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Productivity Zone brings you news and technology tips with a twist of social. You'll find the best tools and ideas to manage your business.

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Productivity Zone brings you news and technology tips with a twist of social. You'll find the best tools and ideas to manage your business.
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#052 – The Productivity Zone Top Ten

We thought we'd make up for it with our top ten apps; a "best of" compilation from a year's worth of hands-on experiences with the apps and services. These are the tools we use every day and depend on to keep our sanity and keep our businesses running....
Glen Ferguson author

#051 – Are You Getting The Most Out Of Instagram?

Kimba digs into ways to be more effective with Instagram. Tips on captions, tags, searching - everything you could ask for. The post #051 – Are You Getting The Most Out Of Instagram? appeared first on Productivity Zone.
Glen Ferguson author

#050 – Whatagraph: Gorgeous Reports From Your Data

We'll pick on Google Analytics for a moment. Their reports provide tons of data, but it's not in the most attractive or easy to understand layout. Whatagraph turns that data into something your clients can understand. Take bounce rate, for example. I'm...
Glen Ferguson author

#049 – Top 5 Cloud Storage Services Compared

The top players in the cloud storage arena are Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. We're doing a comparison of features and prices so you can make an educated choice which one is the right fit for your business. The post #...
Glen Ferguson author

#048 – Ya Gotta Send An Invoice If Ya Wanna Get Paid

It's no surprise that if you don't ask for your money, you're not going to get paid. That's why this week we're showing you some of the best invoicing tools we've used. Some are free, some aren't, but you know that saying: you have to spend money to ma...
Glen Ferguson author

#047 – So You Want to Have a Video Meeting?

Not happy with conference calls? Tired of all the disembodied voices and no visual cues to see if Bob is attempting to be witty again or is just confused? Sounds like it's time to consider video meetings. Kimba and Glen take a look at the current video...
Glen Ferguson author

#046 – How Do I Make PDFs?

PDFs. Everybody reads them, some apps give you a "Save as..." way to make a simple one. There's a huge amount of flexibility in the Portable Document Format (PDF) that lets you create forms and other interactive documents. The question remains though: ...
Glen Ferguson author

#045 – Is a Virtual Assistant Right For You?

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, have been a growing part of the "gig economy" for several years. While the folks on eLance and Fiverr generally occupy the artistic or creative roles, VAs usually perform office-related tasks. Need someone to book your trave...
Glen Ferguson author

#044 – Authors and Screenwriters Crave Scrivener

Writing the next great American novel? Maybe it's an academic or technical paper or even a screenplay. whatever it is you're creating, save your sanity by using the right tools for the job. Scrivener lets you organize your thoughts, create a corkboard ...
Glen Ferguson author

#043 – Avoid These Website Hosting Mistakes

Fast, Reliable, Cheap: pick any two. That's the adage for lots of things, and website hosting is no exception. Today's podcast looks at the pitfalls people make when choosing business website hosting. We'll point out how to avoid those problems and giv...
Glen Ferguson author

#042 – OmniFocus Brings Order To Your Day

What if you rolled your day planner, GTD system, and project manager into one app? You'd probably wind up with OmniFocus. Built for iOS, WatchOS and MacOS, this scheduling, organizing, project managing tool covers a myriad of use cases and lets you org...
Glen Ferguson author

#041 – Ecamm Takes Facebook Live Up A Notch

Facebook Live is getting a lot of traction these days. Leave it to Ken and Glen Aspeslagh of Ecamm Network to take a cool service and make an even better app around it. Ecamm Live is their newest piece of software for the Mac, and it has an amazing set...
Glen Ferguson author

#040 – What We’ve Learned From Making Podcasts

Episode #40 seems like a good time to reflect on what we've learned over the past year or more that we've been recording. We're airing our failures too because nobody ever seems to talk about their flops. All the main points come to mind - audio and ot...
Glen Ferguson author

#039 – Digging Into ScreenFlow’s New Features

A few weeks ago we talked about the best apps for video recording (#029 - Best Video Apps For Any Budget) and ScreenFlow was in that episode. Since then, a new version was released and we think it deserves a more in depth look. The post #039 – Digging ...
Glen Ferguson author

#038 – Bring Some Order To Your Client Files With PostHaste

PostHaste organizes your client files and folders. Kimba takes a look at Todobook, a Chrome plugin to turn your Facebook newsfeed into a todo list, and UnrollMe to clean up all those email lists you're on. The post #038 – Bring Some Order To Your Clien...
Glen Ferguson author

#037 – How To Make Videos Just Got Easier With Soapbox

Have you ever thought that a video showing how to do a task would be a far better solution than a bunch of written instructions telling how to do the task? The video platform Wistia recently released Soapbox, a Chrome browser plugin that gives you an e...
Glen Ferguson author

#036 – Sparxo Uses Word of Mouth for Your Events

At some point, as a business, you're going to hold an event, and that means dealing with tickets or RSVPs. What's different about Sparxo is it lets your attendees chat with one another - using voice. On the social side of the 'net, Missing Lettr takes ...
Glen Ferguson author

#035 – How Do I Record Skype Interviews?

Sometime, somewhere, you're going to have a need to record a conversation over Skype. Maybe you're interviewing a candidate for a job. Maybe you're making a video podcast and are interviewing an author or performer. Maybe you're recording a business me...
Glen Ferguson author

#034 – 9 Tips for Twitter, Virtual Credit Cards

9 Ways to grow a massive following on Twitter from Kimba. From Glen, way back when, like pre-Y2K, a few credit card companies offered virtual card numbers, one-time-use cards that would allow us to "safely" buy things from that new thing called the Int...
Glen Ferguson author

#033 – Payments, The In-Person Version + eClincher

You've seen them at coffee shops, food trucks, boutique retailers and even craft fairs and farmers markets. Those little white square card readers are just that - Square. The post #033 – Payments, The In-Person Version + eClincher appeared first on Pro...
Glen Ferguson author

#032 – Payments: The Online Version, Stock Video For Your Posts

There's PayPal, but they have their problems with some types of businesses. What's a person to do if they want to make it easier for their clients to pay them? We look at Stripe and InstaPay as two options for accepting online payments. These days, hav...
Glen Ferguson author

#031 – Evernote (Part 2) and Hazel

What is Hazel? If don't know then this podcast is for you! Glen is going to give us the "wow" factor of Hazel and Kimba will cover part 2 of Evernote. Evernote is fabulous! The post #031 – Evernote (Part 2) and Hazel appeared first on Productivity Zone...
Glen Ferguson author

#030 – Evernote (Part 1) and Beacon

Kimba launches the first of a two-parter on all the goodness that is Evernote. It's a great app with tons of features, and we still are just hitting the main abilities even with two parts. Meanwhile, Glen delves into how easy it is to create an ebook f...
Glen Ferguson author

#029 – Best Video Apps For Any Budget

Hard to believe, but Glen and Kimba actually agree on the best video apps available. They cover all devices and price ranges. Get their take on ScreenFlow, Capto, Camtasia and Filmic Pro. The post #029 – Best Video Apps For Any Budget appeared first on...
Glen Ferguson author

#028 – Blinkist: Quick-Read Books You Care About

What if you could have any of over 2000 books reduced to a summary of key points you could read or listen to in 15 minutes? That's Blinkist, and they're a huge timesaver when it comes to learning new information. I like to think of them as CliffsNotes ...
Glen Ferguson author

#027 – What’s New This Week & SignUpGenius For Your Next Potluck Dinner

Announcements this week from Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Kimba discovers Venngage, an infographic creation tool. Glen looks at SignUpGenius for simplifying scheduling signups for tasks, event staffing, carpool schedules, you name it. The post #027 ...
Glen Ferguson author

#026 – Zapier Makes You Happier & LinkedIn Makes You Feel Linked In

Finally! Glen explains how Zapier can be used to tie together two or more web services/applications to automate your business workflow. Ever wanted to get an SMS when a client pays their bill? How about automatically adding new Freshbooks clients to yo...
Glen Ferguson author

#025 – 5 Places to Setup Your Online Shop

So you have something to sell, either physical or digital. Where do you go to set up your online shop? This week, Glen gives you his top 5 ways to get your product out the door and money in your pocket. It's a longer episode, but there's a lot of info ...
Glen Ferguson author

#024 – Instagram Multiple Image Share, Dropbox Paper

Instagram added the ability to include up to 10 photos in one share. Kimba explains how to do it. Cloud storage has been around for a while now, and Dropbox was one of the first players in this market. Lately, they've added some new features that bring...
Glen Ferguson author

#023 – Writing With Hemingway & Using Color Theory

Hemingway is nice, clean writing app that aims to provide "distraction free writing" and simplify some other aspects of crafting the written word. How does it measure up? Give a listen to this podcast for our take on it. Kimba delights us with insights...
Glen Ferguson author

#022 – Staff Scheduling With When I Work. Rocketium, Yala in Social

Glen takes a look at When I Work, a service that simplifies staff scheduling and saves you time and headaches. Kimba treats us to Rocketium, a video creation and editing tool well-fitted to use on social media. As a bonus, she also dives into Yala, a b...
Glen Ferguson author

#021 – Ringtones, Amazon Smile, and New Facebook Goodies

Glen shares his secret source for business-grade ringtones you won't be embarrassed to use. He also offers up browser extensions to take advantage of Amazon Smile. Kimba lets us in on the new stuff Facebook is rolling out, like job postings. The post #...
Glen Ferguson author

#020 – NoteShred – Securely Share Sensitive Stats Simply (and Twitter too!)

Stop using email to send sensitive information. NoteShred has all you need to send or receive passwords, account logins, even credit card information easily, safely, and securely. In the Social part of our podcast, Kimba takes a solid look at where Twi...
Glen Ferguson author

#019 – Death To Robocalls

Robocalls suck. It's gotten to the point that we don't answer the phone at all unless we absolutely know who is on the other end. Glen lets you in on two apps to banish robocalls from your daily life. it's gotten to the point that we don't answer the p...
Glen Ferguson author

#018 – Email Follow-Up Tools And Quick Graphic Editors

Save your sanity and automate follow up emails with your clients. Need to get information or documents from them to keep your project moving? Do I even have to point out how automating billing reminders will save your sanity? Join Glen as he explains t...
Glen Ferguson author

#017 – Grammarly and Sprout Social

Lose/loose. Affect/effect. Lie/lay. And of course, there/they’re/their. Do I need a comma or not? Glen lets you in on a tool both he and Kimba use to fix pesky typos and grammar errors. Kimba’s world is in upheaval – she may have found a replacement fo...
Glen Ferguson author

#016 – Find The Best Social Media Tool For Your Business

Kimba helps you with your quest to find the best tool to manage social media for your business. Glen revisits SumoMe and the changes in services and pricing since their rebranding as Sumo. Bottom line: all their apps are available for free, albeit with...
Glen Ferguson author

#015 – Effective Headlines For The Win, Helpdesk For Your Sanity

Kimba brings us six social media tips for effective social media headlines to attract your readers. Glen takes a look at HelpScout and the many features they offer (even on the free tier), allowing even a one-person company to easily (and affordably) h...
Glen Ferguson author

#014 – What The Heck Is a VPN For?

What the heck is a VPN, and what is it good for? It's a Virtual Private Network; a private, encrypted connection over public internet. You can use it to keep strangers from eavesdropping on what you're doing online, like paying bills, connecting to you...
Glen Ferguson author

#013 – Ekko Websites & Instagram Post Automation

Hate updating your website? What if you could add new content to your site every time you made a Facebook post? Check out Ekko. Grum schedules your posts to Instagram. Iconosphere gives you analytics about your Instagram account. Mashfeed lets you brow...
Glen Ferguson author

#012 - Scheduling Apps and Social Media Predictions, Part 2

Wrapping up our two-parter podcast. Glen talks about scheduling tools for meetings, classes and events. Kimba talks about past social media predictions and their accuracy. The post #012 – Scheduling Apps and Social Media Predictions, Part 2 appeared fi...
Glen Ferguson author

#011 - Scheduling Apps and Social Media Predictions, Part 1

Big topics this week. So big we had to make this a two-parter. Glen talks about scheduling tools for meetings, classes and events. Kimba talks about past social media predictions and their accuracy. The post #011 – Scheduling Apps and Social Media Pred...
Glen Ferguson author

#010 – Rebranding & Virtual Phone Services

Kimba goes first this time to talk about her own experience with rebranding herself. Glen is all about virtual phone services. The post #010 – Rebranding & Virtual Phone Services appeared first on Productivity Zone.
Kimba Green author

#009 – Video Conferencing & Facebook Advertising

Glen talks about video conferencing apps that let you talk to your clients and share your screen for free. Kimba discusses how Facebook advertising is an art that needs practice and some basic information, such as the difference between impressions and...
Glen Ferguson author

#008 – Validating Your Idea & Case Study For Video vs Photos

So much to talk about! Glen discusses an app that will help you to validate your product a great way to crowdsource! Kimba talks about the difference between Youtube vs Facebook native video. The post #008 – Validating Your Idea & Case Study For ...
Kimba Green author

#007 – Text Shortcuts & Facebook Live

If you aren't using a "text shortcut" software you need to start. Glen will tell you how easy it will make your work day. Facebook Live is here and Kimba is all over it! The post #007 – Text Shortcuts & Facebook Live appeared first on Productivity ...
Kimba Green author

#006 – Landing Pages & Facebook Notes

Glen gives us an education on landing pages and how we can easily make them. Kimba covers a little-used aspect of Facebook called Notes. The post #006 – Landing Pages & Facebook Notes appeared first on Productivity Zone.
Kimba Green author

#005 – Task Management Apps & Blab vs Periscope

Glen has some great task management apps to talk about and Kimba hits us with Blab vs Periscope. The post #005 – Task Management Apps & Blab vs Periscope appeared first on Productivity Zone.
Kimba Green author

#004 – Mileage Tracking & LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram Analytics

Glen once again has done his research. This time, it is all about mileage tracking. Kimba can't help herself but talk about more analytics! The post #004 – Mileage Tracking & LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram Analytics appeared first on Productivity Z...
Kimba Green author

#003 – Website Analytics & Social Analytics

Glen talks about the exciting topic of website analytics. Kimba walks you right through Twitter analytics. The post #003 – Website Analytics & Social Analytics appeared first on Productivity Zone.
Kimba Green author