones are: ir + a + infinitivo, estar + gerundio, poder + infinitivo, tener que + infinitivo, a...
Julio and Gringo author

005 – Perífrasis de Movimiento

Spanish uses perífrasis to describe the movement of some verbs. For example, “Ella entró corriendo la casa” would sound odd or unnatural in English if it were translated “She entered running the house.” Since a preposition is used in English to express...
Julio and Gringo author

004– Consejos Retrospectivos

In this podcast you will learn to speak about things in hindsight by using the past perfect of the subjunctive mood, and here is a PDF file that will help you understand this topic.
Julio and Gringo author

003– Pretérito Imperfecto de Cortesía

We explain the “pretérito imperfecto de cortesía” that is used in friendly requests. This form is used to smooth out questions and requests so that they are not perceived as rude or too blunt. Here is the document that accompanies this podcast.
Julio and Gringo author

002– Expresiones Populares

Our second podcast is a continuation of our discussion of modismos (idioms), frases idiomáticas, lenguajes, locuciones, and expresiones. We give examples on how and when to use them in everyday conversations, and you can follow this link to open a docu...
Julio and Gringo author

001– Expresiones y Frases Idiomáticas

Welcome to our very first podcast in which we discuss some Spanish idioms and idiomatic expressions. Click here to open a document with more information on this topic. Thanks for visiting Julio and Gringo!
Julio and Gringo author