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Learn how to create a passive income for your design business so you can reclaim your creative and financial freedom. Passive Income for Designers will teach you how to uncover profitable passive income business ideas, create irresistible products and reach your ideal audience that can't wait to buy what you release. Passive Income for Designer's is hosted by Dustin Lee, owner of RetroSupply, an online marketplace that provided digital design resources for Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Learn how to create a passive income for your design business. Whether you're a graphic designer, web designer or digital artist... this show will teach you how to build a predictable monthly revenue (without trading your time for money). Passive Income for Designers is hosted by Dustin Lee, owner of RetroSupply. He's built a successful passive income business that generates over $240,000 a year, helped him eliminate $35,000 in consumer debt and regain his financial and creative freedom.
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Episode 16 | How Jason Carne Made Over 100K from His Love of Vintage Lettering

Jason Carne was about to give up his design career to do construction. A string of bad freelance work and the monthly struggle to get by had sucked all the fun out of design. That was when Jason, on a whim, made a small tweak to his business Lettering...
Passive Income for Designers author

Episode 15 | Your Questions Answered About Creative Market Pro (Featuring Aaron Epstein of Creative Market)

Creative Market Pro was released last week. The release generated a lot of excitement and for many shop owners a lot of questions. In this exclusive interview, Creative Market CEO Aaron Epstein answers all your questions about the new platform. 

Episode 014 | Interview with Dina Rodriguez

In this in-depth interview, Dina Rodriguez of LetterShoppe shares her best secrets for creating a full-time passive income, building a loyal following, and standing out in a crowded market.
Dustin Lee author

What Creative Market Products Sell Best?

A lot of people follow trends on sites like Creative Market to make sales. But did you know that almost any well-made product can sell well if you use the tactics discusses in this episode? 

Episode # 012 | How Jeremy Vessey of Hustle Supply Co. Would Build a New Business from Scratch

This week we’re continuing our two-part interview with Jeremy Vessey of Hustle Supply Co. If you missed last weeks episode I highly recommend going back and listening to that episode first. It will add some context to today's episode. Today, we’re goin...

How Hustle Supply Co. founder Jeremy Vessey built a six-figure type foundry

A lot of designers and creatives assume you need to be a business genius to make a passive income. But the truth is that you just need to practice making a simple shift in your mindset. If you want to make an income online you need to make a habit of c...

What I Learned About Passive Income in 2016

I love running my own business and creating digital products. There's always something new to learn.  In this episode, I'll share with you the top 11 lessons I learned about creating a passive income in 2016 including the value of partnerships, why sti...

How Lisa Glanz Built a Full-Time Income Selling Products on Creative Market

I’m really excited about today's show. Why? Because I love success stories, especially ones that happen on Creative Market. Creative Market quite literally changed my life and I love hearing about other people that have had a similar experience. Lisa G...

Aaron Epstein shares the secrets of successful Creative Market shops

I’m really excited about today's guest. He’s the CEO of one of the top design goods sites in the world (and in my opinion easily the best. His name is Aaron Epstein and he’s the CEO of CreativeMarket. I’m excited to share this interview with you becaus...

How David O'Hara Built a Best-Selling T-Shirt Company Using Extreme Collaboration

I met David O'Hara in 2015 while attending Creative South. waiting for a table at Mario's Restaurant and Pub in Columbus, Georgia. I was waiting with a large group for a table at Mario's Restaurant and Pub in Columbus, Georgia - but there wasn't enough...

13 Ways to Make Your First Sale

When you're first starting your passive income business it can be a challenge to make your first sale. In this episode, I'll share 13 proven (and specific) ways you can get those first sales. Choose 2-3 of these methods and use them for a few weeks. I ...

How Rocky Roark launched a passive income business over the weekend

Learn how designer/marketer Rocky Roark launched a passive income business over the weekend. Plus, discover his secrets to raising over $7000 on Kickstarter to create Slap! Stickers, a subscription sticker site. This interview is packed with tons of ac...

How Jeff Finley Helped Pioneer Selling Digital Design Products Online

Jeff Finley is the co-founders of Go Media Arsenal, one of the first online marketplaces for designers. He's also the co-founder of Weapons of Mass Creation, a beloved design conference in Cleveland, Ohio. In this in-depth interview, you'll learn how J...

Episode 003 | Making Your First Dollar Online

I've literally seen hundreds (probably thousands) of designers and would-be entrepreneurs try to start businesses.  Want to know what the #1 thing that stops them is? Getting the first product out the door. When it comes down to it, we're all afraid of...

How Brad Woodard Used Dribbble to Build His First Passive Income Business

Today's guest is Brad Woodard, who built a full-time passive income businesses by leveraging his Dribbble following. Learn how he did it and used his new found freedom to quit his job, move to Austin, Texas and focus on the work he loves.

#1: The 7 Myths of Passive Income